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Pete’s Real Food

What can I say? We make things from scratch every week, we bring nothing in prepared. Not sauces, not spice blends, nothing.

Our meals are made using dozens of different techniques. From braising and brining to smoking and roasting. We don’t let you pick all the meals specifically for a couple reasons. One, we want you to eat a varied, nutrient dense diet. Getting stuck with the same handful of vegetables you are comfortable with is sure to leave some holes in your nutrition. Second, we like to cook seasonally so having a menu that rotates every three months will keep the variety fresh.

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About the Brand

Pete’s Paleo, now Pete’s Real Food, was founded in love. Seriously. 12 years ago I met Sarah. She blew me away and I was hooked on her from the first date. Within a week she asked me to join her CrossFit gym and a week after that she wanted us to do a paleo challenge together. If you’re not familiar with these challenges, it’s a strict version of paleo that you follow for a month to start resetting your gut and overall health. As a chef, restrictions can be pretty frustrating, but like I said I was in love already and would follow her to the end of the earth so cutting out processed food seemed doable.

You see, paleo and fine dining are damn near synonymous. You get the best ingredients, locally sourced and in season. What I learned in fine dining shaped who I am as a chef in good and bad ways. Sure I learned how to make everything from scratch and use the whole animal, but I also saw farmers drive two hours to sell us three cases of kale. There was no way the math worked out on that and no way it was really making a dent in the food system. So that’s where the idea came from. How can we make incredible quality food, but at a volume that will make a difference? When I met Sarah and we started the paleo challenge I saw my opportunity. Sarah and I are so proud of where we have taken our little operation that started for two customers with Tupperware containers in our Ocean Beach kitchen, to the operation we have today with commercial facilities and shipping nationwide.

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Where do you deliver?
  • Thanks for your interest in our meals! We deliver nationwide via FedEx, including Hawaii and Alaska. If FedEx delivers to your area, then you’re able to receive our food!
What goes into the price of the shipping?
  • Because we are shipping food fresh (not frozen), we have to make sure that each shipment gets delivered to our customers within 1-2 days. To ensure maximum freshness, we use custom frozen gel packs and biodegradable insulated liners to protect the food which adds extra weight to the shipments and an extra expense for the materials. We’ve worked hard to get our customers the best shipping rates possible, given our transit time and packaging requirements, and most orders do ship free. We don’t mark up our air shipping rates so the rate that you see is the most discounted rate we can offer. We feel that the value of having someone else doing all the grocery shopping, food preparation, and cooking for you is priceless and we hope you feel the same.
Is your facility allergen free?
  • Our facilities are completely free of gluten and soy. We do manufacture other meals (not Pete’s Real Food) which contain dairy and nut flour.
Do you sell breakfast meals?
  • Yes! We are soft launching our breakfast meals in our New You bundle. You can find the link here and below is a preview of our breakfast meals:
Can I select which meals I get?
  • If you’re interested in choosing which meals you receive, our “Eat What You Love” line is perfect for you! You pick any combo of meals, with a minimum purchase of 5 meals. We even offer AIP & FODMAP friendly meals, as well as a line of Ketogenic meals. But rest assured, all meals are strict Paleo and feature the same high quality ingredients as our classic meal plans. These individual order meals ship frozen so that you can save them in your freezer for those nights you just don’t feel like cooking but still want to eat healthy. We ship out each Tuesday and based on your location, the meals will arrive anywhere from Wednesday – Friday. And don’t worry, we use the same custom gel packs and biodegradable liners to maintain safe food temperatures throughout delivery.
What meal plan has serving size for 2 people?
  • Great question! It depends on if you want meals for lunch and dinner for just the work week or the entire week. The 14 meal plan comes with 14 individual serving size meals. So 1 person can use it for lunch and dinner for the entire week, or 2 people can use it for lunch (or even dinner) for the entire week. If you only need for the work week, then the 10 meal plan is the one for you!