Australian Grassfed Meats: Grass-fed, Blue-label Beef and Lamb

Karl represents Australian Grassfed Meats located on the picturesque tablelands region of Northern NSW and southern Queensland. Their commitment to animal welfare ensures livestock is always handled and managed for minimum stress, with the vision of animals being raised healthy and happy. 

“Setting up a grass-fed beef label wouldn’t have been a business plan that would fly five years ago, but with the advent of food shows such as MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, food awareness in the domestic market has grown exponentially,” Roderick said.

“That’s what I’m being told by butchers at the coalface and there are some butchers in metropolitan areas who are switching over to purely grass-fed beef.

“People in the first world want to know the origin of their food. They want to know the animals are free of chemicals, such as hormones and antibiotics, that may impact their own health, and they also want to know the animals have been raised humanely. If you can verify that your brand meets those standards, the market is quite prepared to pay a premium.”

Australian Grassfed Meats supplies quality MSA-graded beef and lamb to both the domestic and international export markets including China, Korea, Singapore, and Canada through a service kill at Casino Co-operative Abattoir, NSW.

Australian Grassfed Meats Products include:

GrassFed Beef, Blue Label Beef, Red Label Beef


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Australian Grassfed Meats is a company conceived by co-founders as a 21st century extension of our long family history in owning and operating beef and sheep producing enterprises in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania. Our two current family operated properties located at Guyra ( Northern Tableland NSW) and Texas ( southern Queensland) are the basis for AGM. We are now producing premium grassfed, MSA graded Beef from our own properties and that of supplier farmers. the business encompasses our two properties and our beef processing brand, with clients and sales both domestically and internationally. Our focus is on the highest quality, most consistent beef possible, raised healthy and happy! Our goal is to process 4000 to 8000 head annually from our current operations in 2015 with a larger plan to grow beyond that with suitable partner companies. Our vision is to fully control the supply chain from conception to slaughter and then beyond farm gate, retaining ownership of our beef, growing our meat brands, to position AGM as a recognized supplier of award winning meats to superior restaurants and retail outlets.

Roderick Binny - Australian Grassfed Meats - Paleo Approved - Paleo Foundation

Roderick Binny, Co-Founder

Roderick-Binny, Co-Founder

A lifetime of stud cattle breeding with three generations of family farming history, extensive business experience owning and managing both livestock producing and retail businesses. Selective breeding using latest technology to produce premium progeny. Proven record of achieving high returns from property and business investments.






Karl Harms, Co-Founder

Karl-Harms, Co-Founder

Extensive lifelong experience operating and owning livestock producing and marketing enterprises. Fourth generation grazier and farmer.Life long involvement in stud cattle production, supplying genetics to many other producers. Proven achievements with high capital growth in agricultural property development.








Australian Grassfed Meats

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Supply Contacts

Roderick Binny ph. 0409 911791

Karl Harms ph. 0427 759 681

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