Bravo Bars: All-natural, Soft-baked Cookie Bars

Bravo Bars™ – the “Optimal Snack” – are all-natural soft-baked cookie bars providing real nutritional benefits to help your body run – and recover – at top form. Offering both the health benefits of raw foods, and a more balanced ratio of protein, fat, and carbs than traditional energy bars, Bravo Bars are all natural, non-GMO wheat-, soy-, and gluten-free, and taste great.

Ideal for Paleo, vegan, and nutritionally sensitive eaters, Bravo Bars fuel your body and feed your soul, with smart snacks so you can live life on your terms, with a ‘sweet high five.’

Follow your passions. Pursue your dreams. Love your journey. Bravo!

Bravo Bars™ are a tasty, guilt-free choice to help you meet and exceed your health and nutrition goals. Packed with good for you ingredients, they are the ‘Optimal Snack” – a whole-food energy plus protein bar disguised in a delicious soft-baked cookie.

Made with all-natural, non-GMO vegetarian ingredients and ultra-clean protein, Bravo Bars are free of processed sugar, gluten, wheat, soy and trans fats. The perfect afternoon pick-me-up, mid-hike snack, or anytime you need an energy boost, Bravo Bars help you work hard, play hard and live authentically, Make the choice to live well, and enjoy the journey. Fuel your body and world with a sweet high five from Bravo Bars.

Bravo Bars meet or exceed the minimum nine grams of protein nutritionists recommend post workout (or to stave off the “hangries”). Offering an extra boost of protein, smart carbs, and fat, Bravo Bars proprietary ingredient blends support muscle recovery (whey), provide healthy fiber (chia and flax seeds), reduces inflammation (cherries and pumpkin seeds), and gives your body the additional calcium, iron, and healthy fats (nuts and chia seeds) it needs.

Low sodium, low calorie, and naturally sweetened with coconut nectar, Bravo Bars are an easy and convenient way to fuel your body on the go…and our smart, square shape makes it easy to toss ‘em in your gym bag, backpack, pocket or purse.

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Bravo Bars Products include:

Paleo Friendly:

Cherry Coconut

 If the Cherry Coconut Bar were a person, she’d be that woman or girl who is always on the go. She might be running from meeting to meeting and doesn’t have time to stop for lunch. She might be a student who goes from school to dance class and then to the library for a study group. Or maybe she’s the mom driving her kids to activities who wants to give them a healthy snack. She gets her workout in the gym, Zumba or spinning classes. She has a sweet tooth and values the power of nutrition to get her through her busy day.

Great for:

  • Anyone who enjoys sweet, chewy, moist and rich treats
  • Stashing in your purse, your center console or your locker
  • Rewarding yourself for making it through your day

Cran Nut and Seeds

 If the Cran Nut & Seed bar were a person, she’d be that woman or girl who loves to move her body. She invites you on hikes, to yoga class, or on that charity bike ride. She revels in being outdoors. She knows how good it feels to fuel her adventures with something that’s good for her, but tastes delicious too. She may (or may not) be vegan, but she’s definitely socially conscious and likes the idea of plant-based living. She’s hearty and authentic.

Great for:

  • Anyone who loves the crunch of a granola bar
  • Tucking into your backpack, yoga bag or cycling jersey
  • Anyone who values plant-based nutrition


Chocolate Cran Almond

 If the Chocolate Cran Almond Bar were a person, she’d be that serious athlete who is always looking for another challenge, another win, another way to push her body to its limits. You’ll find her on the soccer field, the triathlon course or the double-diamond ski run. She takes moving her body seriously. She craves a reward at the end—a win, a new fastest time, a medal. She’s looking for a decadent “cheat meal” that’s a little feisty, that satisfies her desire for crunch and that gives her an energetic edge.

Great for:

  • Anyone who craves treats with a little zing, a little crunch and a little chocolate
  • Carrying in your sports bag, ski jacket or cinch sack
  • Replenishing your energy at the end of a game, race or climb


Paleo Friendly & Paleo Vegan:

5280 Bars: Chocolate Cran Almond

 Info coming soon! 

5280 Bars: Cherry Coconut

 Info coming soon! 

5280 Bars: Cran Nut and Seeds

 Info coming soon! 

Bravo Bars™ was founded in 2015 by Lauren Shrensky, an athlete, baker, and certified health and wellness consultant. After years of R&D, Lauren realized the overcrowded “snack bar” market was compromised – unhealthy ingredients and tasteless “treats” ran rampant. She set out to create a product line that would change our perspective on nutrition, showing how easy it can be to eat healthy, be satisfied, and live well. Today, Bravo Bars are the top choice for busy professionals, health-conscious moms, weekend warriors, fitness gurus, and anyone who wants to take control of their health and wellness. The perfect, easy grab and go choice for people who want to live well and eat smart, these delicious protein-packed bars are designed to help you live an optimal life, helping your body run, recover, and power not just through workouts, but every second of every day.

More than just a “sweet high five” recovery bar for fitness fanatics and athletes – Bravo Bars give you the tools – and the “thumb’s up” – for healthy, passionate, connected living.

At Bravo Bars, we want to live in a world where people love themselves both inside and out. We’re here to educate you about nutrition and help you make choices to nourish your body to live your best life!

  • Discover your dreams!
  • Create connections!
  • Fuel your passions!
  • Overcome obstacles!
  • Be free!
  • Enjoy the journey!


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Cherry Coconut

Cherry Coconut Bravo Bars - Nutritious U - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation


coconut nectar, raw pepitas, dried cherries (cherries, sunflower oil), raw sunflower seeds, grass fed, cold processed whey protein concentrate, flax seeds, chia seeds, organic coconut (fat reduced by steam extraction, shredded and dehydrated), debittered stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana)


Cran Nut and Seed Vegan

Cran Nut and Seeds Bravo Bars - Nutritious U - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation


coconut nectar, dried cranberries (cranberry, sunflower oil), raw pepitas, raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, 100% hemp protein, flax seeds, chia seeds, debittered stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana)

Chocolate Cran Almond

Chocolate Cran Almond Bravo Bars - Nutritious U - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation


coconut nectar, raw almonds, raw pepitas, raw sunflower seeds, 55% cacao semi sweet dark chocolate chips (organic sugar, organic cocoa mass, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla), grass fed, cold processed whey protein concentrate, dried cranberries (cranberry, sunflower oil), flax seeds, chia seeds, debittered stevia extract (stevia rebaudiana)

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