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Enjoy Life Foods is the leading brand in the growing Free-From category, featuring a robust portfolio of Certified Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Project Verified products that are free-from the eight most common food allergens, identified as wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. Founded with the mission to create great-tasting Free-From options anyone can enjoy, Enjoy Life’s product line includes cookies, snack bars, chocolate bars, baking chocolate, baking mixes, cereals, seed and fruit mixes and Plentils, a plant-based savory chip made from lentils. Enjoy Life’s mission and brand promise is to deliver safe, better-for- you products free-from the top eight food allergens, but not free-from taste, so everyone can Enjoy Life to the Fullest!

At Enjoy Life Foods, our whole business is making smile-good foods that keep people’s insides happy too. That’s why all of our foods are specially made to be gluten-free and free of the 8 most common allergens, which account for 90% of all food allergies. Our mission is to make delicious products that just about everyone can EAT FREELY. We promise they’ll make you smile inside out! Enjoy Life Foods was founded in 2001 with the mission of making great-tasting allergy-friendly AND gluten-free foods that most everyone can eat freely.

Most of our fans have special dietary needs, due to celiac disease, food allergies, food intolerances and other medical concerns. Many of us do too. We understand how hard it can be to find delicious foods that meet your special diet needs, that’s why we’re dedicated to offering delicious foods that are gluten-free and free of the eight most common allergens (NO wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish).

All of our foods are made in a dedicated nut- and gluten-free facility. We’ve invested in a dedicated facility so that you can have the added confidence and assurance that you can eat Enjoy Life products without worries.


Certified Products:

Semi-Sweet Mega Chunks

Dreaming of dairy-, soy- and gluten-free cookies, blondies and cake pops? You can have it all by using our delicious dairy-free Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips

Dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free, our Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips are delicious in gluten-free cookies or straight from the bag.

Dark Chocolate Morsels

Use our dairy-free, nut-free and soy-free dark chocolate morsels in gluten-free cookies, or make your own nut-free mole sauce!

Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark, divine and delicious, the rich, smooth flavor of our dairy- and soy-free dark chocolate bar will satisfy all dark chocolate lovers.

Mountain Mambo Seed & Fruit Mix

Made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), fruit and mini dairy-free chocolate chips, our nut-free trail mix is both wholesome and delicious. It’s perfect for people with nut allergies and makes a great school-safe classroom snack.

Beach Bash Seed & Fruit Mix

A yummy medley of sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, dried pineapple, apricots and cranberries, Beach Bash® belongs with you at the shore, on the trail or on the go. Nut-free, it’s perfect for people with nut allergies and makes a great school-safe classroom snack.


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Founded in 2001, Enjoy Life was established to make delicious free-from foods for the ingredient-conscious consumer and the more than 100 million individuals and families with food intolerances, Celiac Disease, and food allergies. Enjoy Life has grown to be a globally-recognized company and trusted source for tasty, allergy-friendly foods. The first company to receive independent gluten-free certification from GFCO, Enjoy Life helped develop the gluten-free and larger free-from category and was one of the first of its kind to receive Non-GMO Project Verification for 100 percent of its products. Enjoy Life's Baking Chocolate and Seed & Fruit Mixes are Certified Paleo-Friendly and are delicious & useful products for anyone adhering to a paleo diet.

We know that an allergy-friendly bakery is vital to the integrity of Enjoy Life Foods products and to your diet. That’s why most of our products are baked at our company headquarters in Jeffersonville, Indiana, which has been certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. We’ve also ensured that our 200,000 sq. ft. facility is dedicated nut-free!

We continually perform tests to verify that our facility upholds our stringent standards, keeping you safe as you enjoy our snacks. Our ingredient suppliers are required to complete non-contamination certificates for every item that we purchase, and we additionally test for gluten, casein, peanut and soy protein. We clean our equipment thoroughly after product and flavor changes. And every Enjoy Life Foods employee understands the severity of food allergies and intolerances and takes careful precautions to protect our customers.

For more information on the ingredients we use in our products, click here. If you have a burning question, visit our FAQs section – you may find your answer. If you don’t find the answer you need you can always contact us.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Mini Chips - Enjoy Life - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, cane sugar

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Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks - Enjoy Life - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, cane sugar

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Dark Chocolate Morsels - Enjoy Life - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar

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Dark Chocolate Bar - Enjoy Life - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, cane sugar

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Seed and Fruit Mix Beach Bash - Enjoy Life - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: roasted and salted sunflower seeds, dried apricot, dried pineapples

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Seed and Fruit Mix Mountain Mambo - Enjoy Life - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation Ingredients: dried cranberries, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, semisweet chocolate

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Really, we do. After all, you’re the real reason we are doing what we’re doing! You may have news to share, questions to ask, or you might just want to say a friendly “hello”. We welcome you to contact us anytime using the form here, or by calling 888-50-ENJOY.

