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Bhoomi Cane Water

Our Ayurvedic super botanicals provide a rejuvenating elixir. Real ingredients, delicious and nourishing, as mother nature intended.

Bhoomi reflects the principles of Ayurveda—an ancient, 6,000-year-old form of Indian health science that’s all about balance. To support balanced health, we infuse cane water with Ayurvedic super botanicals to nourish people and our planet. Equally important, we are supporting justice for the minority sugarcane farming community. And we’re doing it all using regenerative resources.

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About the Brand

After training sessions, his father would wisely rush Arpit and his brother to the nearest street vendor for a refreshing glass of sugar cane juice. His coaches and doctors recommended sugarcane juice for natural hydration and sustained energy. Arpit went on to become an International Table-Tennis athlete, representing India, and yet to his dismay, when Arpit moved to New Orleans to study and play table tennis for Tulane, there was no sugarcane juice to be found.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Sugar water? Really?” But here’s the thing: like Bhoomi people have been pressing the juice from sugarcane for centuries—drinking it straight, or adding natural flavors like lime or ginger. You know how powerful wheatgrass is, right? Well, sugarcane is just another variety of grass. Our elixir contains electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, and phytonutrients—so it hydrates more effectively than water alone. We named our venture “Bhoomi”, which means “Mother Earth” in Sanskrit, because we’re inspired by Ayurvedic wisdom, and re-engaging in a healthy, balanced, back-and-forth between our planet and its people. Join us in a cheers to your health, so we all can get better with Bhoomi.


What is Bhoomi?
  • Bhoomi is a Sanskrit word for Mother Earth. We make cold-pressed cane water made from nourishing sugarcane stalks. Our cane water consists primarily of the naturally-occurring water squeezed out of a sugarcane stalk, which has approx 80% water content. Sugarcane water is naturally filled with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients—so it hydrates more effectively than water alone. We mix our sugarcane water with a blend of ancient Ayurvedic super-botanicals for recovery, immunity and superfood properties.
What are the benefits of drinking cane water?
  • Packed with powerful phytonutrients, cold-pressed water from the sugarcane stalk has been enjoyed as an Ayurvedic elixir for centuries. We infuse our delicious beverages with super-botanicals to rejuvenate the body and mind
When is the best time for me to drink Bhoomi?
  • Bhoomi is a delicious way to hydrate after working out, in the morning, after a night of drinking, and any other time you want to taste the liquid love! Turmeric is for IMMUNITY + Moringa is for SUPERFOOD + Ginger is for RECOVERY +
How long does Bhoomi stay fresh after opening?
  • For optimal freshness, we recommend enjoying your beverage within 3 days of opening. Keep refrigerated.
What is Amla?
  • Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry or amalaki, is a small fruit that is considered one of the most powerful rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda. In Sanskrit, Amalaki means “the sustainer” and has traditionally been prescribed to strengthen the immune system due to its high levels of vitamin C.
Sugarcane juice? Isn’t that just pure sugar dissolved in water?
  • NO, and here’s why: Bhoomi Cane Water Elixir is a Certified Low Glycemic Index beverage. With low glycemic foods such as Bhoomi, the breakdown of complex sugars to simple sugars takes more time. This longer time period required for full digestion of the carbs in the drink accounts for the increase in the body’s blood glucose levels over time. This increase is more tolerable for our bodies to work with, and brings us back to balance to achieve glucose homeostasis.