Beekeeper’s Naturals: Superfoods from the Hive

Beekeeper’s Naturals is a natural bee product company dedicated to bringing you all the wondrous health benefits from the hive. We are very passionate about nutrition, health, and saving the bees! Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray contains bioflavonoids and has antioxidant properties, and is a natural and alcohol-free spray that is delicious, and made with high grade propolis (95% extract!) harvested by hand. Get yours today to help soothe that pesky sore throat or support your immune system!

Why the Honeybees Need Our Help:

Starting in 2006, there has been a drastic increase in the disappearance of honey bee colonies in North America with approximately 25-30% of colonies dying every year. This phenomenon where a colony’s worker bees abruptly disappear, is called Colony Collapse Disorder. There is a similar phenomenon occurring with bumble bees who are another important pollinator for many crops native to North America.

You probably didn’t know this, but we rely on honey bees for nearly 1/3 of our entire food supply! Nature’s modest little superheroes play a crucial role in pollinating many important plants and crops that make up an important part of the human diet. Some of the delicious foods that we take for granted that we wouldn’t have without our buzzing friends are almonds, apples, oranges, tomatoes, onions, avocados, garlic and coffee to name a few. While various factors are cited for contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder and the decline of the bees, many researchers point to neonicotinoid pesticides as the main culprit. These pesticides have been banned in Europe (albeit temporarily and with limited scope), but similar action had not been taken in North America until the recent Ontario government proposal to reduce the use of neonicotinoid pesticides in corn and soybean seeds.

Obama caught on and established the Pollinator Health Task Force in June 2014 to research, educate and develop a strategy to “reverse pollinator losses and help restore populations to health levels”. The impact that bees have on our environment runs much much further than you can imagine. They play a vital role in our global ecosystem, with more plant, animal, and insect species relying on them than we can count! Make sure to keep yourself up to date with what’s happening by reading our weekly blog posts.

Propolis Spray

Running out of sick days? Meet propolis, your bodyguard in a bottle. Prized as the immune system of the hive, propolis has incredible germ fighting properties and even contains over 300 beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds—making it nature’s ultimate defender.

Bee propolis is also a mighty ally in combating free radical damage during periods of stress—like when you’re rushing through a long line at airport security, struggling under a time-crunched deadline, or running your first half marathon.

Easy to pack on-the-go and TSA-friendly, our sweet-tasting Propolis Spray is must-have for anyone who trains hard, travels often, or is looking for natural immune support.

Raw Wildflower Honey

Get in touch with your wild side. Our sustainably-sourced raw wildflower honey has a light sweetness with subtle floral undertones that will immediately transport you to the lush alpine hillsides of your fantasies.

100% Raw Bee Pollen

Bee pollen—the weekend warrior’s best friend. A powerful and easily assimilated source of B vitaminsminerals, free forming amino acids, and protein, our raw bee pollen provides powerful energy support, even while you’re charging up peaks and bombing down hills. This superfood is fantastic for anyone leading an on-the-go lifestyle and looking for a tasty infusion of energizing nutrients.

Raw Buckwheat Honey

Don’t be afraid to go for the bold! Buckwheat honey has a robust flavor profile, a full-bodied taste, and a darker, molasses-like hue. But that rich, deep coloring packs a restorative punch, as this varietal contains one of the highest antioxidant counts among honey!

B. Powered

B.Powered combines ALL the superfoods of the hive to fuel your mind and body! Our healing blend includes immune-supportive propolis, brain-nourishing and skin-beautifying royal jelly, energizing bee pollen, and—of course—our signature raw enzymatic honey.

B.LXR Brain Fuel

Optimize your mind—queen bee style. B.LXR is the caffeine-free, nootropic fuel your brain craves to fight brain foghack productivity, and naturally support memory, focus, and energy.

Propolis Throat Spray for Kids

Don’t let runny noses and scratchy throats slow your little ones down. With antioxidant-rich buckwheat honey and propolis, this gentle, kid-friendly duo is naturally tough on germs, but also super soothing on scratchy throats.

Our purpose is simple: to inspire honest, healthy living and nurture a greater awareness for saving our bees! That is why our all natural propolis spray is made with high quality propolis (95% extract!) that is sustainably hand-harvested by experienced beekeepers in Canada.

