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Blendtopia’s functionally-based smoothie kits are each uniquely formulated to target a specific health benefit and combines both whole foods and superfoods for all-in-one convenience.

We source the world’s most nutritionally-rich, plant-based ingredients and incorporate them into each of our smoothie blends to provide the essential nutrients your body is craving for optimum health and wellness. This makes Blendtopia’s smoothies the perfect meal replacement for on-the-go nutrition.

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About the Brand

Founder Tiffany Taylor, a certified Raw Food and Holistic Nutritionist, discovered early on that the key to healthy living is whole food nutrition. We pour our heart and soul into creating and developing all of our products so you better believe they taste as good as they look! The perfect blends, pure and simple.

Her passion for clean eating and unwavering dedication to helping a friend with cancer fueled the idea that she could create a brand that offers better-for-you products that are both convenient and delicious! For Tiffany, the science behind her products is as important as the ingredients that go into them. “Your health and well-being begins with the simple choices you make with what you put into your body. My hope is that we can inspire you to begin to shape healthy habits that will last a lifetime.”


Why organic?
  • We believe that the journey to living a healthier + happier life begins with clean eating. Our smoothie blends are all USDA Certified Organic which allows us to source only the best whole fruits and vegetable to combine with our nutrient-rich, organic superfoods to ensure the highest possible nutritional intake for you and your body.
Are you keto certified?
  • Yes, we are keto certified through the Paleo Foundation on our two keto smoothies. We believe it’s essential to instill trust with our consumers and we want them to feel confident in choosing our products.
What’s better for you, fresh pressed juice or smoothies?
  • Both are excellent for your body, that’s a fact. Juices are rich in enzymes and packed with vitamins and minerals that get absorbed into your bloodstream within 10-15 minutes. Smoothies are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, living enzymes, phytonutrients and protein and utilize whole fruits/veggies so they keep the fiber and complex carbohydrates intact. As it relates to fresh pressed juice, it won’t count toward your fiber intake so you’ll need to make sure you are getting fiber from other daily servings of vegetables and fruits. Smoothies can actually act as a meal replacement since the whole foods are present within them utilizing the protein and fiber that are the essential nutrients required for satiating your body.
Are your frozen fruits and vegetables just as healthy as fresh produce?
  • Our fruits and vegetables are always fresh-to-frozen and undergo shock freezing technology that locks in all the essential nutrients so nothing is lost in the process. So, the answer is yes! Read Are Frozen Fruits & Vegetables as Healthy as Fresh? for more information.
What are superfoods?
  • A superfood is a nutrient-rich fruit or vegetable that contains a high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, protein, fiber or other essential nutrients that has proven health benefits. Nutrient density is the ratio of calories to micronutrients – the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals that are essential for optimal health and wellness. Nutrient-dense foods, like most vegetables and fruits, have a high amount of micronutrients, a low amount of calories and a low glycemic index. Superfoods are ‘super’ for a reason so to protect quality they are always freeze dried, certified organic and minimally processed.
What superfoods do you use?
  • Cacao powder, chia seeds, chlorella powder, coconut milk powder, flax seed powder, goji berry powder, hemp seeds, maca powder, mct oil, and the list goes on. We also use spices like cayenne, cinnamon and turmeric. Get more information on the HEALTH BENEFITS of these amazing superfoods.