NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken

NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken

NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken is here to make mind-body connection for conscientious consumers everywhere! While its clean, all natural** attributes provide an amazing taste experience, its responsible animal care standards under the GAP Step 2 Rated program make it good for the soul. We realize that seeing for themselves is believing for themselves. And we want consumers to know, with 100% confidence that the chicken on their plates has responsibility, care and integrity behind every delicious bite.

Our Mission

We’re the first to admit that we aren’t perfect—no one is. But that’s the spirit behind NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken. It’s being honest and straightforward about who we are and what we do—and letting you decide if what we have to offer is right for you. We can also promise to be open and talk to you about our aspirations and progress—and, equally important, our challenges. We are open to continually striving for more. For better. For improved.

Certified Products:

[toggles title=”NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken“]Our fully cooked sous vide chicken breast fillet ensures a better taste and consistent, flame-grilled appearance every time. Sous Vide products eliminate the back of-house challenges that come with cooking raw chicken. With up to 70 days of refrigerated shelf life and an additional three months if frozen by the use/freeze date, our NAKED TRUTH® Sous Vide product helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination. 100% farm-raised without antibiotics our all natural* chicken contains no artificial ingredients, no added preservatives, no MSG, and no added hormones or steroids.[/toggles]

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Behind NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken, you’ll find Georgia-based Wayne Farms LLC. We’ve been around for over a century, and we’re not a small company. In fact, we’re a pretty large one. Started as a grain company, Allied Mills, Inc. in 1895, Wayne Farms LLC has since grown to become one of the largest producers of chickens raised, harvested and processed in the United States, today. Just like people come in all shapes and sizes, so do companies. Though it would be a lot more romantic to say that we operate from a small country farm stand, we’re not going to pretend to be something we’re not. Instead, we seek to find common ground by raising and producing quality food according to our values and yours. What’s most important to you is what’s most important to us!

The best news? Our size and scale allows us to bring GAP Step 2 Rated chicken products to anyone who seeks them, nationwide. Not everyone has access to the farmer down the road, but they still want to buy chicken products from a provider that better connects them to the source of their food. With confidence.

Our Story

NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken is your taste good, feel-even-better chicken. That’s because we know how important it is to make a mind-body connection for conscientious consumers like you! While our clean, all natural chicken goodness provides an amazing taste experience, responsible animal care standards under the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 Rated program make it good for your soul, too.

We realize that seeing for yourself is believing for yourself. We want you to know, with 100% confidence, that the chicken on your plate has responsibility, care, and integrity behind every delicious bite









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What’s most important about NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken?

Answer: No Antibiotics Ever. This means that antibiotics have never been used during chickens’ lifetimes, which includes hatching, feeding and raising. No Animal By-Products in Feed. Feed is made up of a vegetable and grain-based diet. While chickens, like humans, need high quality proteins and fats in their diet, these ingredients in Naked Truth® Premium Chicken chicken feed are derived solely from plant-based sources. Product Tenderness. Chickens are harvested at a younger age than typically raised for foodservice, which provides a desirable texture. Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 Rated. Verified by an independent third-party certifier, “Where Food Comes From,” main requirements to qualify for GAP Step 2 include: smaller chickens; more room in the chicken house (population is less ‘dense’); 6 consecutive hours of darkness for a good night’s sleep; enrichments, perches and brighter lighting, in order to further support natural chicken behavior.

Why the name ‘NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken'?

Answer: Few people have access to the farmer down the road, but we want you to feel like you do—by being open about how the chicken on your plate was raised and processed. The name ‘Naked Truth® Premium Chicken’ tells you that we’re committed to straightforward, honest communication. You care about quality products—but it doesn’t stop there. Equally important is the integrity of our company. When combined with great taste, NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken provides a whole package of goodness behind every delicious bite.

Who is the Global Animal Partnership (GAP)?

Answer: The Global Animal Partnership is a non-profit alliance of producers, retailers, animal advocates and scientists that recognizes farmers and ranchers that exceed industry standards and strive to continuously improve animal welfare. This alliance empowers consumers through a certification process, so they can make informed purchasing decisions and select the best product to meet their needs.

Who raises chickens for NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken? Where are they raised?

Answer: Chickens for NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken are raised on independently owned family farms in the Southeastern United States. Many of these farm families have been raising chickens for three and even four generations. The average family farm raising chickens for NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken has 4 chicken houses per farm, and most of them either raise other animals and/or row crops, in addition to raising chickens. These diversified family farms help provide many different sources of income, which helps those who want to farm, stay on the farm—and support our rural communities.

Where does feed for NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken come from?

Answer: Our feed mills make all of the feed our chickens ever eat—using wholesome corn, soybean meal and other natural ingredients. Feed are made under the direction of nutritionists and specific records of each feed batch is tracked. Feed recipes change over the lifecycle of our chickens, in order to meet changing nutritional needs.

NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken is happy to welcome these distributor customers to our family.

    • US Foods (Atlanta)
    • Del Monte Meat Company
    • Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision, Inc.
    • Ben E. Keith (Houston)
    • RW Zant
    • Premier Meat Company
    • Ben E. Keith (San Antonio, Austin)

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