Malibu Mylk: Flax Mylk

Malibu Mylk is the world’s first organic flax mylk made from the whole ground flaxseed. Think MILK but without the dairy. Our plant-based mylk is allergen-free, which means no gluten, nuts or soy. Despite the fact that it’s incredibly clean and low in calories, it has a wonderfully thick mouth feel and the richness of a whole milk. Some say it tastes like horchata! Flax is a natural emulsifier, so it lends itself to the perfect base for a creamy, vegan mylk.

At Malibu Mylk we are all about simple, clean ingredients that taste great and are good for our bodies and our environment. Our mindful mylk is sustainable, which means it is good for Mother Earth. While is takes over a gallon of water to produce a single almond, the flax flower flourishes on the water from natural rainfall in the growing region.

Our recipe is simple. We start with purified water and add organic ground flax that is grown in North America, a touch of cinnamon, a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, and a dash of organic acacia-gellan gum to keep everything together. Not only is our mylk great to drink on its own, it is fabulous with coffee, in smoothies, baking or in cereal. Our product is super fresh and does require refrigeration.

Our mylk is filled with nutrients, including Omega 3’s, fiber and protein, so you can forgo that morning flax oil or sprinkle of flaxseed in your oatmeal, because you’ll be getting the nutrients from Malibu Mylk.


Certified Products:

Flax Mylk Original

Drink our original formula on its own or add it to your morning coffee, cereal or smoothie. It’s barely sweetened with a touch of organic sugar.  Free of allergens: gluten, nuts, dairy and soy.

Flax Mylk Unsweetened

Our lightest version, this mylk is free from any sweeteners and is the perfect dairy replacement. Free of allergens: gluten, nuts, dairy and soy.

Also available in unsweetened Vanilla flavor!

Oat + Flax Mylk

We add organic, glyphosate-free oats to our whole, ground flaxseed, which maintains all of the benefits of flax with the natural sweetness from oats you love.


Brittany Fuisz, Founder

Malibu Mylk was founded in the summer of 2018. Founder Brittany Fuisz grew up on the beaches of Malibu and learned from a very young age that food is fuel. When searching for a name for her vegan mylk company, she was drawn to the beauty and curiosity around Malibu and all that it represents and decided on Malibu Mylk – plus it has a great alliteration.

Prior to founding Malibu Mylk, Brittany worked at Yelp as a senior community director. She was the face of Yelp in Los Angeles, and grew the LA community to be the largest community in the world for the company during her time there. Before Yelp, Brittany attended Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and Le Cordon Bleu. She worked at the Food Network in New Business Development and at Le Bernardin on the line.

Malibu Mylk is all about transparency. We believe that the fewer ingredients the better. We believe that products we consume should be good for our bodies and for Mother Earth. In light of these commitments, we’ve committed to giving 1% of profits to Big Green, an organization dedicated to building learning gardens in low income communities across the country.

Malibu Mylk was created out of a need. Brittany was dealing with health issues and went to see a functional medicine doctor.  She was put on an auto-immune protocol – a strict elimination diet where Brittany had to remove dairy, gluten, soy and nuts from her diet. She went looking for a plant-based mylk and was disenchanted with the options available. Most had 30+ ingredients, and they weren’t organic or sustainable. She had a light-bulb go off one day while driving in the car: “What if I make mylk from flaxseed?” As an avid flaxseed consumer, she was always incorporating the tiny superfood into her diet, whether adding it to smoothies, oatmeal or sprinkling it on an avocado. She went home, pulled out her blender and started playing with a few very simple ingredients, namely flax, water, pink Himalayan salt and cinnamon and was getting a creamy, incredible mylk!

She thought she might be onto something and started asking her friends and realized there is a huge need for an allergen-free mylk! Nut allergies are becoming more and more of a problem and not only is the mylk allergen-free but also full of so many nutrients since we’re using the whole ground flax seed.

She spent the summer formulating and finding a manufacturer and launched in grocery stores in February of 2019.

Flax Mylk Original - Malibu Mylk - Certified Paleo Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation ALT TEXT Ingredients: water, organic ground flax seed, organic cane sugar, organic acacia gum, gellan gum, pink Himalayan salt

paleo foundation certified paleo logopaleo foundation keto certified logo

Flax Mylk Unsweetened - Malibu Mylk - Certified Paleo Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation Unsweetened - Malibu Mylk - Certified Paleo, KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation.jpg Ingredients: water, organic ground flax seed, organic cinnamon powder, organic acacia gum, gellan gum, pink Himalayan salt

paleo foundation certified paleo logopaleo foundation keto certified logo

Flax Mylk Unsweetened Vanilla - Malibu Mylk - Certified Paleo Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation Ingredients: Purified water, organic flax seed, organic cinnamon powder, less than 1% of the following: organic acacia gum, gellan gum, organic natural flavors, pink Himalayan salt.

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Oat + Flax Mylk - Malibu Mylk - Certified Paleo Keto Certified by the Paleo Foundation Ingredients: Organic oat+flax mylk (purified water, organic oat, organic flaxseed), organic sunflower oil, organic acacia gum, gellan gum, natural flavor, pink Himalayan salt, organic cinnamon

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