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BeeFree Foods

BeeFree is dedicated to baking gluten-free, dairy-free treats that put a smile on your face and a giggle in your tummy.

We believe in using only the finest ingredients – no artificial anything. We look for ways to support local growers and producers. We practice the Paleo lifestyle. Our family eats our products. We care about our customers and want you to know you can eat our products with confidence.

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About the Brand

How it started: Modern warriors need primal food. BeeFree was created for our son, who is growing up fighting the battle against autism. He’s a real-life warrior, armed with a gluten/casein-free diet and overcoming one day at a time. Each of us has our own unique battles to fight every day that require our time, focus and energy. But inside us all is a warrior’s heart that yearns to rise above and conquer those challenges.

I’m a 53 year old wife, mother of 4 sons and business owner. Born into a family of 3rd generation dairymen in Ft. Wayne, IN I learned the value of hard work and resilience at a young age. I earned a BS in Applied Sciences and Technology from Ball State University. Community involvement has always been important to me and I’ve spent my life volunteering: schools, museums, events, church. My passion for taking care of my family and desire to chart a new path for other families of children with special needs lead me to start a food business in 2010. I’m passionate about helping others and making a change in our world. I love God, my family and my country.


Is wholesale available?
  • We now offer the convenience of wholesale hotline and online ordering for bulk! Click here for more info.
When was BeeFree started?
  • BeeFree started in 2010 as a small local bakery in Indiana. We now provide the highest quality products to thousands of food store chains – both locally and nationally, plus specialty health stores and CrossFit gyms nationwide – and we are still growing.
What does BeeFree support?
  • Your purchase helps reinforce autism research and creates jobs for hard-working individuals with autism. Our products are baked in a certified gluten free facility.
What is the granola made from?
  • The base is made out of almonds, seeds, and sweetened with honey.
What should I try?
  • If you can't decide which flavors to go for, don't worry! We offer a variety pack so you can sample our best selling snacks.
Is this a Women-Owned business?
  • Yes!

Brand Recipes

Apple pie just got a whole lot better
Breakfast has never been easier!
A gluten free spin on this classic holiday dish
These PB cups will curb your sweet tooth in no time
Mixed berries with soft and creamy cheesecake
These crunch balls are packed with protein and energy