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true made foods donates profits to Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program (VEIP)

True Made Foods Gives Back To Veterans This Labor Day

Entrepreneurship has always been a “risky business.” However, for veterans, making the transition from an active service member to a successful entrepreneur comes with a specific set of challenges. Despite the fact that the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) finds that about 7 percent of all American businesses are veteran-owned, that number has drastically reduced…
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The Karen Pendergrass Paleo Foundation story

The Paleo Foundation Origin Story as told by Karen Pendergrass

Years ago, I heard someone say that they “wished they had a story like this because it would be good for business.” My response to that was one of deep disgust and condemnation.   The whole concept of using my story as a way to win friends and influence people feels cheap and is against my…
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Cómo Llevar su Producto a Ralph´s

Cómo Llevar su Producto a Ralph’s

La familia estadounidense promedio, según el USDA, gasta casi el 10 por ciento de sus ingresos anuales en alimentos. Si bien la cena para cuatro en un restaurante de lujo puede costarle caro, la mayoría de los gastos de alimentos provienen de las visitas a los supermercados. Otra estimación encuentra que una familia de cuatro…
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