Ballot-Flurin Apiculteurs

Ballot-Flurin Apiculteurs is a pioneer in low-impact beekeeping and apitherapy. Created by Catherine Flurin in 1982, it has been our mission for the last 30+ years to intertwine the well-being of bees, people, and the planet through our practices and products. Guided by this specific set of ethics and goals, we have been at the forefront of sustainable apiculture in Europe since our inception.



Certified Products:

Toutes nos variétés de Miel / Honey (All varieties)

Raw honey, sourced from 30 different plant and geographical origins. Each has their own unique benefits and flavors. Rich in natural, unprocessed glucose and flavinoids.

Gelée royale bio française dynamisée / French Royal Jelly

Rich in amino acids for a healthy body and mind. Rejuvinating and energizing.

Pollen polyfloral dynamisé / Polyfloral Pollen

A natural source of proteins and nutrients. Harvested through low impact methods and preserved through gentle dehumidification.

Sweet Beez'nergy Rawbar+

A totally raw energy bar of seeds, honey, and pollen for a fast and efficient sporting snack.

Savory Beez'nergy Rawbar+

A savory twist on our original raw bar, made with natural French herbs.

Propolis OR / Raw Propolis

Propolis in its natural form. Great source of antioxidants. Just place it under your tongue and let the healthy benefits slowly enter your body.

Préparation dynamisée à la gelée royale Ampoules / Dynamized Royal Jelly Ampoules

An energizing preparation made for quick consumption. Use to help boost concentration, and combat fatigue.

Préparation dynamisée propolis blanche Ampoules / Dynamized Propolis Ampoules

Fast and easy reinforcement of your body in harsh environments and moments of weakness.

Chouchen / Honey Cider

A sour cider, done in the Basque (northeast Spain) fashion, aromatized with heather honey. Unheated and untreated.

Délices de fruits ( All flavours) / Fruit Delights

Natural toppings for toasts or cheeses. Less sweet than jams as it is an uncooked blend of fruit and honey.

Préparation Dynamisée à la gelée royale miel de cure / Dynamized Honey Cure with Royal Jelly

A manually mixed blend of royal jelly and honey, which act together to preserve and enhance the benefits of each other. A simple, tasty cure to keep your energy levels high on the regular.

Hydromel / Sparkling Mead

A recreation of the first fermented alcohols (water+raw honey+yeasts) ever drank by humans, elaborated and improved using natural carbonation methods. Absolutely no sulfites.

Préparation Dynamisée au pollen miel de cure / Dynamized Honey Cure with Pollen

A fortifying blend of honey and pollen, rich in nutrients. Both ingredients act in concert to help maximize their positive effects on your body.

Mendiants / Shepherd's Honey Nut Mix

An old Pyrenean staple, it was often used by shepherds to stay fed and healthy on the high mountain slopes during the fall and winter.

Spray même pas mal / Little Daredevil Spray

A topical spray to help sooth the bumps and bruises of children at any age, be it in actuality or at heart.

Spray sourire / Smile Spray

Tackles bad breath and soothes the throat. Made with a base of hydro-extracted (zero alcohol) propolis.

Spray et Extrait de propolis blanche sans alcool / Hydro-Extracted Propolis Spray and Drops

A multi-use preparation, to be used topically, orally, or internally. Aids with anything from open wounds to general immune system resistance Two different formats for more versatile use.


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It was in 1976 that the Ballot-Flurin adventure began when a young student, fascinated by the lives of bees, decided to become a beekeeper ... Catherine became the shepherdess of her bees as others talk to horses ... Discovery.

Catherine Flurin

In 1976, Catherine Flurin is 20 years old, she is fascinated by the lives of bees and wants to become a beekeeper. Beekeepers from the Nature & Progrès network teach him the basics of this fascinating job, also known as "Shepherd Bee". But it is a productivist beekeeping which is then taught in training center, with intensive breeding methods, sometimes brutal, the use of antibiotics and weed pollutants. Catherine will therefore do the opposite and develop a method of Beekeeping DOUCE® based on respect for bees and their natural biorhythm. A new world is offered to her: that of the people of the Hive, millions of years old, who will not cease to deliver her secrets.

