Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels

Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels


It’s true. When Christmas comes around, my heart grows three sizes: one size for the Christmas decoration, one size for the music and the biggest one is for the FOOD! I am very much in touch with my inner elf. I LOVE sweets! I walked into one of the local specialty grocers and it was a library of sweets. Holiday flavored pastries and candies lines every wall. This is what it’s all about. So this week, we are making these delicious Paleo Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels.

Chocolate dipped orange peels are my dad’s favorite. We will put a twist to this classic treat and infused it with MORE holiday flavors. We are giving it some gingers and cinnamon. This is my favorite part about Christmas. Spending time with family, holiday crafts and making homemade treats. Homemade treats are the best because not only can you control what goes into them but they are made with love. That being said, we are going to make these delicious Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels with lots of love!

One thing worth mentioning in making these delicious Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels is that a lot of Christmas treats can be spruced up with these babies. Your imagination is the limit on how to use these candied peels. Without further delay, let’s get cooking!

Paleo Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels

4 – Lemon (Peels Only)

2 – Large Orange (Peels Only)

2 to 3 Cups – Blonde Palm Sugar Blocks

2 Cups of Water

4 Inches – Fresh Ginger (Sliced)

1 – Whole Cinnamon Stick

1 Cup – Maple Sugar¹

1 Cup – Enjoy Life Foods Dark Chocolate Morsels

Note¹: If you allow a bit of Organic Cane Sugar, you can use that instead. It’s Christmas!

Paleo Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus PeelsChocolate Citrus Peels Instructions:

1.) Let’s start by preparing your peels for the Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels. Cut ¼ inch off each end of your lemon, orange or citrus fruit. Score them in quarters and peel. Cut your peels into ¼ inch strips. Some people like to remove the white part, I like to keep it because of the texture and it adds a slight bitterness.

2.) To reduce the bitterness of the pith, we will blanch the peels. Put your peels in a pot of cold water and heat it over high heat until boiling. Let it boil for a minute, drain, rinse and repeat 3-4 times.

3.) In the same pot, heat 2 cups water, palm sugar, ginger and cinnamon sticks. Stir until palm sugar is completely dissolved. Add in your blanched peels and reduce the heat to a simmer. Allow it to simmer for 45 minutes. Minimize stirring the solution. The liquid should thicken to a syrup towards the end.

4.) Line a cookie sheet with a cooling rack. Remove peels from syrup and arrange on wire rack. Don’t crowd them. Allow it to dry and cool for 4-5 Hours or overnight. Check it to see if it still slightly tacky. If so, perfect! Toss the peels in maple sugar. I have found that maple sugar in a plastic baggie to shake the peels in coats them evenly without much of a mess.

5.) Melt the chocolate in a bowl and do not heat it above 94°F or else you risk breaking the temper on the chocolate. Try a heating pad with the chocolate in a plastic bag or hair dryer and mixing bowl. Once melted, dip the peels and let them cool on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Next, enjoy and try not to eat them all at once. There you have it, my Paleo Chocolate Dipped Ginger Citrus Peels and until next time, eat up my friends!

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