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Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty proudly features a truly natural line of skincare products you won’t find anywhere else. Try them. We think your skin will appreciate our focus on providing the healthiest ingredients. But most importantly, you’ll appreciate what we don’t include. Toxic ingredients are never added. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Whether you are striving for a Paleo, GAPS, or WAPF lifestyle, or just want a super-food source for skincare, we’re sure you’ll be happy with our offerings. Peruse our website and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

Herbal Tallow Balm - Mama's Love Eczema Blend

Mama’s Love Herbal Tallow Balm is formulated to soothe and comfort irritated skin without synthetic chemicals or additives. Our own Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow is combined with tamanu oil, manuka honey and virgin olive oil infused with St. John’s wort and arnica — a powerful combination of ingredients known to provide topical relief to inflamed and irritated skin.

It works wonders for eczema, psoriasis, surgery scars, radiation burns, wounds, stretch marks, diaper rash, wrinkles, raw nipples during lactation, acne, rosacea, and other troubling skin conditions.

Herbal Tallow Balm - Unscented

Go back to basics with Herbal Tallow Balm, a rich and creamy blend of our grassfed water buffalo tallow infused with organic flowers and herbs. We believe everyone should be able to benefit from the healing properties of grassfed water buffalo tallow, so we created simple, creamy Herbal Tallow Balm to suit almost any moisturizing purpose you can imagine. This simple ingredient list is perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities. This blend adds nourishing pomegranate oil and emu oil for extra revitalization!

Herbal Tallow Body Balm - Scented

A rich and creamy blend of our Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow and other nutritious oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. It’s a perfect and deeply nourishing solution to your most common skincare woes.  Now with more scent options, you’re bound to find a favorite.  Simple and nutritious, these will suit almost any moisturizing purpose you can imagine!

Available in Lavender, White Grapefruit & Eucalyptus, Sweet Peace, Cedarwood & Sage.

Tallow Facial Balm For Oily to Normal Skin

A balanced, nourishing facial balm that’s perfect for oily, acne-prone, combination, and normal skin. Our 100% grassfed tallow forms the basis of this nourishing concoction, melding well with the body’s natural oils. Grape seed oil boasts a wide range of antioxidants which reduce inflammation and phytosterols that help repair skin’s natural moisture barrier. We add therapeutic-grade Juniper, Geranium, and Tea Tree essential oils to this product because of their sebum balancing properties—and because they smell fantastic! This balm makes an excellent makeup primer!

Tallow Facial Balm For Dry Or Maturing Skin

This face balm is made with dry or maturing skin in mind. Our Tallow Face Balm for Dry or Maturing Skin is deeply moisturizing to help restore your skin’s natural balance! Our grassfed tallow forms the basis of this nourishing concoction, combined with ancient anti-aging oils of camellia seed and argan. We add therapeutic-grade Lavender and Frankincense essential oils to this product because of their skin soothing and anti-aging properties—and because they smell fantastic! This balm helps your skin feel hydrated and protected all day.

All Animal Tallow & Emu Creme

This simple, hypoallergenic blend is a favorite moisturizing balm among our most sensitive customers. With only two ingredients, it is deeply nourishing and completely free of synthetic fragrances or fillers. Grassfed water buffalo tallow, the center of our skincare line, is combined with Vitamin E-rich emu crème from a local Georgia farm. The result is a creamy, moisturizing product that even our severely allergic customers can enjoy.  An essential oil scent may be added by request — just leave a note at checkout!

Hand Salve-ation

Carpenters know the healing power of tallow balm for chapped, cracked and rough hands. That’s why our hardest-working, non-greasy product for dry skin, Carpenter’s Hand Salve-Ation, was named after them! We made this restorative oil with hard work in mind. Slip it in your work bag or belt and use it as an all-around salve for any trouble spot—hands, cuticles, heels, elbows, and even lips! With deeply nourishing Vitamin E oil, Hemp Seed Oil and our Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow, it’s instantly soothing and helps restore skin’s moisture balance.

Tallow Body Butter - Pumpkin Spice Latte

We stand firm against the idea that pumpkin is only for autumn. In our book, pumpkin spice should be enjoyed all year long! We infuse freshly roasted direct trade coffee from our friends at Java Genesis Coffee Roasting into our artisanal tallow and pumpkin seed oil, then add essential oils of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla. This luscious body butter will remind you of your favorite pumpkin spice latte! Just don’t underestimate it—this body butter packs a serious nutrient punch thanks to antioxidant caffeine.

