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Keto Pint

At Keto Pint, our mission is to energize the world with healthier, all-natural foods that taste great and truly make a difference.

Keto Pint is the first ketogenic ice cream on the market that offers a delicious indulgence that is no sugar added, 3g of net carbs, and incorporates one of the highest butter milk fat percentages compared to any other ice cream products!

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About the Brand

In June 2018, Christopher Spencer and Anthony Spencer received a call from the local ICU notifying the Spencer brother’s that their father has suffered his first heart attack. Christopher and Anthony arrive at the ICU to find out that their father is pre diabetic, blood pressures reaching 180/140, and a transparent message from the dietitian on-site telling Christopher and Anthony that their father will not live to see another year unless a change is made in his lifestyle.

During the span of four months, it came to Christopher and Anthony’s attention that their father was doing a remarkable job of following a ketogenic lifestyle during the day, however, night time snacking was a major concern. Most notably, their father loves ice cream and would wake up at 10:00pm to snack on a sugary ice cream that would kick his body out of ketosis. In July 2019, Christopher and Anthony began hand making ice cream out of a small ice cream maker that was their first rendition of a ketogenic ice cream that helped serve their father’s night time cravings. Keto Pint officially launched in February 2019 in approximately 120 Stores including New Seasons Market and Safeway stores within the Oregon region. As of today, Keto Pint is now carried in over 1,200 retailers nationwide and has began exporting to international markets including Panama, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and many more to come in 2020.


Is there any sugar in your ice cream?
  • No, never! All of our ice cream at Keto Pint is crafted with no sugar added.
Is your ice cream low carb and keto friendly?
  • Yes! Our ice cream is keto friendly and has only 3g net carbs per serving. Our ice cream is also high in fat, ranging from 12-14g fat per serving. It is the perfect treat for anyone on a LCHF diet.
Is Keto Pint gluten free?
  • Yes, all Keto Pint flavors are gluten free!
Is there dairy in your ice cream?
  • Yes, we use dairy in all of our current flavors. We do not have any plans for non-dairy flavors as of now.
Is Keto Pint just for dessert?
  • Keto Pint was crafted to be enjoyed at any point during your day, not just a night time snack. We engineered our ice cream to include a high amount of fat, moderate protein, and no sugar added to help fuel your body with nutritional content and a healthier dessert option.
Is Keto Pint okay to consume if I have diabetes?
  • Yes! Keto Pint is crafted to include no added sugar, as well as ingredients that are low glycemic in order to reduce insulin secretion, having minimal effects on blood sugar levels.

Brand Recipes

This is a delicious recipe for the winter season that has no sugar added and keto friendly.
This no bake chocolate raspberry tart is the perfect dessert to keep you on track to your health goals during the holiday season.
This dark chocolate mousse is a treat for the mint and chocolate lovers out there. It is creamy, smooth and easy to make.
Keto fat bombs are an easy snack to satisfy any sweet tooth, especially if you love dark chocolate.
Sweet, chewy, and delicious, these berries are the perfect snack for any occasion.
These Keto Chewy Brown Butter Chocolate Cookies are delicious and perfect for those who love soft, chocolatey cookies.