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Deliciously pre-seasoned or a totally blank canvas for you to work your secret-recipe magic — our cuts are perfect for sautéing, grilling, and more!

At Eat Meati™, we believe food should be simple, clean, and of course, delicious. That’s why we do everything ourselves, from growing and nurturing our mushroom root main ingredient, to creating our nutrient-rich products. Build Good Energy™, from the ground up! The simple solution that’s been under our feet the whole time.

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About the Brand

Though Tyler Huggins and Justin Whitely grew up in different parts of the country, they shared a passion for science, the environment, and addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges that would bring them together in 2015 as Ph.D. students in Colorado. Within months of beginning to collaboratively research mushroom roots (aka mycelium), they knew they had a nature-based tool for taking on many global issues.

Over beers at a Boulder brewery in April 2016, they decided to start a company that would guide fungi’s miraculous biotechnological power toward efficiently meeting humanity’s needs. When their deeper investigation of crafting protein from mushroom roots crossed paths with growing public alarm about the food system, their big ambitions had finally found a home: Eat Meati™, a company that would provide delicious, nutritious, and Earth-friendly nutrition to everyone. We’re connecting and empowering eaters everywhere to evolve energetically.


What is Meati?
  • Meati is a delicious, whole-food protein made from mushroom root. Minimally processed, Meati is a superfood with lots of fiber, amino acids and micronutrients, with zero hidden ingredients. Today, Meati is available as a classic cutlet, a crispy cutlet and a classic steak.
Why is Meati more expensive than traditional meat?
  • Meati is a completely new category of super protein, and we’re at the very start of our story. As with many innovations, efficiencies are gained longer-term and with scale. Meati looks forward to achieving its mission of making delicious, nutritious protein more accessible, and we aim to deliver great value across the board.
Can I invest in Meti?
  • Meati Foods is not a public company, and unfortunately, there is not a way to invest in Meati Foods at this time. Thank you so much for your support and interest.
Do you offer coupons or discounts?
  • We do not currently offer discounts, however as Meati becomes more available online and in restaurants and retail, anything is possible. The best thing to do to stay up to date is to sign up on our website to receive updates and follow us on Instagram.
Are the pictures on the website Meati or real meat?
  • Every pic is 100% Meati. We know they might make you do a double-take because our mushroom root-based meats look so mouthwatering. That’s just part of why Meati products are so awesome.

Brand Recipes

Very simple and colorful dish. Vegetables can be swapped out for what’s in season.
A salad of lettuce topped with pieces of Classic Steak, hard-boiled egg, avocado, cucumber, red onion and tomato.
A simple dinner with huge results. Spicy, flavorful, and satisfies all your cravings
A one pan meal for the family.
Shredded Classic Steak mixed with egg, bell peppers, avocados, and spicy salsa or Pico de Gallo.
Spicy charred Carne Asada on top of rice and beans, topped with fresh vegetables, avocado, and cilantro.