One of our core values is to practice, share and promote sustainable beekeeping. What exactly does that mean? We put the bees first in the process of making our products and want our bees and customers alike to thrive so we ensure that our bees are healthy, in safe locations and we never over harvest leaving our bees with plenty of honey, pollen and propolis of their own.

Through our partnership with the Canadian Honey Council and creating a platform for education and awareness regarding the plight of the bees, we feel that with your help, we can really make a difference!

Carly’s Story

For Carly it all started with a semester abroad in Europe. Four months of sightseeing and wine drinking finally caught up with her in Florence, where her tonsils ballooned to the size of a meatball. Facing the prospect of cutting her trip short for surgery, she desperately searched for a less extreme solution.

With her chipmunk cheeks filled with gelato (her stop-gap remedy of choice) she stumbled across an Italian pharmacy full of wonderful bee products. She somehow managed—between her swollen mouth and broken Italian—to communicate her symptoms to the pharmacist, and he suggested propolis. Skeptical, but willing to try anything, Carly forked over €7 and squeezed a few drops. Within days, her tonsillitis was in retreat and she was taking in the art at the Uffizi Gallery.

After a wonderful propolis-fuelled trip Carly said ‘au revoir’ to Europe and returned home to finish her final year of university. But within a few months Carly’s tonsils flared up again and surgery was looking unavoidable. This time she knew what she needed. Unable to find bee propolis on the shelves of her local health food stores and pharmacies, Carly had to dig deep to find her secret weapon. She sought out a local beekeeper to learn more about everything bees and beekeeping and what the bees have to offer.

This little expedition sparked a passion. Two years later with her tonsils intact, Carly is running Beekeeper’s Naturals and hopes to share propolis and all of its benefits with North America. Our first product is—you guessed it—a propolis spray, created with students, professionals, parents and anyone with a busy lifestyle in mind.

Carly is also a tireless advocate for the preservation of the waning global bee population and, through Beekeepers, supports the protection of hives across North America. Her mission is to improve the health of bees and humans alike.

"I like natural things. I like hiking and getting lost in nature and I like my foods and health remedies without chemicals. But I had a dilemma: where do I find natural health products that actually work?

My inspiration for creating Beekeeper’s Naturals came about organically. I wasn’t planning to start a company, I was simply looking for a natural health product that actually delivered. In that quest, I encountered all of the newest magical health elixirs but ended up spending a lot of money on ineffective health-store powders, or over-the-counter synthetic immune boosters that temporarily dampened my symptoms but never got rid of them.

Science is amazing. It can cure horrible diseases, cancers and disabilities. But what about your sore throat or stubborn cold? At Beekeeper’s we love science – we use science to formulate and test our products obsessively. But we also think Mother Nature is pretty incredible. Bees are nature’s consummate workers and the ultimate team players. Thinking back now, it should have been obvious that bees were the answer. Bees naturally produce propolis to protect themselves and their hives from bacteria. You can think of propolis as the immune system of the hive and a key factor in overall hive health. Bee propolis is nature’s ultimate protector, showing powerful healing properties for bees and luckily us humans too! It’s a must for anyone leading an active lifestyle and who hates getting sick. It’s simple. It’s natural. And it works. At Beekeeper’s Naturals, we are dedicated to sustainably sharing the world of “beegan” superfoods with you to keep you functioning at your best."

Carly - Founder of Beekeeper's Naturals

Daniel’s Story

Daniel has always been active. From the age of four, he was skiing, swimming, playing hockey, baseball, soccer, and basketball. As a kid, Daniel was able to get away with a sub-par diet, but as he got older the effects of poor eating and an unhealthy lifestyle caught up with him. It seemed like he was always sick. To get through the demands of law school, he started popping cold medicine on the regular like it was his job. The over-the-counter meds masked his symptoms in the short term, but when they wore off, his symptoms came back worse than before.

Searching high and low for anything to help, Daniel sought out Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray after a recommendation from a friend. He picked up a bottle and has never looked back. Originally sold on the sweet taste, he began using the spray regularly. Daniel soon noticed a change in his energy levels and was able to fight off sore throats with the force of a junk-food-eating, hockey-playing twelve-year-old. With his immune system newly strengthened, he became more active and productive than ever before and has happily moved into the ‘rare-to-occasional’ cold and flu category.