Mailing Address:
Corporate Office:
8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60631

Production Facility:
301 Salem Rd.
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Are Enjoy Life products free-from common allergens?

Answer: You can eat with confidence, because all Enjoy Life products are free from gluten and the top 14 allergens – wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, sesame, casein, sulfites, lupin, mustard, fish, shellfish & crustaceans. We also are free-from Canada’s twelve priority food allergens, which include the big eight plus sulfites, crustaceans, sesame and mustard.

Are Enjoy Life products wheat free or gluten free?

Answer: Both! Enjoy Life products are made without wheat or any other source of gluten, such as barley or rye. Moreover, the dedicated gluten-free facility where we bake our goodies has been certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. We require all ingredient suppliers to fill out non-contamination certificates, and we perform routine gluten rapid tests for extra assurance.

Are Enjoy Life products nut-free?

Answer: Yes, our products are completely free-from nuts. No peanuts or tree nuts are ever used in Enjoy Life products — they don’t even enter our production facility! For extra security, we perform peanut and tree nut rapid tests on both our raw ingredients and finished products to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality.

Are Enjoy Life products dairy-free?

Answer: Absolutely! All of our products are dairy-free, including free-from dairy sugars (lactose) and dairy protein (casein). People with lactose or casein allergies/intolerances can enjoy our goodies without fear!

Are Enjoy Life products lactose-free?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are lactose-free, meaning that they don’t contain any dairy sugars (lactose). They also are casein-free and don’t contain any dairy proteins.

Are Enjoy Life products casein-free?

Answer: Yes, Enjoy Life products are casein-free. Our ingredients also are regularly tested for casein, so you can be certain that what you choose to consume truly is free-from all dairy sugars.

Are Enjoy Life products sulfite-free?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are sulfite-free.

Are Enjoy Life products egg-free?

Answer: Yes, all of our products are egg-free.

Do Enjoy Life products contain hydrogenated oils or trans fats?

Answer: No, we don’t use any hydrogenated oils in our goodies, so none of those pesky trans fats are in our delicious products. We opt to use healthier oils such as safflower and sunflower oil.

Do Enjoy Life products contain GMOs?

Answer: Nope, and we like it that way. All Enjoy Life products are verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project.

What percentage of cacao is in your chocolate products?

Answer: The cacao percentage varies from product to product. Here’s a simple breakdown: Dark Chocolate = 55-60% cacao - Mini Chips & Mega Chunks = 52-55% cacao - Dark Morsels = 69% cacao

How long will Enjoy Life products stay fresh?

Answer: If you keep them sealed, our products will stay fresh until the best-by date on the packaging.

Can I freeze Enjoy Life products? For how long?

Answer: Our products can be frozen, but they have a shelf life of five to six months, so freezing probably isn’t necessary. They’re too yummy to resist for long!

How do you read the Best By date on the package?

Answer: We list our dates in two ways, for each country which our products are available for purchase! In the United States, the Best By date is listed: MM/DD/YY. In Canada, our Best By date is listed as DD/MM/YY.

Where are Enjoy Life products manufactured?

Answer: Most Enjoy Life products are made in Jeffersonville, IN. Our bakery is certified gluten-free and dedicated nut-free and is filled with the delicious smell of cookies baking! Our corporate headquarters is located in Chicago, IL. That’s where you’ll find the Enjoy Life Foods marketing & finance teams.

Are all Enjoy Life products made in a dedicated nut-free facility?

Answer: Absolutely! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Are all Enjoy Life products made in a certified gluten-free facility?

Answer: Enjoy Life products are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. All Enjoy Life products are made in a dedicated and/or certified gluten-free facility.

Are all of your products made in a dedicated dairy-free facility?

Answer: Most of our products are made in a dedicated dairy-free facility. Our baking chocolate is produced in a facility that also processes dairy, however, they are produced on a dedicated dairy-free and soy-free line. All ingredients are additionally tested to ensure strict allergen control standards are met.

Online Ordering for Retailers

For your convenience, Enjoy Life has partnered with WorldPantry to provide easy online wholesale ordering.

These orders are shipped directly to you via FedEx. Online wholesale ordering is ideal for retailers who do not have a local distributor and who would like to order in smaller quantities. Please read the terms and conditions for complete details for online wholesale ordering.

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