Interview with Nyme Organics

Interview with Nyme Organics

Interview with Nyme Organics

Being a first-time parent can be scary, just ask Lauren and Cameron of Nyme Organics. Realizing that there was an insane amount of hard-to-pronounce chemicals in their children’s products, Lauren and Cameron turned to source their own ingredients and creating the safest, healthiest, purest and most effective skincare products for their own children. 

Jonathan: Hi Lauren, Hi Cameron!  Thank you so much for talking to us today, can you tell us some more about how being a concerned/panicky parent started you down this path to creating Nyme?

Lauren and Cameron: Thanks for the opportunity! We’re thrilled to be the first and only Certified Paleo baby skincare products! When our oldest daughter was born, she developed a really nasty rash on her neck and chest. We mean red and raw. So, we started looking for anything to take the pain away.

Doctors prescribed steroid creams and ointments, but we just couldn’t bring ourselves to use them. And what was on store shelves was either zinc-heavy or some sticky, greasy mess made of ingredients we didn’t recognize and couldn’t even pronounce. We decided enough is enough; there has to be a better way.

That’s when we started using Bun Glaze. Within 24 hours, the rash was almost gone. 48 hours later there was no redness, no rash, no nothing. After our experience with bun glaze, we started looking at soap alternatives, eczema remedies and natural moisturizers that didn’t contain junk.

What followed soon after was the entire collection of safe, healthy, natural, gluten-free and now, Certified Paleo products. Funny thing is, we knew exactly what we wanted to do and what type of products we wanted to use, but for the longest time we had no name.

We mean nada, zip, zilch. Then, one day we were lying on our living room floor with our then two-and-a-half-year-old daughter and she started counting “seven, eight…Nyme.” That’s when we thought we might have something special on our hands, and a great way to keep a little bit of family in the brand for years to come.

How effective have your products been on your kids?  Please, tell all!  What’s been the most effective so far?  What would you recommend and why to new parents?

Well, we don’t want to give the impression that our kids were guinea pigs because they’re absolutely going to hold that against us when they get older! We still use most of the products on our oldest daughter (she just turned four) and all of them on our youngest (18 months). Bun Glaze worked wonders on both kids.

We don’t even worry about diaper rash anymore. Our youngest developed a case of eczema at just a few months old and it covered her legs. With a steady diet of On The Spot and Oatmeal Cookie Baths, we noticed a difference almost immediately. Granted, we also started removing items from her diet to see what effect they had. But at the end of the day, the eczema was completely under control and we had a very happy baby!

I’d definitely use an all-natural product for my kids’ skincare, what makes your skincare products all-natural? Can you tell us about how you started to find your ingredients? 

Finding the right ingredients was not easy. The market for certified organic, gluten-free and fair-trade items like herbs, essential oils and other ingredients is pretty limited. What that meant was a ton of homework. But we’ve vetted every one of our suppliers, we know their business, we trust them implicitly and we’re thrilled to call all of the partners and some of them friends.

As far as what’s all-natural, well…everything. There isn’t a single ingredient used in our products you won’t recognize right away because so much of what we use is plant and food-based. We’re talking olive, coconut and palm oils, cocoa and Shea butter, beeswax, mandarin, marshmallow, plantain and chamomile— all of them Certified Organic too, by the way! Why put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put in your body? And even though it’s not Paleo, we managed to find the only grower in the U.S. who farms certified gluten-free oats for our Oatmeal Cookie Bath.

Tell us a little about your experiences in the Paleo community. How has that shaped Nyme?

For most of my (Lauren) life, I struggled with my health. But I didn’t actually know they were “health issues” at the time. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first daughter and they diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s that the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I went gluten-free initially, which helped, but I knew there was more to be done.

That’s when I came across Danielle Walker’s book Against All Grain. I learned how she cured herself of her disease through the Paleo diet. Could it really be that simple? LIFE CHANGING is what it was, and that’s not an endorsement, that’s the truth.

Paleo isn’t and never will be a fad for me; it’s a conscious decision that I expect will have a positive effect on me the rest of my life. My husband and I make at least 5-6 meals a week from Danielle’s books. We could also see a dramatic difference in the health of our girls through the Paleo diet.

So, when we started looking into the best skin care products, we naturally wanted ones that fit the Paleo criteria. Your skin is the body’s biggest organ and anything you apply goes right into your system. So far, we’ve succeeded because the only one of our products not Certified Paleo is our Oatmeal Cookie Bath.


What Nyme product do you recommend the most? Why?

If you backed us into a corner, probably Bun Glaze. Wow, that’s like picking your favorite kid! Mainly because of the feedback we’ve received from other parents and what we’ve seen firsthand with our own kids. It works, it works well and it works quickly. As a parent, if you can find something (anything!) that takes away the pain from your children, that’s all we need.

I’ve heard around the water cooler that diaper rash is one of the top sleep killers of new parents. Have you noticed, since first using your products on your kids, that you and them get more sleep? Any other added perks?

Diaper rash is right up there with midnight pooping and barfing. Very few things will wake a soundly sleeping baby like sore, red skin…especially if it spreads like it did with our oldest daughter.

Every time they pee they’ll probably cry out for relief, usually in the form of mommy or daddy and a dry diaper. Now, the minute we see any hint of redness we take care of it immediately…and sleep very soundly.

On a little more of a personal note, what’s the scariest thing about being a parent?  What’s the hardest part of getting your kids to eat Paleo?

As a first-time parent? Making mistakes, hands down. You think you know what you are doing yet DAILY your child will make you question every parenting decision you’ve made. Just when you think you got this parenting thing down something new pops up.

You also have to sift through the tons of advice you get from all sides and figure out what works for you. After that, the minute they start walking. It’s amazing how fast they move from a few awkward steps to disappearing in a flash. It’s terrifying! Eating Paleo is a whole different ballgame.

We swore up and down that our kids would eat what we eat. But I’m (Cameron) going, to be honest: all I wanted from the time I turned three till junior high was a hamburger. I’m talking breakfast-lunch-dinner. And I (Lauren) didn’t have a ton of food rules growing up. Crunch Berries for dinner? Sure! So, it’s been a conscious effort on our part. Our oldest daughter is downright picky, so it’s a matter of picking our spots. Our youngest will eat darn near anything, especially if we’re eating it.

What’s next for Nyme? Any future plans or products?

We’re actually right in the middle of developing more products for the big kids! AKA adults. Kids came first but we didn’t forget about mom and dad. Since Cam and I already use the kid products we felt the need to come up with a line for adults. The first one will be the best natural, organic and Paleo body butter you’ve ever tried. And I (Lauren) say that because I’ve tried lotions, oils and everything in between for dry, itchy, eczema skin and stretch marks. Get ready people, because this isn’t for your kiddos! It’s decadent, made from natural oils and butter.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We ship to almost all international locations via FedEx.

Any words of wisdom or warning?  Anything I’ve missed?

It’s funny, we joke with our own parents about the volume of information out there now, not to mention the thousands of opinions. We know we’re not experts when it comes to kid care, and we don’t know many moms and dads who think they are. We just wanted to do what’s right for our family and happened to come upon some unique and very effective products. If we hadn’t our oldest daughter might have been on steroid creams for the first half of her life. So, if we’d offer any advice we’d say: do your homework and do what’s right for your family. Simple as that.

interview with nyme organics certified paleo baby lotion


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