A long-time skeptic of products claiming natural health and wellness benefits, Daniel became a convert to propolis and the awesome powers of the hive. Set on spreading the word and helping others feel as good as he did, he reached out to the Beekeeper’s team. Inspired by his story and impressed by his passion, Beekeeper’s made Daniel part of the team.
The more he learned about the bees, the more passionate he became and Daniel is now on a mission to spread the word about all the natural benefits from the hive, raise awareness about the plight of the bees and inspire others to support this important cause before it’s too late!

Any feedback? Want to talk bees or even just say hi? Send us a message or drop us a line!

It’s that time of the year again… Runny noses.  Screaming children with sticky hands.  Picking up friends and family from airports that you are pretty sure have the plague.  Nothing says holidays like inviting to your home for a week at least three different carriers of unknown disease, each possessing a more contagious symptom than the last.  You have the CDC’s number just in case, right?  No amount of cold medicine seems to keep it bay once it sets in after you have that first sniff of cold, that first tickle of an itchy throat.  By the time you’re into your third mug of hot cocoa, it’s already too late.  The doom is upon you.

The good news is, while you may not get away completely unscathed by the merciless wrath of nature, you can give in to nature instead, through the power of bees.  The power of bees?  I already am dealing with the plague, why does there have to be bees, too?  Well, bees make honey, but they also make this gunky stuff called propolis.  

As you can see, bee propolis is some seriously awesome stuff.  Just ask Carly and Daniel.  These two don’t just make an absolutely awesome propolis spray, but also tirelessly work to preserve our declining North American bee population.  

Meet Carly and Daniel of Beekeeper’s Naturals.  Thanks for taking a little bee-t out of your bee-sy l-hives for us today.  I had to get all the bee puns out right at the start, I hope you’ll forgive me.  Continuing on… 

My first few questions are for Carly.  Can you tell us a little about how you first learned about the magic behind bee propolis? How did you turn that experience into Beekeeper’s Naturals?  

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to interview us. We are bee-lighted to talk bees, propolis and health with you (the puns never get old!). I first learned about propolis during a university semester abroad. Growing up with an autoimmune disorder, antibiotics have never been an option. After spending months gallivanting around Europe and developing a particularly nasty case of tonsillitis, my only option with traditional antibiotics out of the question was to come home and have surgery…kind of a buzz kill for my euro trip. Needless to say, I was desperately looking for a natural and safe alternative to cure my inflamed tonsils, which led to my wandering into a pharmacy in Italy where the pharmacist recommended I give a substance that I had never heard of (bee propolis!) a try. I shelled out the euros and within two weeks of taking propolis I was a believer! My inflammation was drastically reduced, my scratchy throat soothed and I was finally beginning to regain my voice. After a few more weeks of propolis dosing and some much-needed rest, I was able to stay in Europe to finish my trip! 

If you can imagine growing up with a weak immune system and an aversion to most types of medicine, finding something that worked and didn’t cause any crazy adverse reaction was a game changer for me. As I continued my trip, I noticed that propolis was very common in most European countries and almost as prevalent on health food and pharmacy store shelves as Advil is in North America. When I returned home to wrap up my final year of university, I brought my propolis fascination with me. Unfortunately, after checking all of the local health food stores, I was unable to find any propolis products. I decided to go straight to the source and contact some local beekeepers…and so began my journey into the world of bees. I started beekeeping and making propolis myself, then for friends and eventually I had random people coming up to me asking if they can buy my cold or sore throat medicine. It was at that point that I realized I was on to something. Propolis worked so well for me and knowing that others are always looking for more natural and effective alternatives, I wanted to share propolis with the rest of the world.

What was your a-hah moment where you knew it was bees-or-nothing?

My a-hah moment came the very first time I opened a hive box. I was in a large (mens) bee suit (a generous donation from an older beekeeper friend) which was about 5 sizes too big and I was absolutely terrified to go near the hives, let alone take the roof off their house and look inside. But once I did, I was amazed by their intricacy. Every individual in the thousands of bees that make up a colony has a unique role to play in the successful functioning of the community, creating a complex utilitarian society. Invigorated with the rush from facing my fears of being stung, combined with complete curiosity and interest in how these creatures operate had me hooked!

Let’s talk bees and beehives.  What was your most challenging moment?  Since you were technically working with wild animals, did at any point did you feel like you might accidentally end up earning a Darwin award?

