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Cucina Antica Variety Pack

Cucina Antica

Cucina Antica believes in community, good food, and naturally sourced tomatoes that produce quality results.

Cucina Antica wants to offer a products that can be enjoyed by families everywhere while leading back to it’s Italian heritage. After identifying a need for high-quality, Italian pasta sauce in the retail industry, Chef Neil founded Cucina Antica Foods Corp. They use only the most premium, healthy ingredients to bring homemade, authentic Italian flavor to your home.

About the Brand

Chef Neil Fusco grew up on a small farm in Southern Italy, where hard work was a part of everyday life. Every morning, he and his family rose with the sun and walked the mile-long trek to the tomato fields.

In 1972, the Fusco family immigrated to New York, where Chef Neil began working in the food industry, first as a restaurant owner and chef, and then as the founder of Cucina Antica. In building Cucina Antica Foods, Corp., Chef Neil’s goal is to offer a quality product that families can feel good about sharing around the kitchen table, the same way harvesting tomatoes built a bond between his own family. With each jar of Cucina Antica sauce, you bring the true, homemade taste of Italy to your home.

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Neil Fusco Owner

Certified Products


Where can I buy their products?

Online:You can buy their products from their official online Amazon store or if you want to grab individual jars of their product, you can find them in a store near you.

How long can an opened product stay in my refrigerator?

Once product is opened, under optimal storage conditions (in the refrigerator) product can last 4-7 days. After storing an opened product in the refrigerator, prior to consuming the product, you should visually inspect the product to make sure there is no spoilage. You can also freeze the sauce in a freezer safe container for up to one month.

How long will my order take?

Orders typically arrive within 1 week but it can vary. Please refer to your order’s information from Amazon for a more accurate timeframe.

Are their products gluten free?


Do their products contain citric acid?

99.99% of the citric acid in their Italian peeled tomatoes comes naturally from the tomato plant itself. The remainder does not contain any grain ingredients, including corn. Because its naturally occurring, it’s not listed on the ingredients.

Are their products classified as GMOs?

No, all our products are Non-GMO Project Verified, with the exception of Cucina Antica La Vodka, Tuscany Pumpkin, and Alfredo sauce.

Brand Recipes

Cucina Antica Whole30 Sloppy Joes


Part messy sandwich and meaty sauce, Sloppy Joes are a favorite childhood meal.

Cucina Antica Skillet Mac and Cheese


With savory flavors and cheesy goodness, this Skillet Mac & Cheese will sure to delight!

Cucina Antica Fried Ravioli


This bite-sized appetizer will become your next dinner party staple.

Cucina Antica Baked Italian Eggs


Baked Italian Eggs are the perfect kickstart to your morning routine.

Cucina Antica One Skillet Sausage, peppers, and onions


Real ingredients for a hearty, wholesome meal.

Cucina Antica Garlic Marinara


Nutritious and delicious is the name of the game for this keto-friendly recipe.