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4505 Meats BBQ Seasoned Certified Paleo Chicharrones

4505 Meats

At 4505 Meats, we take pride in enriching our community through sustainable and delicious food.

Our first-to-market Natural Chicharrones and Cracklins have found a niche in the industry and captured the current zeitgeist towards Paleo, Gluten free products. Chef and butcher Ryan Farr founded 4505 Meats as a whole animal meat company in 2009 with immeasurable help from family and friends. 4505 Meats began with a singular product of meaty deliciousness: the mighty chicharron. Today, we partner with small farmers and ranchers to produce the highest quality all-natural pork rinds on the market. We provide our customers with humanely-raised meat from ranchers committed to good husbandry practices and sustainability.

About the Brand

4505 Meats is a family owned company based in San Francisco, founded by chef Ryan Farr in January 2009. Initially launched with one product, the lighter-than-air Original Style Chicharrones, or “crispity clouds of porkaliciousness,” followed by Bacon-Studded Hot Dogs. The business has only grown from there: 4505 Meats operated stands at Farmers’ Markets all over San Francisco. From December 2012- July 2015, they ran a full-service whole animal butcher shop in the Mission District, where they sold responsibly and sustainably raised meat sourced from farms in Northern California.

The 4505 Meats legacy was built upon the values of whole animal butchery and a commitment to bringing quality & delicious products nationwide.

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Ryan Farr, 4505 Meats founder

Certified Products


What are Chicharrones?

Chicharron is the Spanish word for pork rinds, a delicious snack made from fried pork skin. Pork rinds, or Chicharrones, are found all over the United States and in many cuisines internationally. Our chicharrones are endearingly known as “crispy clouds of porkaliciousness” because of their light and airy texture.

How do you pronounce “chicharrones”?

Chicharrones is pronounced “CHEE-cha-roe-nays.” If you are just talking about one, the singular is “chicharron” pronounced “CHEE-cha-rone” with a silent “e.”

Why did Ryan want to make Chicharrones?

Chicharrones is pronounced “CHEE-cha-roe-nays.” If you are just talking about one, the singular is “chicharron” pronounced “CHEE-cha-rone” with a silent “e.”

What kind of fat do you fry your pork rinds in?

Chicharrones is pronounced “CHEE-cha-roe-nays.” If you are just talking about one, the singular is “chicharron” pronounced “CHEE-cha-rone” with a silent “e.”

What kind of pork do you use?

We source our high-quality, all-natural pork from a collective of family farms in Iowa. The pork we use is free of added hormones and antibiotics and humanely raised. The farms we work with are not certified organic but practice organic and sustainable husbandry.

Where are your pork rinds produced?

Our pork rinds are produced just outside of Los Angeles, CA.

Are pork rinds healthy?

We certainly think so! Pork rinds are a high-protein snack with 0 carbs per serving. We always recommend them to anyone looking to eat a low-carb diet that is high in protein and/or fat. Our chicharrones contain 80 calories per serving and 5-6 grams of fat. Compared to a potato chip or most other salty snacks, our products are a cleaner, less-greasy way to cure your salty, savory crunchy cravings. In addition, our products are minimally processed unlike many other meat products and snack foods.

What flavors of pork rinds do you sell?

We sell our Chicharrones in 3 flavors: Classic Chili and Salt, Smokehouse BBQ, and Jalapeño Cheddar. Classic is seasoned with a blend of three different peppers, salt, and a touch of sugar. The BBQ is seasoned with the same spice rub that we put on our pork ribs at our restaurant. The Jalapeño Cheddar contains dairy and a spicy jalapeño kick. Our sea salt cracklings are simply seasoned with just sea salt. And our green chili and lime cracklings are seasoned with hatch green chilis and a touch of lime oil for tang.

Are your products Gluten Free?

What flavors of pork rinds do you sell?

Are your products Paleo Certified? What does Paleo Certified mean?

Our Classic, Smokehouse BBQ, Sea Salt, and Chili lime are Paleo Certified. The Paleo Foundation is a foundation dedicated to forwarding the Paleo Movement by making it easy for consumers to make better lifestyle choices. Such products are free from additives, dairy, legumes, and grains.

Are your products Keto Certified?

Our Classic, Smokehouse BBQ, Sea Salt, and Green Chili Lime are Keto Certified. Keto Certification helps standardize Keto claims and make it easier for consumers to identify foods that comply with the Keto lifestyle.

Your products list zero carbs and zero grams of sugar, but I see sugar on the ingredient list. Why?

From the beginning, our chicharrones have had a very small amount of sugar in the recipe. However, this amount is so small –less than 1 gram of sugar– that it actually registers as zero in the nutrient panel.

Why the name 4505 Meats?

“4505” is a dedication to our founder’s friend and a fellow chef who passed away before his time. He believed in doing your best work and always following your stomach, a mantra that’s led Ryan throughout his career and helped him to create 4505 pork rinds and other meaty snacks!

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