So the Darwin award thing definitely came to mind when I first suited up and headed out into the apiary but I have come a long way since then. The first few times I worked with bees I was so scared of disrupting them that I was terrified of picking up frames. Eventually I just forced myself into the situation enough times to get over it but it really took getting out of my own head and focusing on the creatures in front of me. One of the ways that bees communicate is through pheromones so if you’re freaking out and sending you body into fight or flight mode you can prompt a particular reaction from the bees. I really had to get into a state of zen to work with these creatures. Today I find beekeeping so relaxing for this exact reason – it completely pulls you out of your head and forces you to turn your attention to the world around you. I now find beekeeping to be almost meditative. I know it sounds strange but if you think about it: you’re outdoors, you’re focused on some amazing buzzing creatures and the beauty of the comb that they create and you typically elicit the best response from them if you’re relaxed making the apiary a great place to meditate! 

Daniel, can you tell us a little about how you came to start using the propolis spray and how you came to become involved at Beekeeper’s?

My story is definitely less interesting than Carly’s but propolis had a similar profound effect on my health. As a kid and through my teenage years, I exercised and played A LOT of sports, which allowed me to get away with a sub-par diet. However, as I got older, and especially during grad school (where I was putting in a lot of late nights at the library), the effects of poor eating and an unhealthy lifestyle caught up with me and I was getting sick at least once a month. I would take over-the-counter meds, which would barely get myself through each cold or flu and minimally mask the symptoms in the short-term, only to get sick again a few weeks later. 

I was desperate for anything to help and a friend recommended Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray to me. I picked up a bottle and have never looked back. I fell in love with the sweet taste and began spraying daily. Soon after I was fighting off colds and flues like a health machine and avoiding those pesky colds, flues and sore throats that were the bane of my existence all through my MBA. I had been a long time skeptic of natural products and I soon become a convert after experiencing the awesome powers of propolis. I felt that I had to spread the word about this effective and natural substance to other skeptics like myself and I reached out to Carly and the rest is history. 

Talk to us about your passion for bees and be-e convincing.  Okay seriously, that was my last bee pun, promise. 

We love bees and it’s not just because they are extremely cute and complex social creatures. They are responsible for every third bite of food that we eat. 70 of the 100 most important human food crops worldwide (which supply around 90% of the world’s nutrition) are pollinated by bees. We have all of these staples that many of us feel we can’t live without but, more accurately, the thing that we can’t live without is the bees. From almonds to apples, coffee, tea and even beef (yes, bees pollinate alfalfa and clover, which are key parts of cows’ and other animals’ diets), bees work their wings off to bring us many of the foods we enjoy. These selfless creatures are in serious trouble with US beekeepers reporting losses of over 40% of their honeybee colonies last year and Canadian beekeepers reporting a 25% overwintering loss 2 winters ago (compared to the average of 15%) with Ontario reporting a gigantic 58% loss! We need to act fast in order to save our buzzing friends before it’s too late. 

Was it bees that led you to the Paleo community?  

Carly: I was eating Paleo long before I went beegan. As I mentioned, I have an obnoxiously sensitive immune and digestive systems so the Paleo way of life worked well for me. I first eliminated grains and noticed a major change in my energy levels and as I began reading up on the Paleo lifestyle, I felt that it just made sense for me. I did however keep my sweet tooth and my love for cooking so, naturally, raw honey became my go to ingredient well before I started beekeeping. As I became more involved with bees, I learned about the benefits of different bee products and my health has really improved since and I am now a proud “beegan” (our term for sustainable bee product lovers). For example, I love bee pollen as a protein source and I take a spoon of raw honey before bed to help me sleep (by maintaining liver glycogen levels and contributing to the release of melatonin). 

Daniel: Bees, and more specifically propolis, indirectly led me to the Paleo community. A long time skeptic of natural products, the profound impact that propolis had on my health really opened by eyes to the power of natural products and the importance of nutrition. It spurred a personal health revolution and I began to care about what I put into my body and I became much more cognizant of what was in the food and drinks I was consuming. This in turn led me to the Paleo community and I am proud to say that I have made a complete 180 in the last few years and am the healthiest I have ever been!

What do you feel is the most important thing that a citizen in North America can do to help in the fight for the preservation of our bees?

