Malua Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

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On-the-glow snacks to support your microbiome and immune system.

Every bite is an energizing blend of prebiotic green banana powder and superfoods to nourish your microbiome—and power your day. The name Malua was inspired by a goddess born from a green banana. She was healthy, brave, and independent. The powerful green banana was her start – and now it has become ours.

About the Brand

Hi, I'm Carolina! Founder of Malua. I’m a mom and health coach who knows there are no shortcuts in life—but there are ways to make the journey more enjoyable. I was born and raised in Brazil, where different superfoods are a regular part of our everyday diet. I discovered green banana, a popular superfood in Brazil, in my late teens and began incorporating it into my daily routine. In just a few weeks my skin began to clear up, my digestion was better than ever, and my energy levels improved considerably. I couldn't believe this simple ingredient was providing me with so many benefits and transforming my health.

When I moved to the United States a few years later, I wanted to keep green banana in my diet and began experimenting with different recipes. It turned out that my homemade snack bites were the most convenient way to consume my favorite ingredient while keeping up with a busy lifestyle. I shared my recipes with friends who loved the taste, but more importantly, loved the way that green banana made them feel- so I thought it was time for more people to start experiencing the benefits of my 'magic' bites! I’m happy that the health and wellness community is finally recognizing the importance of prebiotics for our microbiome and overall health. Malua brings together my expertise as a health coach, my lived experience as a working mom, and my love for the superfoods of my country. I hope you enjoy it!

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Are malua bites gluten free?

Yes, absolutely! We do not use any gluten containing ingredients in our bites. However please note that our products are made in a facility that also processes other gluten containing products.

How are malua bites sweetened?

Malua bites are lightly sweeten with date syrup, which is a natural sweetener made from dates.

What is in the malua plant protein blend?

Our plant protein blend consists of almond protein, hemp protein and pea protein.

What are the ingredients in malua bites?

Chocolate peanut butter bites: Peanut butter, date syrup, green banana flour, protein blend (almond protein, hemp protein, pea protein), almond flour, peanut pieces, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, sea salt, cinnamon. Vanilla almond butter: Almond butter, date syrup, green banana flour, protein blend (almond protein, hemp protein, pea protein), almond flour, almond pieces, unsweetened coconut flakes, vanilla extract, sea salt. Lemon Cashew: Cashew butter, date syrup, green banana flour, protein blend (almond protein, hemp protein, pea protein), almond flour, lemon crystals, cashew pieces, unsweetened coconut flakes, vanilla extract, lemon oil, sea salt.

How many calories are in malua bites per bag?

Malua Chocolate Peanut butter bites and Malua Vanilla Almond butter bites have 240 calories per bag. Malua Lemon Cashew bites has 280 calories per bag.

What are prebiotics and its benefits?

Prebiotics are special plant fibers that feed the good bacteria in our gut. Prebiotics are carbs (AKA Resistant Starch) that our bodies can’t digest, so they go straight to our large intestine, where they act like fertilizers to help the good bacteria grow. A healthy microbiome supports the immune system, aids digestion, and strengthens hair, skin and nails.