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Intelligent Blends is rooted in family and created with the highest, ethical, environmental and socially conscious practices, everything they do reflects their commitment to brewing good while doing good.

Packed with rich flavors and brewed to perfection, Intelligent Blends offers coffee and tea for everyone. Simply supply them with your roasted beans or select from their extensive coffee catalog and they’ll do the rest. Single origin, organic, fair trade or proprietary coffee blend concepts... They handle it all and they will take you all the way through roasting, grinding and packaging process.

About the Brand

Established in 2013, Intelligent Blends is an innovative manufacturer of coffee, tea, and functional beverages. In the pursuit of innovation and flexibility they produce certified recyclable K-Cups®, stick packs, bagged and filter pack coffee. They operate a dedicated 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Southern California and their veteran management team has a combined average tenure of 60 years in manufacturing and co-packing experience.

Intelligent Blends' advanced, state-of-the art single-serve equipment was custom designed for flexibility and making the highest quality blends. Besides manufacturing they have also become a leader in Research and Development in formulating the latest and greatest blends. Anything from hitting a certain taste profile to creating the next best functional beverage, they are up for the task. Intelligent Blends are proud to offer their various house brands on various e-commerce platforms as well as in retail settings. They also provide our house blends to over 100,000 hotels rooms across the USA serving in room coffee in the world of hospitality!

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Certified Products


Are their espresso pods compatible for Nespresso original line machines?


How do I recycle my Intelligent Blends pods?

Intelligent Blends recommends following 3 Simple Steps to help ensure the Recyclability of their pods: 1. Let your pod cool down. 2. Peel lid and dump contents. The lids have been specifically developed to peel off easily. 3. Recycle your pod! Check your local recyclability facilities to find out more, not recyclable in all communities.

Do they offer decaf pods?

Yes! they have several roasts and flavors of decaf coffee.

Does Intelligent Blends have organic coffee?

Yes, we have 5 blends of organic coffee.

What can I use bagged coffee for?

Their Bagged Ground Coffee can be used in your drip-coffee machine, as well as in a french press, in a pour-over coffee maker, or in a cold-brew coffee carafe.

Are their products keto friendly?


Brand Recipes

Intelligent Blends Maud's Chocolate Coffee Ice Box Cake


Chocolate and coffee, what could be better than that? Pretty much nothing.

Intelligent Blends Maud's Cold Brew Coffee Pie


Cold brew coffee and whip cream coming together for a delicious dessert.

Intelligent Blends Maud's Irish Cream Coffee


Brown sugar, coffee, and creamy goodness.

Intelligent Blends Maud's Cocoa Cold Brew


For all caramel lovers to enjoy.

Intelligent Blends Maud's Cold Brew Iced Coffee


Bursting with coconutty flavors and coffee makes it the best start to any day.

Intelligent Blends Maud's Mocha Coffee


This iced mocha is not only refreshing but is topped with whipped cream!