Tallow Body Butter - Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte Body Butter is a caffeinated, chocolatey treat for your skin—just like your morning latte! This coffee infused tallow body butter tightens skin, evens tone, prevents inflammation and smoothes with the power of real coffee. We infuse freshly roasted direct trade coffee from our friends at Java Genesis Coffee Roasting into our artisanal tallow and added some chocolatey cocoa butter, silky coconut oil, and vanilla essential oil (for sweetness). Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant that reduces redness and calms skin irritated by sun damage. It’s a perfect, power-packed all-over moisturizer you’ll love!

Tallow Body Butter - Chai Spice

Creamy, sweet Chai tea is the inspiration behind this decadent body butter! We combined our moisturizing tallow with rich oils of coconut and mango, then scented it with a special blend reminiscent of chai tea! This blend even contains real Darjeeling tea, which packs powerful antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds for your skin! Chai Spice Body Butter is a real treat for your skin!

Tallow Body Butter - Patchouli Lime

A delicious, refreshing source of nourishment for your skin, Patchouli and Lime Body Butter is perfect for all-over moisturizing. Lime balances the earthiness of patchouli to create one of our most popular scents.

Tallow Body Butter - Mandarin Green Tea

Our body butter is our most luxurious product for all-over moisturizing with completely natural ingredients for skincare. Mandarin Green Tea Body Buttercombines a sweet citrus hit of mandarin and the freshness of grassy green tea to create a lingering scent you will love! Plus, organic green tea is packed with antioxidants called catechins (especially EGCg!), known to revitalize dying skin cells, prevent free radical damage, reduce redness and signs of aging and gently exfoliate.

Tooth Brushing Soap

Don’t worry, our Tooth Brushing Soap is so much more enjoyable than “washing your mouth out with soap!” This squeaky soap is a true miracle—it’s pure enough to eat, but leaves your mouth squeaky clean with the power of Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow-based soap. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!

Tooth Brushing Soap is totally unique. Instead of coating your teeth, it allows your gums to repair themselves and your enamel to re-mineralize on its own. It’s ideal for sensitive teeth with a pH around 9.5. And of course, it’s antibacterial to knock out bad breath with the added help of essential oils. You’ll feel the difference the very first time you brush!

FaCe Revive Day Balm

Buffalo Gal’s FaCe Revive Day Balm is your new anti-aging BFF! Help reverse photodamage with bioavailable Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, omega-3 fatty acids, stearic acid and CLA, and prevent further damage with UV protection from zinc oxide and raspberry seed oil! As always, our nutrient-rich products are totally free of preservatives, synthetic fragrances and chemicals, and rely totally on natural ingredients for skincare.

Eye Revive Tallow Balm

Show your tired eyes a little love with this nourishing herbal tallow balm! The skin around our eyes is particularly susceptible to losing elasticity and collagen, meaning we usually see the effects of aging or dietary and environmental stressors first around our eyes. Support your skin by helping it stay hydrated and smooth, plus reduce dark shadows, puffing, sagging, and the appearance of fine lines with our magical Eye Revive!

FaCe Revive Night Balm

Invigorate and revitalize your skin with the natural brightening power of Vitamin C! Night time application allows your skin to heal itself while you sleep. We blend our grassfed water buffalo tallow with food-based sources of Vitamin C like Acerola, Camu Camu, and Rose Hips. Plantain is a Native American secret for intensive skin repair (awesome for wrinkles!) Salicin in white willow bark helps exfoliate dead skin cells.  FaCe Revive Night Balm is a potent treatment that reverses photodamage and nourishes mature skin.

Tallow Cleansing Balm

Oil cleansing fans know the power of “like dissolves like,” and we made this Tallow Cleansing Balm with them in mind! Our lemon peel-infused Grassfed Water Buffalo Tallow is combined with sunflower and castor oils for a cleansing blend that’s perfect for all skin types. Tallow is especially beneficial because of its bio-identical properties that closely match the oils on our own face.

