Green Mountain

Green Mountain

With the perfect blend of salt to sweetness, here at Green Mountain our keto bars are bound to give you the satisfaction and protein you're looking for.

At Green Mountain our keto bars are made with the highest quality of ingredients to ensure the best flavor possible. We are here to serve our customers, which means nothing artificial and everything balanced to perfection. Our products come directly from the manufacturer, so you know where your product has been and how it got to you. At Green Mountain, we're committed to the use of the keto diet and protein packed bars.

About the Brand

Green Mountain brought a variety of bars to start your day off right so you can pamper yourself and your family. Try this new pistachio, almond and peanut bar with dark chocolate coating, low in carbohydrates (Keto Certified) and without added sugar with a light mint flavor.

Consuming Keto products gives us many health benefits. These benefits can be: increase energy levels, control mood, improve intestinal transit and reduce stress. With Green Mountain Bars The power of nature! We make sure our customers and their families are taken care of with our products. You won't have to worry about what you're consuming, when you know how it's arrived to you.

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Certified Products


Are your products keto?

Yes our pistachio keto bar is keto certified by the Paleo Foundation.

What is in your keto bar?

Our keto bar is mixed with pistachios, chocolate, peanuts, and salt.

Why do you have a keto bar product?

We wholeheartedly believe in the keto diet and it’s capabilities to have people lead a long and happy life!