The Dirt: Personal Care

The Dirt Paleo Personal Care was founded to start a revolution.

‘The Dirt’ was founded by Shannon Drake, a long time practitioner of the Paleo lifestyle. While adhering to the Paleo Diet, she was dismayed by the offerings of her favorite natural brands because they used ingredients that were…less than pure.

Using the principals of holistic nutrients, clean eating and purity coming from the paleo lifestyle she drew inspiration from her passion for travel and cultural anthropology. Searching traditional beauty secrets from around the world, Shannon blended potion after potion until the ultimate formulas were created. ‘The Dirt’ Paleo Personal Care was born! The Dirt is made to support your natural re-mineralization process and get your teeth back to their strong, sparkly selves. It has a sweet spiced orange flavor that will leave your mouth feeling clean and spicy! Buy toothpowder today, thank yourself tomorrow.

We were not satisfied with the natural product lines on the market, many a ‘green washed’ to look much safer than they actually are and most use soy or corn byproducts which are cheap and unnecessary fillers. We demand more!

All of our products are Soy Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Cruelty Free and Natural. We don’t use fillers, ever! Our essential oil blends are formulated to perform, not just smell good (Sorry other guys). Everything about our product blends is intentional… and awesome.

Because, why should your healthy lifestyle stop at your plate? Fix your face!

The Dirt remineralizing tooth powder is:

•  Easy to use

•  51g Glass Jar Lasts 6+ months!

•  Recyclable

•  Fluoride free

•  Naturally whitening

•  Tastes great, no xylitol

The Dirt Personal Care Products include:

The Dirt – Tooth Powder, The Dirt – Dirty Balm


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Shannon Puma Drake founder of the DirtAbout The Dirt


I want to change our morning routine into a self care ritual. We are gifted these amazing human bodies for our short trip around the sun, when we take care of ourselves we are showing our appreciation for this amazing opportunity we are given. By changing our routines into a self care ritual we are fundamentally changing our experience of reality into one based around a pleasurable, luxurious, engaged human experience.

As a long time practitioner of the paleo lifestyle I noticed  something about my favorite natural products... they were pretty lame. Many used ingredients that were highly processed, questionably safe and just seemed 'green washed'. I felt really let down.

Using the principals of the paleo lifestyle; a 'whole foods' life style based on clean eating and high nutrients I drew inspiration from my passion for studying traditional beauty secrets from around the world to craft high quality, beautiful and natural products for women, men and kids too.

I know you'll love 'The Dirt's products! Grab a jar and get dirty with me!

-Shannon Puma Drake

Founder, HBIC and Lead Dirty Girl










What you will find in our line:What you wont find in our line:
Pure, glorious essential oilsCheap fillers like soy bean oil or palm oil
Natural high nutrient buttersCorn or corn by-products like Maltodextrin or xylitol
Luxurious fatty oils (Don't fear fat!)Harsh essential oils that can damage delicate skin
Mineral rich clays and saltsGlycerine or artificial preservatives



How do I use The Dirt's Toothpowder?

Answer: Wet your toothbrush and tap off excess water. Dip in your jar of toothpowder and swirl around. Tap brush on side of jar to get rid of extra powder. Brush as normal! No need to be rough, this stuff really works well.

Do I use The Dirt toothpowder in addition or instead of toothpaste?

Answer: Instead of toothpaste. Though some customers switch back and forth doing so is not necessary.

How long will a jar of The Dirt's Toothpowder last?

Answer: It depends on two factors, how many people are using it and your brushing habits. A single person can expect a 51g jar to last 6+ months! A SUPER long time, the 10g pot will last about 6 weeks give or take.

Is the toothpowder OK for children?

Answer: We consulted a dentist and while the toothpowder is excellent for adults, the nature of most children's diets may not support the use of a fluoride free product. In other words, kids tend to eat sugary snacks and drinks (even if mom and dad don't know they do) which can lead to a higher risk of cavities that is not present in adults with conscious eating habits. Like all toothpastes please supervise your children while brushing.