Hot Oil Cleanse

If you’re curious about oil cleansing but sensitive to plant seed oils, our Hot Oil Cleanse is the perfect solution! Oil cleansing relies on the “like dissolves like” principle to remove impurities while softening skin for a surprisingly balanced complexion. We’ve upped the ante by infusing our grassfed water buffalo tallow, which is very similar in structure to the oils produced by our own skin, with whole plants for a lightly scented, nourishing addition to your cleansing routine. It arrives in a heatable jar for easy warming and application (see directions below).  Includes a wooden dipper and a microfiber cloth.

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HI THERE! I’m Shalley — the Buffalo Gal. Not the kind who dances by the light of the moon, although I admit to having done so before. I’m this kind (see Betty and me above). The buffalo you’re likely thinking of is actually a bison (more on that in my upcoming video “BUFFALO 1.0”!)

I am the creator of Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty, a holistic skincare line.  By HOLISTIC I mean a minimalistic approach for maximum results!  We use ingredients that are 100% SAFE, all-natural and organic, centering around our artisanal multi-species grassfed tallow.  Every single ingredient has a specific and important healing role in our formulations.  I am also a holistic practitioner and a sustainable livestock producer.  My husband, David, and I farm “outside the box”, raising Asian water buffalo, alpacas, and Katahdin sheep in a grass-based operation in Monroe, Georgia: Carrell Farms, Inc. (check out our Facebook page.)

My outdoor lifestyle exposes my skin to harsh conditions. For years I was hard pressed to find a good “natural” moisturizer to satiate my element-ravaged skin for any length of time, without greasiness or high expense. Companies touting the same “vegan”, “organic”, and “botanical” slogans enjoyed nice earnings off the likes of me! Nice products, but always the same lackluster results. Something was missing.

Don’t get me wrong — wonderful smelling, skin-smoothing lotions, body butters, and creams are among my FAVORITE things. I’ve always been a natural skincare fanatic — LOVE the stuff. And, because I’m rather particular about what I eat, I also insist on not slathering my skin with the synthetic chemicals that come with even “all-natural” products. This all led me in the direction of starting my own skincare line.

I acquired a lot of knowledge about essential oils and nutrition over the years. I checked out endless companies and ingredient choices, but in my research I couldn’t find something better than was already on the market – that missing magical ingredient.

Fast forward several years, now married to a grass farmer, imagine my discovery that the “missing magical ingredient” was in my pasture!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about animal fat, a special kind of animal fat called TALLOW.  So what is tallow, where does it come from, and why is it the magical ingredient missing in modern all-natural skincare?  Read here to find out why I think TALLOW = GOLD?

All I can say is it IS the ingredient I was missing! FINALLY. It really is like gold to me. It provides deeply nourishing, protective, and long lasting moisture for my element ravaged skin. Not to mention . . . it’s incredibly nutritious! After regular use I see in the mirror radiance despite photodamage. My esthetician comments on my skin’s improved elasticity. It has a healthy sheen instead of the tired, ashy appearance from before.

As I started crafting different formulations my family and friends tried them out with amazing results, too.  I feel a lot of joy crafting and selling a product that fits my mission of artisanal, holistic, and helpful for myself and others.  And that’s how Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty was born!

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Eye Revive - Herbal Tallow Balm

Grassfed tallow (infused with direct trade coffee, acerola*, rosehips*, camu camu*, white willow bark*, plantain*), pure emu creme, prickly pear cactus oil*, apricot seed oil*, and essential oils of Sandalwood and Oud. *organic

Hand Salve-ation

Grassfed tallow, organic hemp seed oil, vitamin E oil (from non-GMO sunflower), and Young Living's therapeutic grade melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil.

Herbal Tallow Balm - Unscented

Grassfed tallow infused with organic lavender, rose, and calendula flowers, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E oil (from sunflower).

Tallow Balm - Lavender

Grassfed tallow, organic camellia seed oil, vitamin E oil (from non-GMO sunflower), therapeutic grade lavender essential oil.

Body Butter - Chai Spice

Grassfed tallow, organic mango butter, organic coconut oil, organic Darjeeling tea, organic chai spices, essential oils of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and black pepper.

Body Butter - Mocha Latte

Grassfed grade A tallow, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, direct trade coffee, and vanilla essential oil.

Herbal Tallow Balm - Mama's Love

Grassfed tallow (non-beef) infused with organic lavender, rose, and calendula flowers, wildcrafted pracaxi oil, tamanu oil, and St. John's wort infused virgin olive oil.

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