Phat Fudge Real Ingredient Performance Food

Phat Fudge Real Ingredient Performance Food

Eat Clean. Play Often. Crush Life.

That’s my motto. Short and sweet, just like my ingredient list. Let’s be honest, you’re too busy crushing life to worry about weird, hidden junk in your food. After years of fueling my athlete, actor, and executive clients with this proprietary blend of beneficial fats and performance enhancing ingredients, I created Phat Fudge so I could share my masterpiece with the whole world.  Phat Fudge is everything you need (and nothing that you don’t) to level-up your day.

What is Phat Fudge™

Phat Fudge is my personal replacement for those “Gel Packs” minus all the weird stuff. In essence, Phat Fudge is Real food ingredient, performance food.  Each ingredient is deliberate, aiming to provide instant and sustained energy, focus, memory, combat inflammation, and acts as a natural thermogenic.

Ways to Enjoy Phat Fudge ™

  • Out of the freezer which is my preference because the texture is amazing.
  • Blend Phat Fudge into your coffee or tea.
  • Spread on other healthy snacks.
  • Level up your mornings by starting with Phat Fudge right out of the packet or even blending it into your morning cup of coffee to make #unicornfuel.
  • Keep focused and alert during the day for in-between meal boosts.
  • Use it as a pre-workout for when you’re pumping that iron.
  • Take Phat Fudge on marathon runs, epic bike rides, 30,000 ft in the air, “on set” and the list goes on!
  • Get creative and tag me in your photo with the hashtags: #eatplaycrush & #phatfudge

The Phat Fudge™ Story

Phat Fudge Mary Shenouda

Mary Shenouda, Phat Fudge & PaleoChef Founder

If you're reading this right now, you're joining me on Phase 3 of Project "Phat Fudge, All Grown Up" as I move this operation into the big leagues with a co-packer.

But, wait! How did we get here? Let's go back into time, when YOU (Instagram) asked me to make Phat Fudge into portable squeeze packets. After several requests, I decided to test out demand by selling 50 12-packs of Phat Fudge here on Shopify.

Not expecting much, when I launched it LIVE on Periscope, wearing a Unicorn Head on my couch, it sold out in ONE HOUR.


That meant I had to hand-pack 600 Phat Fudge packets. No biggie, I can handle that.

I tried again a week later, only this time, I didn't hit SAVE on capping it at 50 orders and in 24 hours 268 orders had been sold. Oh. Em. Gee! That's 3,216 HAND PACKED Phat Fudge packets I had to deliver upon.


And I did it. Then, I kept doing. Up to the point in which Phat Fudge would sell out in less than 1 SECOND every Monday.  Finally, I was the pretty girl at the dance! I mean, Phat Fudge was in HOT demand. And you guys wanted more, A LOT MORE, so it was time to jump into the world of CPG manufacturing and really crush it.

The Dilemma (Every Good Story has one)

After over 30 calls, we (you and I) have a co-packer, BUT they have some aggressive minimums so I had to think about what my options were at this juncture for funding 25,000 squeeze packs.

Investor? I've said "No, Gracias" to a few because they just don't align with how I want to grow this business. It's not just about getting funding and my gut just didn't feel good in those conversations.

Kickstarter? Dude, that's a full-time job. I'd rather the fees those platforms charge just go straight back into the business and that your money goes straight towards your pre-order.

Shark Tank? Mr. Wonderful terrifies me. Maaaaybe in 6 months I'll be ready to face that shark when I want to go REALLY BIG.

I was stumped and too close to my own project, so I called upon my friend Noah Kagan to talk it out and he slapped me with the obvious: "Cut out all the middle noise and just pre-sale it directly - you have the demand."


So I launched an EPIC pre-sale to hit 2,083 orders so I can meet the co-packers minimum of 25,000 packets and CRUSHED IT. Remember, I accidentally sold 268 orders overnight with a single Instagram post AND to-date, and I've hand-picked about 10,000 squeeze packs, strong wrists to prove it.


We rallied! We rallied SO hard. You placed your orders. You tagged your friends to place their orders. You shared the fudge out of this post.

You rapped about Phat Fudge on the streets. You get the point. YOU MADE SOME NOISE! 2,083+ orders happened with the help of ALL OF YOU!

What Happened Next?

After we hit the minimum order count, I handed a PO over to the co-packer and they produced our long-awaited packets.

But there were more roadblocks ahead, as things were not going to work out longterm with this first co-packer.

*whomp whomp whooooooomp* I went back to hand packing while I sought out the right co-packing consultants to get set up with a new co-packer to produce the next run of 50,000 packets of Phat Fudge, Original.

I'll be honest, at first, I was absolutely crushed by the bump in the road. BUT, the deeper knowledge I acquired about scaling a food business, the more I understood that these events are all part of the process.

Remember, to date, I have hand packed over 10,000 packets of Phat Fudge, so there is no stopping me now.

Once Original is running smoothly with the co-packer, I'll be able to mature this website, set up subscriptions orders, design the boxes, as well as produce a VEGAN and BURN (COFFEE/HONEY FREE) on a large scale next.

Don't worry, I have MANY other versions in mind to add over time, but as Bob says, BABY STEPS.

Are you ready to EAT PLAY CRUSH this?! 

Of course, you are! Thank you. THANK YOU. Thank you SO much for encouraging me to create this product. You guys saw the opportunity and I want to follow through on it in a BIG way.

How cool is this social media-driven - REAL INGREDIENT- product adventure?

Ingredients: Tahini, Grass-fed Butter, Honey, Cacao, Turmeric, Maca, Ground Coffee, Cinnamon, Ground Vanilla, Sea Salt, Cayenne. All organic ingredients.
paleo foundation keto certified logopaleo foundation paleo friendly certified logo

Stores, we are so excited you are here. If you are interested in becoming part of our Wholesale Phat Fam please fill out this form or email us at If you are already a wholesaler, your life just got easier as you can re-order right here on the website, just login!

Join us in sharing the power of real food

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Phat Fudge has grown into what it is today because of all of you! Now we’re leveling up once more to bring you our most exciting endeavor yet, our elite EatPlayCrush Affiliate Program.

It’s time for our trusted family to reap the benefits for your support and referrals. Join an exclusive group of eatplaycrushers who are spreading the word of Phat Fudge, earning money and growing right along with us, while getting access to exciting and exclusive content, new products, swag, and more! We believe if you grow, we grow, and others get healed through food done right. Our mission is to make that happen!

The what’s what:

  • Welcome box with Phat Fudge and swag
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Who are you?

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If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive eatplaycrusher please review our Affiliate Program Terms of Service. If you’re cool with our Terms of Service, we’d love for you to fill out the application below! If you know us, you know we do things thoughtfully and slowly (tortoise not the hare). Thus, we’ll back to you within 2 weeks if you’ve been accepted. Due to the volume of applicants, please forgive us as we can only reach out to those who were accepted. If you don't get accepted please don't lose heart, apply again in 3-6 months or signup for our email list as (shhhh!!) we're building a community next for all our true fans like you!

Phat Fam: EatPlayCrush Affiliate Application

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