My toothpowder is a different color than last time is it ok??

Answer: Yes, The Dirt ingredients are as close to their whole food form as possible. This means that the ingredients them selves will vary in color as will the final product. Once in a while the natural ingredients react to each other and turn the powder a different colors, this does not effect the performance of the product. Colors can range from light brown-red to blue-green, It should never be yellow, purple, bright green, orange or black. If the product has funny colored things GROWING in it, throw it out. The jar probably got some contaminants in it while sitting open in your bathroom. When in doubt toss it out.

I'm a blogger and want to review your product, do you offer samples?

Answer: es! If you are a blogger in the paleo, beauty or health industries we would love to speak to you.

Do your products have Soy in them?

Answer: No.

Are your products Gluten-Free? Are they made in a Gluten-Free facility?

Answer: Yes and yes! Our facility doesn't even have grains in it at all.

Why aren't your products certified Gluten-Free?

Answer: The cost and logistics of becoming certified are prohibitive at the moment. Becoming certified is on our growth plan! All of our products are gluten-free by nature and made in a gluten-free facility. Heck we're even fully grain free!

Why are your products not Certified Organic?

Answer: Many natural plant materials are extremely beneficial but not available certified organic. Sometimes this is due to the cost and complication for small farmers to become certified organic (remember farmers love to grow, not do paperwork!) and some ingredients are not available certified organic period, the current USDA organic certification is meant for food not cosmetics.

Do your products have Corn in them?

Answer: No, nor do we use common corn by products like xylitol.

Are your products Vegan?

Answer: SOME of our products are vegan. Being a company based on paleo lifestyle guidelines we feel there are certain animal products that are too beneficial to leave out such as organic bees wax and ghee. We are VERY concerned about the well being of our animal friends and only use cruelty free products from suppliers who care about their animals. On that note we beg you, please only buy organic honey!

Do you do animal testing?

Answer: No, we never test on animals... EVER. ...Well... humans are TECHNICALLY animals. ;)

What is the shelf life of your products?

Answer: Shelf life varies by product but our minimum shelf life is 6 months from date of purchase. Remember, all of our products are as natural as possible so keep them from sun, wash your hands before applying and refrain from letting them become damp and warm to keep shelf life long.

For General Inquiries:

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Established in 2010, The Paleo Foundation was first organized for the purpose of improving the tolerability of the paleo diet, and to help adherents easily identify products that met its basic tenets.  Since then, thousands of products have been certified through the Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, and lab -tested Grain-Free Gluten-Free certification programs.



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Each certification program has a different set of standards.  Certified Paleo is the Paleo Foundation’s first, most popular, and highest level of certification for Paleo-compliant products.  Certified Paleo Products are products that contain Paleo ingredients, but may have some 21st-century processing or packaging methods allowing for shelf stability.


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Grain Free Gluten Free Certified products are gluten-free and do not contain any grains of gliadin competitive residues.  All Grain-Free Gluten-Free products have undergone two rounds of audits, including lab tests, and a final review to become approved for the Grain-free Gluten-free Certified Program. 



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The ketogenic diet is a restrictive, demanding diet that can be difficult to maintain, and tolerability of the ketogenic diet is the single most important factor limiting individual acceptance for initiation.  Therefore, improving the tolerability of the ketogenic diet is crucial to preventing diet discontinuation, warranting further investigation into methods for improving palatability, improving the availability and convenience of foods that are compliant with the ketogenic diet, as well as addressing cultural and social acceptance.

The Keto Diet product market may be in a unique position to improve tolerability, especially in social and cultural environments that typically feature carbohydrate-rich “special occasion” types of foods. In 2016, the Paleo Foundation launched the world's first Keto Certified program for products with standards that were developed for adherence to a classical ketogenic diet.