Going Native: Pili Nut Farms

Pili Nuts from the Original Pili Nut Farms

Pili Nuts (pronounced Pee-lee) are a Healthy and Delicious Snack. Delicate and buttery tropical Pili Nuts hail from the Philippines. Our volcanic soil, makes them incredibly nutrient dense. Blasted by the tropical sun, three meters of rain, and 20 major typhoons a year, these nuts are from eXtreme Nature!

Our proprietary pre-sprouting and low-heat dehydration process makes our Pili nuts some of the healthiest nuts in the world. Our process removes an indigestible layer (found on all nuts) along with the phytic acid inhibitors in the nuts. This ignites the life-force of the nut, giving it Living Energy. The low temperatures keep the enzymes alive and maintain all the vitamins and minerals in their pristine form. So that when you eat Pili Nuts, you really are getting the best of nature.

When roasted, the flavor is considered superior to the almond (when I roast them with honey, I think the flavor tastes like a Krispy Kreme donut).

Additionally, Pili Nuts are packed with Protein and Amino Acids that help in the regulation of your body’s energy, healthy bones and skin, nerve-cell health, healthy blood-sugar levels, muscletissue development, production of hormones, detoxification of the liver, and balance in the brain.

How do they do this? The magnesium supports healthier nerves, bones and muscle. The omega fatty acids promote healthier skin, support immune functions and aid in protection from various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases by helping to prevent cholesterol from turning into plaque. Although its makeup is similar to olive oil, the pili nut has more beta carotene, which makes it more nutritious. It also has a purgative effect, which assists people detox their body.

Pili Nut Farms Products include:

Going Native Pili Nuts – Traditional

Going Native Pili Nuts – UnSalted

Going Native Pili Nuts – Spicy Chili

Rose & Greg Padsen

Hello, my name is Rose Pasden. Together, with my husband Greg, we founded Pili Nut Farms. We use the organic procedures & protocols for growing our all natural Pili Nuts so that we can provide the highest quality Pili Nut products to our consumers.

The goal of Pili Nut Farms is to produce the most delicious, 100% all natural pili nuts. This means that we grow our nuts organically, we don’t genetically modify our nuts, we don’t use commercial fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides. Instead we use organic fertilizers, mountain spring waters, & plenty of tropical sunshine so that our products are all natural through sustainable farming

About me

I grew up in what most people would consider ‘The Jungle’ on an island in the Philippines. I am the daughter from generations of farmers, and the granddaughter of the village medicine-man. To me, living in the jungle is natural, adventurous, and beautiful. It’s where I learned the art of All Natural Farming and it is the only life I knew (chasing chickens, climbing trees, growing wild rice, coconuts, mango and the Pili Nuts).

Since our family grew up in a remote region in the Philippines, we didn’t have access to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or commercial fertilizers. So everything we grew was organic. Also we learned first hand the benefits of eating organic foods and the healing properties of plants found in nature. There are so many benefits to eating healthy foods. (Greg teases me and says my youthful appearance is 1 of the many secrets from eating organic foods).

As I grew up, I had the strong desire to help people enjoy and live a healthy lifestyle, So I went to college, studied hard, joined professional organizations, and now my hard work has come to fruition. I became a nurse with a goal to help people, not just medically, but with food and nutrition too.

While working my way through nursing school, I met my husband, Greg. Greg is an American, a graduate from The Ohio State University, and a retired military pilot. Together we have our loving daughter who keeps us entertained. After our daughter was born, I took Greg into the jungles of Leyte to meet my family, to see the beauty of organic farming, and to witness first hand the benefits of all natural food. Immediately, Greg realized and understood the benefits of having our own organic farm, and the benefits from the Pili Nuts

Pili Nuts were Nearly Extinct Until…

During this visit, we learned that the Pili Nut trees were nearly extinct. At that moment, we decided to take it upon ourselves to help bring back and proliferate the Pili Nut trees. With our efforts and the help of our family and friends, together we have planted more than 100,000 new trees.

Now we are grateful Pili Nut Farmers growing the World’s finest organic Pili Nuts to help create a Stronger and Healthier you.

We hope you enjoy our Pili Nuts as much as we enjoy them.


Rose Pasden, President of Pili Nut Farms






Get in contact with us here!

Or send us an email at pilinutfarms@gmail.com

1-614-519-3186 or 1-855-TRY-PILI (1-855-879-7454)

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