It’s hard to pick just one so we’re going to give you 3 easy ones: 

1. Avoid pesticides as these can harm bees. Eating organic can support farmers that don’t use pesticides and NEVER use pesticides on your lawn or garden. 

2. Plant something. Even if you live in an apartment or condo, a potted balcony garden is a great way to start. Bees love colourful flowers and make sure you plant plants that are native to your area. Bees will thank you by pollinating your fruits and veggies and giving you an awesome garden!

3. Build a bee bath. Bees get thirsty too! All you need is a bowl with some shallow water and rocks or moss to serve as islands for the bees to use as landing pads. 

If I use Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray excessively, will I get bee-related super powers?  Why has anyone not tried this already?

Obviously! Daniel is our test subject and he is currently buzzing all over the office (and spooning raw honey)…sprayer beware. 

Do you have any new upcoming products normal people or plague-ridden folk might be interested in?  Recommendations?

We are currently developing a few products but they are top-secret! All we can say is that our next products will incorporate some of the other awesome bee superfoods and will be great for boosting energy, brain power and for pre and post workout fuel and recovery (and will of course be Paleo). The Paleo community will be the first to know when they are available! 

Any buzz words of wisdom?

Albert Einstein said it best: “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live”.

What are the ingredients in your all natural bee propolis throat spray?

Answer: Just 3 simple ones: bee propolis, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water.

How much bee propolis extract is in your propolis throat spray?

Answer: Our propolis spray contains a 95% propolis extract!

How many propolis sprays should I take per day?

Answer: Depends what you’re using our propolis spray for! In general, we recommend taking 4 sprays, 1-3 times per day with or without food. We also like taking a few sprays in the morning or afternoon as a dietary supplement and for a source of antioxidants.

I really, really don’t want to get sick. Can bee propolis prevent colds?

Answer: When you start sniffling, feel the tingle of a sore throat, or are in close proximity to sick people, break out your propolis spray! To help bulletproof your immune system and defend your body from bugs we recommend spraying up to 4 sprays 3-6 times per day.

What is the shelf life of your propolis spray?

Answer: Our propolis spray is good for 3 years from the date it was manufactured. Check the expiry date on the back of your bottle for the specific date. Our propolis spray is natural and contains no artificial preservatives.

Your propolis tastes sweet, shouldn’t medicine taste bad? Are there any added sugars or flavors?

Answer: We believe in keeping things the way nature intended, so we don’t add any sugars or flavors to our bee propolis. Our propolis has zero grams of sugar and naturally tastes sweet!

How many sprays are in each bottle of your bee propolis throat spray?

Answer: Each bottle contains approximately 240 antioxidant-filled, immune supporting sprays. It will typically last anywhere from 3 weeks to a few months depending on how often you use it.

I love your spray! How old should my kids be to take it as well?

Answer: We recommend that your child be at least 2 years old to use our propolis spray. You should always check with your doctor first to ensure there are no allergies.

Should I avoid honey, bee propolis or B.LXR while pregnant?

Answer: We always recommend that pregnant women consult their healthcare professional before taking honey, bee propolis, or other bee products.

Is your honey pasteurized?

Answer: No way! We are health nuts and would never tamper with the natural magic of honey. Our raw honey is pure, fresh, nutritious and, of course, unpasteurized.

Is your propolis gluten free?

Answer: Yes, our bee propolis spray is absolutely gluten free!

I follow the paleo diet. Can I use your products?

Answer: You most certainly can! All of our products are certified paleo by the Paleo Foundation and are awesome superfoods to include in your primal lifestyle. Fun fact: prehistoric farmers were actually beekeepers. It turns out that humans have been enjoying the fruits of honeybees’ labor for around 9000 years…now that’s Paleolithic!

Where do you source your bee products from?

Answer: All of our products come from small scale and remote apiaries primarily across Canada and the US, as well as exotic regions around the world such as the Brazilian rainforest. We work with our apiary partners to ensure that our bee products are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality and that the bees are always put first.

How do I turn my crystallized honey back into a liquid?

Answer: As annoying as it can be to spread on your toast, crystallized honey is a good thing because it’s a sign that the honey is raw and unpasteurized. Depending on its floral source, the time it can take for your fresh, raw honey to crystallize can vary from weeks to even years. If you want to soften your crystallized honey, heat water in a pot and put your honey container in the pot of hot water until the honey turns back into liquid form. This gentle transfer of heat to the honey helps turn it back into liquid form without overheating the honey.

