LesserEvil Snacks

We’re serious about being mindful. And as you can tell, we’re also serious about snacking. Nothing goes into our popcorn, paleo puffs, or egg white curls that we wouldn’t feed our own families. That’s our mantra and it’s 100% the truth.

Ingredients Mean Everything

Making food the right way takes work, but we don’t lose our Zen over it. We embrace it by being one with our own snack factory in Danbury, CT. We only manufacture the highest quality snack products while only using ingredients that are healthy, organic and/or sustainable. Every ingredient has a purpose; fewer is better than more.

When we choose to create a real shift in the world, happiness results. That’s why LesserEvil is committed to working with organic farmers in the US and abroad, to take steps towards a more sustainable approach to farming and manufacturing food.



Certified Products:

Paleo Puffs - Himalayan Pink Salt

Unstoppably popable. Our Himalayan Pink Salt puffs are tumbled in coconut oil and dusted with Himalayan Pink salt on a grain-free puff.

Paleo Puffs - Himalayan Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar

Looking for a unique new flavor in your snacks? We now introduce you to apple cider vinegar. Our classic Himalayan Salt is paired with it, and the result is a tangy puff that pleases your taste buds—and your body.

Paleo Puffs - 'No Cheese' Cheesiness

Want legendary cheesy flavor without the guilt—and the side effects? These are the puffs for you. Organic, non-dairy seasoning brings the cheesy flavor and leaves the cheesy baggage behind.

Paleo Puffs - Honey Roasted

The kiss of honey is an alluring thing, but our Honey Roasted puffs let you indulge in a healthy way. A kosher, vegan and certified Paleo mainstay in your pantry.

Egg White Curls - Egg + Cheese

We’re big on cheese around here, but we’re equally skipping the guilt and the side effects that come with dairy. Our cheesy seasoning is organic and dairy-free, and you’re free to sample again and again.

Egg White Curls - Himalayan Pink Salt

Our classic flavor is just as unforgettable on curls as it is on popcorn and puffs. Tumbled in organic avocado oil and Himalayan salt for the perfect crunchy treat.

Egg White Curls - Huevos Rancheros

The breakfast favorite, now in a bag. Our take on this classic desayuno dish provides just the right amount of spice in every egg white curl.


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