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L’Oven Fresh by Aldi

At ALDI, small differences are making a big impact – in store and in your wallet.

They hand-select and curate high-quality products for you and your family that meet or exceed the national brands in taste, quality and, of course, price. They also partner with a wide variety of local farmers to offer an array of fresh, in-season produce including organic fruits and vegetables. From USDA Choice meats to gluten-free and organic foods, they are committed to bringing you the highest quality products at considerably lower prices than other grocery stores.

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About The Brand

For over 40 years, they have stuck to the same guiding principle: great quality should come with everyday low prices. In 1961, the Albrecht Family founded the world’s first discount grocery store in Germany. 16 years later in 1976, they opened their first ALDI store in Iowa. Today, with their ALDI headquarters in Batavia, Illinois, they have grown to more than 2,000 stores across 36 states with over 25,000 employees.

When it comes to better-for-you shopping and living, they like to think of themselves as an ally for you. They keep a close eye on the ingredients and materials that go into all of their products to ensure they meet the highest standards for their commitment to quality, health and safety. At ALDI, their teams carefully select the best products to meet all of your requests. From healthier choices, gluten-free items, along with other dietary needs and preferences, more than 90% of the products in their stores are under their exclusive brand.


What is Aldi?
  • ALDI is one of America’s fastest growing retailers, serving millions of customers across the country each month. With nearly 2,000 stores across 36 states, ALDI is on track to become the third-largest grocery retailer by store count by the end of 2022. ALDI has set the industry standard for quality and affordability. Their priority focus is saving people money on the food and products they want most, and they do this by offering shoppers a curated selection of ALDI-exclusive brands.
What does Aldi sell?
  • They are always evolving our product mix, which is more than 90% private label. Since 2018, they increased the overall ALDI product selection by 20%, including a 40% increase in fresh food offerings. The carefully selected, award-winning product mix at ALDI includes organic meats, fresh produce, gourmet cheeses, sustainable seafood, gluten-free products, specialty wine, on-trend items and so much more, all at unbeatable prices.
Does Aldi carry brand names?
  • Shoppers will find that more than 90 percent of the products in their stores are ALDI exclusive brands. ALDI exclusive brands allow them to provide the same high-quality product without passing on all of the hidden costs associated with the national brands, such as marketing and advertising. Recently, they have added a limited selection of national brands in addition to their ALDI exclusive brands. They made this decision in response to feedback from their customers, who have strong brand preferences, yet would like to complete more of their grocery shopping at ALDI. They also may carry a national brand if they are not able to procure an exclusive brand product that meets or exceeds the quality and taste of the national brand.
Do you need a membership for Aldi?
  • You do not need a membership to shop at ALDI. Their fresh foods and high quality products are available to everyone at the same low prices.
Does Aldi have a rewards card?
  • Because ALDI focuses on providing high quality food and everyday low prices to all of their customers, they do not offer rewards or rewards cards. However, you can browse our Weekly Specials to save even more money during your next shopping trip at ALDI.
Why do they charge for shopping bags?
  • At ALDI, they believe in bringing their customers the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices through a number of operational savings. Given their simple approach to retailing, one of the ways they help our customers save money is by encouraging them to bring their own shopping bags or to purchase a reusable, long-lasting ALDI bag. The end result is that they not only save their customers money – by avoiding adding the cost of the bag to our prices – but also precious resources.

Brand Recipes

Traditional turkey flavors with a kick of spice and flavor.
Classic buffalo chicken pizza made at home.
A healthy spin on chicken and waffles!
The best appetizer for any occasion.
A meatloaf alternative utilizing organic and antibiotic-free ingredients.
An easy, healthy weeknight meal.