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Problem with recycling

Problems with Recycling and the Promise of Reusable Packaging

The food packaging we use today is often seen as a necessary evil.

Prime label Consultants keto labeling requirements for cpgs

Prime Label Consultants Navigating Keto Labeling Requirements

For health food brands, nutrition labeling thus offers an opportunity to attract consumers

What Food brands should include in an press kit for retail buyers

Electronic Press Kit Requirements for Food Brands

For any brand, generating authentic media attention is an integral part of growing

How to Get Investor Funding

How to Get Investor Funding for a New Food Venture

When starting a food brand, the list of initial expenses can seem to

how to get your food product into amazon

How to Get Your Product into Amazon

In just about 24 years, Amazon has gone from a small startup company

Certification marks history and legalities

Certification Mark: History and Legalities

While the legal perception of traditional or ‘ordinary’ trademarks is primarily one of

The Keto Diet Market Growth and Industry Trends 2020

The Keto Diet Market and Trends 2020

For any business to be successful, it is crucial to understand how the

How to Get a Product into Whole Foods

How to Get a Product into Whole Foods Market

With surging interest in a grain-free, paleo, and keto diets, grocery stores around

Keto Products online in Canada copy

Keto Products online in Canada

For those “North-of-the-Border” friends who follow the Paleo Foundation blog, you might be

3 Tips to Get a News Outlet to Cover Your Brand

3 Tips to Get Media Coverage for Your Brand

Despite the explosion of blogging and social media content, consumers still give a