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My Normal Company

My Normal Company creates food that customers can trust and eat, they are obsessed with raw materials and ingredients.

My Normal Company removes sugar from all products. From complex raw materials that consumers typically cannot easily check. Their gluten free food ensures all customers can enjoy it without worry. Also, they minimally use additives to their products and My Normal Company works to preserve the original taste of raw materials. They are out to set a new standard of health that will become the new normal.

About the Brand

My Normal Company was created for the sole purpose of providing the best, quality ingredients and products to customers worldwide. They realized that the food being offered in our current market does tailor towards people with diabetes, health problems, restrictive diets and more.

Once they understood the need for healthy, raw materials in food they set out on a journey to normalize concepts that encapsulate health for everyone. My Normal Company has also placed an important emphasis on taking care of our loved ones, and they wanted to help their customers achieve that dream with their products. My Normal Company offers a wide variety of foods, from ice cream to ketchup that creates the inclusive reality they want.

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Certified Products


Is it possible to ship overseas?

It is available only to countries where international shipping is available. Shipping costs are determined according to the weight of the product and you must pay the customs duties and customs charges imposed by the country of delivery.

What is the criteria for free shipping?

Free shipping standards are different for each My Normal Company product. Check the standard of free shipping by going to [Top of product page > Shipping cost].

Can I cancel my order?

POnce payment is complete, you can cancel directly from My Page. If the product has been shipped, it may be difficult to cancel. Also, if the shipment is in the process of being prepared or being shipped, contact My Normal Company through Channel Talk or the customer center.

When is delivery available?

1. Ice Cream

– Orders made before 1pm on weekdays will be shipped the same day. (Excluding orders on weekends and holidays)

2. Products other than ice cream

– Orders made before 3pm on weekdays will be shipped the same day. (Excluding orders on weekends and holidays)

Is bundle shipping possible?

1. Products stored at room temperature and frozen products (ice cream) are shipped individually because it is difficult to ship together.
2. Products stored at room temperature will be shipped in bundles.

– If you purchase 2 or more boxes of 24 beverage products, My Normal Company sends them individually.

If the site is out of stock, can I not buy it?

If you contact them through Channel Talk or customer center, they will help you check whether it is possible.


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