First hives.  At 25, Catherine installs her first hives with her companion, Philippe Ballot, also beekeeper, with whom she has three children. The young couple bought a small property in ruins at the foot of the Pyrenees on two hectares of hills. The farm Ballot-Flurin Apiculturists is officially created in 1982 with great ambition: to respect the bees as a true little people 100 million years old, to understand their secret language, and to collaborate actively with the hive, so that it gives the best of itself: honey, propolis, royal jelly ... Concerned with concrete actions, they are among the first to advocate for the practice of organic beekeeping more respectful of bees, and without chemical input.

First BIO specifications. Beekeeping is developing with a loyal and environmentally aware clientele. Catherine Ballot-Flurin writes specifications to explain how she produces honey but also how she considers bees. This document will inspire the association Nature & Progrès which creates the first organic specifications for beekeeping, associated with a label. Naturally, Ballot-Flurin products are the first to be certified organic.

Our Commitments

  • Family-owned and free from the harsh demands of external, venture capital
  • Firm focus on the pioneering and the future of organics
  • Respectful and loving treatment of our bees
  • 100% Local Pyrenean Euro-Regionality
  • Low-impact practices, from the hive to the finished product
  • Support for local beekeepers and their communities

Apitherapy or How to Treat with Bees

Over the years, Catherine has returned to the family tradition by feeling the need to care for and contribute to the general well-being of society: she is interested in apitherapy, an ancient mode of natural care using noble ingredients. from the hive. Catherine is indeed the heiress of a family of humanist doctors ahead of their time. His father, Dr. René Flurin, practiced the profession of ENT doctor in Cauterets, famous spa town of the Pyrenees, where is now installed the Bee Pavilion.

"I have always known that bees cure and care for myself with bees: venom relieves my back, propolis calms my skin when it is irritated, so I search family grimoires and old books all the recipes for use of what was once called the "medicines" of the hive: royal jelly, propolis, pollen, beeswax, and honey care."

First apitherapy preparations.  The care balm of the Pyrenees inaugurates the first apitherapy range in 1992. Then come the black propolis extract, the gums for the throat, the soaps and the honey shampoos. Catherine has propolis recognized as a food and obtains organic certifications AB. Initially distributed within a circle of initiates, Ballot-Flurin preparations are known to a pioneering public, adept natural care. Ready to use and organic, these products appeal to the BIOCOOP networks that market them in the late 90s.

International recognition. Catherine Ballot-Flurin continues her own research in Apitherapy and on the processes of dynamisation. This discipline, stemming from the observation of bees and ancestral knowledge, is being rediscovered by scientific and alternative circles. More and more sought after as an expert in "Health by bees, Catherine Ballot-Flurin created in 2009 with Pr. Descottes and Bensch, Dr. Stangaciu, Claudette Raynal and other pioneers, the French Association of Apitherapy (AFA ). The progress in the field of the DOUCE® beekeeping, the energy Apithérapie and the dynamisation are regularly quoted and recognized in international congresses and conferences, and are the subject of official patents (processes of pollen harvesting, extraction of propolis, energy methods ...).

The Ballot-Flurin expertise is based on a naturalistic approach and advocates the observation of nature and the application of natural products from our environment. Bees show us that it is possible to create efficient, non-polluting preparations without the common side effects of the chemical pharmacopoeia.

Result of constant research in the honey-laboratory, the Abeilles & Santé range Ballot-Flurin now offers care products and hygiene from the hive, 100% natural and certified organic.

