Balm of Gilead: All Natural, Grassfed Tallow Balms

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Balm of Gilead

Their balm is made of the finest ingredients, rich in critical vitamins and nourishing oils.

Established in 2013, we’ve been perfecting the art of the apothecary using the original methods and ingredients that date hundreds of years, while holding a critical standard of purity. We care about our products and about the people that use them. We wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. And we wouldn’t sell anything that doesn’t actually work.

About the Brand

hat goes on our skin CAN penetrate into our bloodstream. While not everything can penetrate, many things certainly do! And as our society has become increasingly aware of harmful, and often unnecessary, chemicals, additives, and preservatives, both in diet and in body care, Balm of Gilead has emerged as a safe and effective brand of skin care.

With this surge in health-consciousness, healthy fats have been at the forefront. For years, the dietary philosophy waged war against fat, with the help of large corporations and mainstream media. But in the recent years, even Time Magazine admitted that the “war on fat” was wrong, and they’ve sought to expose the shallow pseudo-science that supports criticism of what is now known as “healthy fats”. Thus, healthy fat is back, from butter to coconut oil. These “healthy fats” are a key component in our balm, with real results.

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Looking for Balm of Gilead near you?

They are currently found in natural food/health markets, organic grocery stores, and other select stores across the following 22 states: Hawaii, Missouri, Texas, Montana, South Dakota, New York, Arizona, Virginia, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and California. Contact them using the form to the left for specific locations near you!

Want to sell Balm of Gilead in your store?

Contact their Customer Service and request a Wholesale / Distribution application. They will review your store and get back to you as soon as possible.

Do they test their products on animals?

No, Gilead’s does not perform any animal testing, whatsoever.

Is their Grass-Fed Tallow free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids?

Yes, of course! Their Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Tallow is sourced from select farms. The cattle are raised in a passive organic environment, and are never given any hormones, antibiotics, or steroids!