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Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty

Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty proudly features a truly natural line of skincare products you won’t find anywhere else. Try them.

We think your skin will appreciate our focus on providing the healthiest ingredients. But most importantly, you’ll appreciate what we don’t include. Toxic ingredients are never added. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Whether you are striving for a Paleo, GAPS, or WAPF lifestyle, or just want a super-food source for skincare, we’re sure you’ll be happy with our offerings.

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About the Brand

My outdoor lifestyle exposes my skin to harsh conditions. For years I was hard pressed to find a good “natural” moisturizer to satiate my element-ravaged skin for any length of time, without greasiness or high expense. Companies touting the same “vegan”, “organic”, and “botanical” slogans enjoyed nice earnings off the likes of me! Nice products, but always the same lackluster results. Something was missing. Fast forward several years, now married to a grass farmer, imagine my discovery that the “missing magical ingredient” was in my pasture!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about animal fat, a special kind of animal fat called TALLOW. So what is tallow, where does it come from, and why is it the magical ingredient missing in modern all-natural skincare? Read here to find out why I think TALLOW = GOLD? All I can say is it IS the ingredient I was missing! FINALLY. It really is like gold to me. It provides deeply nourishing, protective, and long lasting moisture for my element ravaged skin. Not to mention . . . it’s incredibly nutritious! After regular use I see in the mirror radiance despite photodamage. My esthetician comments on my skin’s improved elasticity. It has a healthy sheen instead of the tired, ashy appearance from before.


I’ve never heard of tallow. How should I get started with Buffalo Gal?
  • Our Sets are the best way to get started with tallow. They follow our recommended Cleanse-Tone-Nourish formula for skin that is clean, balanced and glowing.
Does you tallow come from animals that are 100% antibiotic, hormone, GMO, pesticide, and mRNA vaccine free?
  • Yes! We practice the true definition of regenerative agriculture. We raise species of livestock that require very little artificial inputs from us.
Do you have a return policy?
  • Yes, we do! Get in touch through our Contact Form or send us and email at and we will process your return.
Why do you no longer offer the Curated Sample Set?
  • We have reached a volume of sales that make it difficult to fill sample requests as an order item. We apologize to those whom it has affected. Samples may still be requested in the Notes at checkout. Just let us know what you would like to try and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
Can I buy plain tallow so I can make my own products?
  • We carefully calibrate our manufacturing based on our own farm’s supply of grassfed tallow. This process means we honor our animals by using as much of them as possible. It also means that we don’t have enough supply to sell raw ingredients. Our products are completely artisanal, but we think the results are well worth it!
I have extreme allergies. Do you offer products for sensitive skin?
  • Yes! Many of our most enthusiastic clients are those with the most sensitive skin, food allergies, autoimmune conditions, etc. Our grassfed water buffalo tallow is hypoallergenic, and we offer unscented products for very sensitive skin. In addition, many of our natural ingredients for skincare are healing for sensitive skin.