Atoka: Cranberries

Cranberries at Their Very Best.


At Atoka, we dote on our cranberries. Of course, we could go on about our thorough processes and strict quality standards, but what really makes a cranberry and Atoka cranberry is its rich flavour, combined with a texture that’s perfectly firm on the outside and tender on the inside.


Atoka Cranberries Inc. (ATOKA) ranks among Canada’s foremost cranberry processors. Its innovative production technology, compliance with the highest standards of quality (BRC), seasoned personnel and worldwide distribution network combine to make us a key player in the cranberry industry.

Atoka Products include:

Certified Paleo:

Organic Dried Cranberries Sweetened With Apple Juice

The very best of our homegrown flavours! Savour the authentic taste of ATOKA organic dried cranberries, lightly sweetened with apple juice. Perfectly tender and balanced. A real taste sensation!

Fresh Cranberries

As chewy and juicy as can be, our fresh cranberries are big hits in the kitchen. Their natural tartness makes them a choice ingredient when making spectacular sauces and dishes.

Organic Fresh Cranberries

Grown in harmony with nature, our organic cranberries will satisfy the most discerning tastes. Chewy, juicy and perfectly tart, they will transform your sauces and dishes into culinary works of art.

Paleo Friendly:

Original Dried Cranberries

The classic among classics. Bursting with flavour and deliciously tender, ATOKA’s original flavour dried cranberries will add the perfect touch to your salads, sauces, snacks and desserts.


 ORGANIC DRIED CRANBERRIES SWEETENED WITH APPLE JUICE The very best of our homegrown flavours! Savour the authentic taste of ATOKA organic dried cranberries, lightly sweetened with apple juice. Perfectly tender and balanced. A real taste sensation!ATOKA’S MISSION

Prosper and increase our cranberry market share by meeting consumer and major client needs in an exceptional manner through the implementation of healthy, innovative procedures and products, drawn from top-quality fruit.


ATOKA was founded in 1984, initially as a cranberry farming operation. In 1988, ATOKA began the first phase of its plant construction process. Over the years, the company launched its marketing, packaging and processing operations. Today, following seven additional expansion phases and several major investments, the company boasts five production lines, three freezer units and a state-of-the art laboratory.


ATOKA Cranberries Inc. is proud to partner with various organizations. Among other relationships, the company and its staff work with the Centre d’interprétation de la Canneberge and sponsor various sporting events, such as the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie. Ever conscious of the health of its employees, ATOKA supports causes pertaining to active and healthy lifestyles.

Giving back to the community is one of our core values, with over 75% of our donations and sponsorships going to local causes. We also support volunteering efforts, as well as the various festivals held throughout our region.



Tartar Scallop with Dried Cranberries - Atoka - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation

Tartar Scallop

Stuffed Onions - Atoka Cranberries - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation

Loaded Stuffed Onions

Sangritoka - Atoka Cranberries - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation


Duck Confit - Atoka Cranberries - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation

Duck Debonair

Canneberges et Poulet Recipe - Atoka - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation

Canneberges et Poulet

Original Dried Cranberries - Atoka - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation
Organic Dried Cranberries Sweetened With Apple Juice - Atoka - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation
Organic Fresh Cranberries - Atoka - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation
Fresh Cranberries - Atoka - Certified Paleo - Paleo Foundation
Atoka Cranberries Inc.
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