What is B.LXR Brain Fuel?

Answer: B.LXR Brain Fuel is an all natural nootropic that’s formulated with the purest ingredients to help you focus, enhance your memory and cognitive function. Our nourishing supplement does more than help you to get in the zone, it’s beneficial for one of your most vital organs, your brain. The plant based and bee made ingredients in B.LXR have been widely studied for both memory and cognitive enhancement and preventing neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our healing shot is safe to take on a regular basis to help take care of your brain or in times of elevated stress or pressure when you really need to be on your “A” game.

How do you use B.LXR?

Answer: B.LXR can be used daily as a cognitive enhancing brain supplement to protect the brain or in times of need such as an exam, presentation, big meeting, sporting event, or more. Anytime you need to focus, reduce “brain fog” and make sure that you’re “on”, B.LXR is the natural supplement to help you succeed. We recommend that you take ½ to a full vial in the morning to help fuel your brain throughout the day (or in the afternoon for a pick me up!).

What are Nootropics?

Answer: Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements that improve cognition, memory, and facilitate learning. Learn more on the nootropics that are in B.LXR in this post.

What are the benefits of B.LXR?

Answer: Memory Cognitive enhancement Focus Reduced brain fog Supports brain health

What is in B.LXR?

Answer: B.LXR contains an all natural formula of healing herbs and beegan superfoods! Each shot of B.LXR contains 500mg of royal jelly, 300mg of bacopa monnieri (plant extract) and 400mg of ginkgo biloba (leaf extract), all in a base of purified water and non-GMO vegetable glycerin.

Once opened do I have to refrigerate B.LXR?

Answer: Nope, B.LXR is shelf stable! If you want to reuse a vial just make sure to reseal it to consume on a later date.

How old do you have to be to use B.LXR?

Answer: B.LXR is recommended for individuals 12 and up.

What Time of day should I take B.LXR?

Answer: B.LXR may help improve focus and promote energy so we recommend that you take it earlier in the day.

Should anyone avoid B.LXR?

Answer: Ginkgo Biloba is a root with well-documented effects on the brain, however it can have a negative impact if you are on blood thinners. If you are on any of these medications please avoid B.LXR and any other products containing ginkgo biloba or consult your doctor.

Is B.LXR safe to take if I’m already taking ADHD medication?

Answer: B.LXR is formulated with high quality all natural ingredients and should be fine for anyone who is not on blood thinners, however we always suggest that you consult your doctor when adding new supplements to your routine.

Is B.LXR a good supplement for post concussion syndrome?

Answer: Concussions are incredibly personal, but we have had many customers successfully use B.LXR as a part of their post concussion regimen. The ingredients in B.LXR Brain Fuel work together to help support the brain and reduce inflammation, and may be beneficial to incorporate into a post concussion supplement regimen.

Where can I find scientific studies on the ingredients inside B.LXR?

Answer: Check out our blog post on B.LXR. This post cites many high quality placebo controlled studies. All references are linked at the bottom of the page.

Is B.LXR Paleo?

Answer: Absolutely. B.LXR contains only pure royal jelly, extracts of ginkgo biloba, bacopa monnieri, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water. Each being paleo compliant.

Will B.LXR kick me out of ketosis?

Answer: Short answer is no! There’s no added sugar, nor are there any carbohydrates in any of the ingredients. The sweet taste comes from the non-GMO vegetable glycerin.

Is B.LXR safe for diabetics?

Answer: There’s no sugar in B.LXR. The sweetness comes from non-GMO vegetable glycerin. As always, check with your primary care physician before taking any new supplement.

Why should I take a brain supplement?

Answer: Are you a creator, hustler, or just someone looking to get the extra edge without drinking 4 cups of coffee? B.LXR Brain Fuel is an all natural tool to use to your advantage that not only helps you focus, it is good for overall brain maintenance. Consider this, we live in a world of short attention spans, social media, high stress levels, and global competition. Today we put more pressure on ourselves to perform better than ever before. Given all this stress, pressure, and distraction, we need to make a conscious effort to care for our brains. Many people drink green juice for their bodies and take probiotics for their gut, but what are they doing to support brain health? B.LXR is more than a memory tool, it’s a means of nurturing one of your most vital organs!

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