Orange Spring Ranch

We do things the old fashioned, common sense, in balance with nature way here at the ranch.  Our cattle breeds in early summer and calves appear in spring, after good grass has been established.  This way the cows get the best nourishment during the last couple of months of pregnancy.  And the calves also have fresh grass. Beeves are grass finished in the spring also, when the grass is at its best and most nutritious and contains high amounts of vitamins such as beta carotene.  We harvest beeves at the ripe old age of a minimum of 24 months.  That way they put on weight slowly and fat accumulates within the muscle cells and not just between the cells as marbling or as adipose tissue.  This makes for very flavorful and juicy meat.

All good grass fed beef starts with good soil.  We will do soil tests this year and see if the soil needs any help with natural amendments.  The grass was wonderful last spring after so much rain, waist deep and the cattle couldn’t keep up with it.  But it will still be nice to know more about the soil.

We have begun to sow grass seeds such as orchard grass, brome grass, barley and clover, which is more in tune with the eco system here in the Sierra Foothills.  The existing grasses and weeds are an excellent source of nourishment for the cattle, and the new grasses will make the pasture that much better.

We have introduced a new line of purebred registered Red Angus to the ranch, and their genetics for beef production are superb.

Orange Spring Products include:

Paleo Approved:  Beef & Organ Snack Stick, Mountain Strips-Cranberry, Power Protein Hot Cereal, Original Unsweetened Hot Cereal, Maple Hot Cereal, Pancake Mix, Pizza Crust Mix, Fire Roasted Salsa: Mild, Medium & Hot, Fire Roasted Verde Salsa, Mountain Strips-Cranberry, Raw Dried Cranberries.

Paleo Friendly: Cultured Ghee & Cultured Brown Ghee

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