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We’re on a mission to share our culture for a healthier and more flavorful world. Whether it be through sharing snacks, working with local farmers, or supporting organizations that aid refugees and people affected by natural disaster, we truly give a Dang.

As we’ve grown and explored our relationship to our Asian heritage and culture, we’ve taken steps to engage in sharing and learning about our team’s diverse background and ancestry.



Certified Products:

Crazy Rich Chocolate

Chocolate + Sea Salt = Bliss in a Bar. All the good stuff with a hint of cocoa.

Lemon Matcha

Lemon and Matcha are a matcha made in heaven. Get ready for a glorious pick-me-up.

Almond Cookie

Your new Go-to bar! Slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla and chock full of nuts and seeds.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter lovers rejoice! Peanut butter-y goodness in every bite. Our newest Dang Bar flavor tastes just like the creamy insides of your favorite peanut butter cup.

Toasted Coconut

Dang + Coconut. Dare you to name a more iconic duo.

Mint Chocolate

Smooth chocolate, meet your match with cool mint. This Dang Bar strikes the perfect balance of velvety rich chocolate and refreshing mint. It’s mint to be a winning combo!

Coconut Chips - Lightly Salted

Keep it simple, stupid! Just coconut, lightly toasted with a hint of sea salt. Keto Certified & friendly for Paleo, low-carb, and no added sugar diets.

Coconut Chips - Tropical Mango

A low carb tropical treat. Mango juice blends with stevia and Luo Han Guo (monkfruit) for a touch of sweetness. You get a juicy, crunchy kick of mango minus the added sugar. Keto Certified and ideal for a low carb, no added sugar diet.


Vincent Kitirattragarn, Founder & CEO of Dang Foods

Our Dang Story

What's better than getting 'Mom' tattooed on your arm? Naming your company after her!

Seven years ago, I told my mother my plans to start a pop-up restaurant and she gave me her hand-written recipe for Thai lettuce wraps that included toasted coconut. I was so taken by the aroma and flavor of toasted coconut that I launched a company to sell it as a snack and named it after her.

I was doing the Keto diet and couldn’t find any tasty, on-the-go snacks…so I made it myself! Dang Bar is 100% plant-based and made without added sugar.

We use whole food ingredients like coconut, almond butter, cocoa butter, and chia seed. I’m a foodie at heart and can honestly say it tastes incredible enough that I’m happy putting the name “Dang” on it!

Here at Dang, we are food explorers. Since the start, we make snack creations inspired by adventure and simple ingredients.

Take them with you when you travel the world, your neighborhood or even just from one side of the couch to the other.

From our family to yours,

Vincent Kitirattragarn, Founder & CEO



Dang Bar - Crazy Rich Chocolate - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo
Dang Bar - Lemon Matcha - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo
Dang Bar - Almond Cookie - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo
Dang Bar - Peanut Butter - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo
Dang Bar - Toasted Coconut - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo
Dang Bar - Mint Chocolate - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo
Coconut Chips - Lightly Salted - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo
Coconut Chips - Tropical Mango - Dang Foods - Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logo

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What is Dang Bar?

Answer: Dang Bar is The 100% Plant Based Keto Bar. Ranging from 4-5g Net Carbs, 14-15g Fat, and 9-10g Protein, each Dang Bar is made with the optimal ratio of macro nutrients designed to keep you in nutritional ketosis - high fat, moderate protein, low carb! Available in Almond Vanilla, Lemon Matcha, and Chocolate Sea Salt

What is Keto, Ketosis, Ketogenic?

Answer: Generally, A ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Keto refers to a ketogenic diet or the metabolic state of ketosis. On a typical carbohydrate diet (including sugar, breads, grains, fruit, etc.) the body burns glucose for energy. But when the body is depleted of carbohydrates it is forced to turn to fats for energy. Ketosis is the metabolic process in which the body uses fat stores as it’s primary source of energy (as opposed to glucose). When the body does not have enough sugar from carbohydrates to use as energy, the liver uses fat to create ketones which are used as fuel. The primary function of a ketogenic diet is to achieve and stay in ketosis. Generally, 70% of calories come from fat, 20% from protein, and 10% from carbs. Most people eat between 0-50g of net carbs per day to stay in ketosis. If you are embarking on a keto diet for the first time, we recommend you consult with your medical practitioner prior to making any dramatic changes to your current diet.

Is Dang Bar Keto?

Answer: Yes! Dang Bar is Keto Certified and is suitable for anyone following a ketogenic diet. The low net carb count and high fat make it the perfect snack to help stay within your carb limit and hit your fat needs. Dang Bar is made from a combination of almond butter, cocoa butter, coconut, complete pea protein, sunflower seeds and chia. It contains an ideal ratio of macronutrients for a high fat, moderate protein, low carb keto diet: 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% net carbs.

Can I eat Dang Bar even if I am not Keto?

Answer: Dang Bar is for everyone. While great for a ketogenic lifestyle, it’s also perfect for anyone looking for snacks that are low carb, plant based, or vegan friendly. Dang Bar is designed for anyone looking for a filling, satiating snack that brings sustained energy and doesn't spike your blood sugar like other honey/maple/brown rice syrup laden bars. If you’re looking for foods made with real, clean wholesome ingredients with no added sugar, Dang Bar is for you.

Is Dang Bar vegetarian or vegan?

Answer: Yes, Dang Bar is 100% plant based and free from all animal products. It is both vegetarian and vegan.

Is Dang Bar made with added sugar?

Answer: Dang Bar does not contain any added sugar or sugar alcohols. We use a small amount of stevia to lightly sweeten the bars.

Is Dang Bar Non GMO?

Answer: Dang Bar is not currently Non-GMO certified but we are working on getting through the approval process.

Is Dang Bar Organic?

Answer: Dang Bar is made with real, natural ingredients and uses organic ingredients whenever possible, but is is not certified organic.

Is Dang Bar gluten free?

Answer: Our Dang Bars do not contain gluten, but may be at risk for allergen contamination as the facility they are packed in also processes gluten.

Is Dang Bar dairy free?

Answer: Our Dang Bars do not contain dairy, but may be at risk for allergen contamination as the facility they are packed in also processes milk and eggs.

Is Dang Bar soy free?

Answer: Our Dang Bars do not contain soy, but may be at risk for allergen contamination as the facility they are packed in also processes soybeans.

Is Dang Bar Paleo friendly?

Answer: Dang Bar contains pea protein. If you’re following a Paleo diet that allows legumes, Dang Bar can fit into a Paleo lifestyle.

Is Dang Bar Kosher/Kosher Certified?

Answer: No it is not.

Is Dang Bar a meal replacement?

Answer: Everyone’s diets are different and their definitions of meals can vary. Dang Bar contains 190 calories and 15-6g of Fat. Typically on ketogenic diets containing foods higher in fat, you can expect to experience less hunger and feel fuller faster. Dang Bar is a great grab and go breakfast, mid-morning snack, pre or post workout fuel, desk snack, or after dinner treat.

How do I store Dang Bar? Does it need to be refreigerated?

Answer: Dang Bar should be stored in a room temperature, dry environment away from direct heat or sunlight. With that said, it is made with real ingredients and can become soft or release oils in warmer temperatures. They’re still safe to eat but can be put in the refrigerator to regain the proper texture and consistency.

Where can I buy Dang Bar in stores?

Answer: Dang Bar is currently available for subscription orders on dangfoods.com. Starting in October 2018 it will be available for purchase on Amazon. You can expect to see it hit the shelves at Whole Foods starting early 2019.

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