The major difference between us and other honey companies is that we use a method called Gentle Beekeeping to ethically harvest all bee-made materials we sell or use in our preparations. Gentle Beekeeping means simply treating hives with the utmost respect, with our specially trained beekeepers using techniques such as strictly regulating where we place our bees, smokeless harvesting, or honey-caching to feed each colony throughout the winter (rather than the normal cane sugar diet usually afforded them). This allows us to guarantee the happiest bees and the highest quality hive materials around.

This focus on the natural has allowed us to apply similar practices to our food and self-care products. Our range of Paleo Certified offerings, the first made in France, are prepared with health in mind. Our honey, pollen, and royal jelly is 100% raw and untreated for optimal nutritive benefits to the body. Our preparations are all made with low temperatures, manual techniques, and absolutely zero unnatural additives or chemicals. At every step of the way, we strive to augment sustainability in our communities and our environment, as well as in culture of beekeeping locally and internationally.

The preparations and bee goodies that are now Paleo Certified are the first ones available made and harvested in Europe. We chose to become certified because we see Paleo as the next logical step in the organics market: while our entire product range are all certified organic according to EU standards, we wanted to go the extra mile when it came to assuring the quality and origins of what we offer.

Paleo Certification made a lot of sense for all of our hive-sourced materials. It was a clear and concise way of elaborating our guarantee of pure and untreated honey, pollen, raw propolis, and royal jelly. However, we wanted to also extend the Paleo mark to as many of our preparations as possible, especially those that provided proven health benefits.

The flagship of our company is our hydro-extracted propolis. Using low-and-slow techniques for steeping, we have created preparations that have proven benefits and uses for taking care of yourself. The water extraction allows for a variety of formats and uses, for nose, throat, mouth, and general fortification in children and adults alike. It is a strong and versatile cure for whatever ails you.

This propolis extract is also found in some other preparations, currently certified, including our White Propolis Ampoules, which are blends of raw, natural hive-made materials specially prepared to support the energy levels of body and mind. These Ampoules are also available with our royal jelly blend, and are great taken alongside a dose of our Honey Cures: blends of raw honey and propolis or royal jelly specially created to augment the active properties of each ingredient.

Despite our general focus on health and well-being, we aren’t just a bunch of stuffy medical personel; we are based in France after all, the capital of gastronomic of Europe! It was by embracing our gourmet side that we developed the first Paleo Certified alcohol, our La Ruche Ivre Sparkling Mead. It is a simple raw honey fermentation, done without any additives like sulfites, that replicates the effects of the oldest methods of natural alcohol creation.

Of course, after enjoying a few drinks it is always good to get out and do something active, and our range of nutritious Paleo Certified preparations are here to support you and your body. Our RawBars are an easy, high-powered snack to take on the trail or up the mountain, and the fruit mix Délices or honey-nut Mendiants are perfect for a reenergizing post-exercise boost.

Our goal is to provide an ever-growing, comprehensive range of Paleo Certified preparations. With these initial entries, we feel our best foot has been put forward towards a cleaner, healthier future for all.


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Is raw honey suitable for children?

Answer: Raw honey is a recommended food for children and toddlers. It is nutrient rich and contains healthy sugars, also helping to fortify natural resistances and promote easier digestion.

Does honey make you fat?

Answer: The sugars in quality honey do not increase the chance of obesity. This is partly due to the fact that the carbohydrates in raw honey are predigested by bees. Consumed in moderation, untreated raw honeys can help increase metabolism.

Why doesn't my favorite honey always look the same?

Answer: When harvested, raw honey is always liquid. Its final color and form always take some time to appear, and can be influenced by season, regional origin, or the personality of our hives. The precise texture of a honey cannot be determined before harvest and packaging. Crystalization can also appear when temperatures drop; however this is a sign of a pure, natural honey, as industrially processed honeys will never become more solid.

How do I properly store my honey?

Answer: Raw honey is one of the most easily preserved substances in the world. There have been sealed jars of honey found in archaeological expeditions that have remained unspoiled for hundreds of years. Simply store in a cupboard away from direct sunlight, with a closed lid to keep out pests, and it can be safely kept for years.

