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Birch Benders

Who doesn’t love Pancakes? Birch Benders started with an idea: what if you could crack an egg over a griddle, but instead of getting a fried egg, you’d get a gourmet pancake?

Pancake lover Matt would search far and wide for a hen that would lay such an egg, but try as he might there was no such hen. His search, however, brought him to Boulder, Colorado, where he befriended Naomi, a fellow pancake enthusiast. Putting heads and hunger together, they created the next best thing to a miracle hen: Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery.

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About the Brand

Lizzi, Matt’s college classmate and now wife, joined the team and forged the path to making Birch Benders, a just-add-water pancake & waffle mix. Brandon, another college classmate, jumped aboard to spread the good word of Birch Benders across the nation.

The idea behind Birch Benders was simple: to make pancakes that are better than at a restaurant and easier from scratch. So when we graduated from college, we moved to Colorado, got married, and got cooking! After endless work in our kitchen, and untold hours talking to passionate pancake people like you, we’re thrilled to bring Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery. We’ve obsessed over every recipe, personally tested every ingredient, and the result is delicious. We put in the time so you don’t have to. We are Birch Benders and we love pancakes. We hope you enjoy our creation.


I am looking to buy in bulk. Do you accommodate wholesale orders?
  • We’re flattered that you’d like to carry our products. We sell through national distributors, including UNFI and KeHE, and may also accommodate direct orders provided that they meet our minimums. For pricing, availability, and more information, please reach out to our distributors directly or contact us at
Do you ship internationally?
  • We love to hear that our fans around the world are enjoying Birch Benders! Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time, but we suggest signing up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our most recent distribution news.
I love your holiday flavors. Are they available year-round?
  • Though our holiday flavors (Pumpkin Spice & Pumpkin Spice Paleo) are not available in stores year-round, we do offer them seasonally on our website and in stores.
I’ve heard cassava can be toxic. Are your products safe to consume?
  • Yes, our products are safe to consume. When people refer to cassava as containing toxic elements, they are referring to naturally occurring cyanide compounds present in the raw, untouched root of the cassava plant. However, by the time cassava has been processed into flour, these toxic compounds have been fully removed. All commercially available cassava starch or flour is perfectly safe to consume and does not contain any harmful levels of cyanide.
I am allergic to gluten. Can I still consume your products?
  • We are happy to offer a range of gluten free products, including our Paleo, Banana Paleo, Keto, Chocolate Chip Keto, Gluten Free, and Pumpkin Spice Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mixes. These products are tested to ensure there is less than 5 parts per million of gluten present, a standard set by GFCO.
Do your pancake & waffle mixes need to be refrigerated?
  • No, our Pancake & Waffle Mixes do not need to be refrigerated before or after opening. The mix will remain fresh at ambient temperature until the best-by date printed on the back of the pouch, as long as the pouch is stored properly sealed.

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