Mooala Milk Vanilla Creme


We’re Mooala, and our mission is simple: to make outstanding, dairy-free beverages for you, and to benefit the greater good.

Mooala is a leading maker of premium, organic, dairy-free beverages made from real ingredients. Mooala is widely known for its full suite of USDA-certified organic and family-friendly Almondmilks, Oatmilk, Bananamilks, and Creamers. Mooala’s breakthrough Bananamilk is the industry’s first organic, nut-free, dairy-free and soy-free Bananamilk. Mooala offers the first and only Keto-focused plant-based milk line. All Keto Mylks are Organic, <1g carb, 0g of sugar, 5g of MCT per serving and made from a base of coconut cream.

About the Brand

Artisan Tropic is a family adventure fueled by our family’s passion for healthy living. In 1994, we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina from Bogotá, Colombia (South America). Charlotte has become home and is very dear to our hearts. We love to dance. We love soccer. We love family. And we LOVE to eat healthy.

In 2011, our youngest daughter was very sick. After getting many different opinions and undergoing various treatments, we could not figure out what was wrong with her so we took her to a holistic nutritionist. She went through some pretty drastic dietary changes and her body began to heal. It was hard but we are so thankful that we went through it all. She is now completely healed! From this experience, we learned the importance of whole food nutrition and the way God made our bodies to function and heal with the proper fuel. Our family became very passionate about eating healthy so we decided to create our own brand of healthy snacks.

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Certified Products


What does bananamilk taste like?

Great question! Our homemade recipe fuses organic bananas and organic roasted sunflower seeds with a dash of cinnamon. It tastes similar to a liquid banana bread, but it’s not sweet or thick like a smoothie. It’s a true dairy alternative with its texture and mild taste. You can learn more about Bananamilk here!

Are Mooala products whole 30?

Mooala products that are Whole 30 friendly are Original Bananamilk, Unsweetened Almondmilk, Unsweetened Vanilla Bean Almondmilk, Oatmilk, Banana Nut Creamer, Oats ‘N’ Crème Creamer, Vanilla Bean Creamer, Original Keto Mylk, and Vanilla Crème Keto Mylk. If you have any specific nutrition questions, feel free to shoot us a note at

Where can I buy Mooala?

If you’re looking for our products, please check out our Store Finder to find Mooala near you! You can filter your search to produce results for the specific product you are looking for by selecting from the “Products” menu. You can also now buy select Mooala products on Amazon.

How long do Mooala products stay fresh?

Mooala products maintain their quality freshness from 7 – 10 days after opening!

Does Mooala need to be refrigerated?

Our perishable products need to remain refrigerated! Our shelf-stable products (in cartons), can remain unrefrigerated prior to opening, but once opened should be refrigerated.

Are your products non GMO?

Yes, they are! All Mooala products are USDA-Organic certified. Organic products are always non-GMO, but non-GMO is not always Organic. Organic products are grown without the use of most synthetic pesticides and in a sustainable way to protect soil quality. The rules on non-GMO are much looser.