How are we different from other honey companies?

Answer: We are an independant, family-owned-and-run company, which immediately differentiates us from many honey companies. Our innovative yet natural approach to beekeeping and apitherapy is also unique, with low-impact Gentle Beekeeping © allowing us to make healthy, scientifically-verified preparations without large scale exploitation of the hives.

What does dynamized preparation mean?

Answer: Dynamization is one of our methods of maximizing the natural benefits found in raw hive treasures. It guarantees that all of our preparations are made in a way that protects the healthy aspects of our ingredients, using methods such as specialized manual mixing and following biodynamic cycles.

What is royal jelly?

Answer: Royal jelly is the food stuff created for queen bees, which allows them to live for 40 times longer than the average worker. It has been long known and used for its health benefits, from topical uses to ingested use for nutritional purposes. Normally it is difficult and damaging to harvest, however we assure that our beekeepers use our Gentle Beekeeping © methods to minimize the potential for harming our bee colonies.

What is propolis?

Answer: Propolis is both the mortar used to build the hive as well as one the main way the health of a bee colony is protected. The inside of a hive is warm and humid, and should be highly susceptible to external bacterial infection; however the antibacterial properties of propolis protect against these threats and ensure a vibrant, thriving colony. We only harvest limited amounts of this magical substance each year to ensure the maximum survivability of our hives.

How do we properly taste your honey?

Answer: There are 4 sensorial criteria to keep in mind when tasting raw honey. 1 - The visual appearance: The color is an important characteristic of a honey and changes according to its floral and geographical origin (For example, the amber of a heather honey from the Pyrenees is lighter than the amber found in many North American heather honeys). The honey takes on its color and its final consistency after a few months after harvest. 2 - The scent: Each raw honey has its own distinct smell. It can range from sweet, floral notes to intense animal and cheese flavors. Take the time to look for the subtle notes that characterize each honey, before and after tasting. (example: the sweet and discreet smell of flowers in acacia honey). 3 - The flavor: Close your eyes to taste your honey and perceive its characteristic aromas (woody, fruity, flowery, etc.). The difference between, for instance, the strong herbal linden tree honey and the rich caramel notes of a dark forest honey can help demonstrate the world of tastes in raw honeys. 4 - The texture : Let the different sensations fill your mouth: creamy, granulated, and runny liquid feels are the most common but they also exist on a spectrum. These can also help dictate the use and accompaniment of your honey. For instance, a more solid honey might make less of a mess on toast than one which flows easily out of a a tipped jar.

Are there risks of allergic reactions when consuming raw hive materials?

Answer: Allergic reactions to bee collected-and-made honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis are extremely rare. It is estimated that less than 0.001% of a given population will suffer reactions to raw honey, even including those who demonstrate some form of reaction to bee stings. Pollen allergies are generally caused by irritation from airborne pollen varities; these are not harvested by bees as they are never derived from melliferous plants, and in fact bee harvested-pollen can be used to help calm the effects of seasonal allergies. Royal jelly and propolis have never been demonstrated to spark allergic reactions.

Are bees endangered?

Answer: For the last 20 years global bee populations have been severely damaged from a multitude of factors, almost all of which can be attributed to humans. Pesticide use, increasing urban sprawl and its subsequent destruction of habitat, Anthropocene global warming, and general pollution all contribute to Colony Collapse Disorder, the name used for the sudden death of bee hives. However, the practices of unconsciencious beekeepers is also a forgotten part of this story. Many commercial bee practices are highly disruptive, exploitive, and harmful to bee health; a perfect example of this is the use of bees in industrial almond farming. This is one of the reasons we developed Gentle Beekeeping ©, to ensure the long term viability of our hives as well as provide a template for others interested in protecting these integral creatures from the ravages of industrial society.

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