Primal Alchemy: Vitruvian Protein

Primal Alchemy is a UK based human optimization brand that unifies ancient ancestral wisdom with todays leading edge scientific innovation in order to produce a line of premium organic nutritional supplements, functional fitness equipment and bio-hacking tools intended to upgrade ones physical, mental and spiritual capabilities.

The vitruvian man personified the concept of divine proportion, encoding within it natures sacred laws of creation and the blueprint for your truest potential. Vitruvian Protein is forged using the worlds finest organic superfoods, delivering unparalleled nutritional density per serving for maximal cellular nourishment.

Primal Alchemy Products include:

Vitruvian Protein

Vitruvian Protein is a delicious 100% natural superfood drink that combines ancient ancestral wisdom with todays leading-edge nutritional sciences to create P4P the ultimate health beverage available in the 3rd dimension.

Formulated to initiate optimal gene expression, with unparalleled nutritional density per serving for maximal cellular nourishment. 

  • Organic undenatured whey protein concentrate, an unrivaled source of protein when it comes to bioavailable micronutrients.
  • Raw & organic ‘criollo’ cacao, the highest grade bean from the amazonian “food of the Gods”.
  • Forged with organic whole herb adaptogens and nootropics for increased physical, mental and spiritual energy.
  • Sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar.
  • Absolutely free of: artificial; sweeteners, flavours, colours, preservatives, binding & filling agents, GMOs, rBGH, gluten, soy and hydrogenated fats. 

About Us

Here at Primal Alchemy we focus on total human optimization, following the path we term as spiritual biohacking. Unifying ancient ancestral wisdom of aeons past with leading-edge research at the forefront of scientific innovation; we are the past, present and future synchronized in perfect harmony. We are the meteorite that will make extinct the current jurassic aged ideologies of what it means to be human. Our quest is to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness and help cheat code your life to the next level. Our promise is to equip you with all the tools essential for unplugging from the matrix and achieving ultimate self mastery of your mind, body and soul. All we ask of you in return is to accept our call to adventure, remember who you are and to live out your very own heroes journey.

Woke AF Initiative

Dating far back into pre antiquity, humans have always been experimenting with self made herbal elixirs to strengthen and fortify their mind, body and spirit. In our previous golden age we were one with nature and knew intuitively what to ingest in order to upgrade our physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. The ancient Greeks personified true health through the two Gods; Asclepius the God of medicine and healing & his daughter Hygieia the Goddess of health who's compendium of knowledge of the human body helped us live strong and fulfilled lives, disease free and enabled us to maximise our potential. As aeons passed, we began to fall out of balance with these natural forces and in turn lost our inherent wisdom concerning true health, surrendering our power and wellbeing century after century to the so called medical authorities of the time who worshiped only Asclepius and what he represents. In order to keep the old wisdom safe, it had to be safely secured amongst groups tasked with preserving this knowledge, ready for when the world would be ready to be presented with it.

A chance to reclaim this once long lost compendium of knowledge resurfaced in recent times when humans began to look for ways to quench the thirst, the thirst of accessing the potential the human body has at its disposal through attaining true health without the dogmatic medical authoritative figures intervening. A whole industry was built upon this quest; it would become to be known as the health and fitness industry. But every story is embedded with trials and adversity, and through our lack of connection with and understanding of what true health is, ours is no different.

false prophets entered the industry promising insane PBs and enlightenment gains, disguised behind the veil of gleaming smiles from juiced up fitness gurus and starved centrefold models, endorsing their latest toxic conception. Many fell victim, but to the initiated, their true intention was hidden in plain sight; from their badly named and under dosed proprietary blends, to the inferior ingredient quality used though-out. These malevolent entities cared not for the people they supposedly served but only for profit and accolades. the dark age of the health and fitness world had taken over.

But hope was not lost, as this darkness was but the mere shadow of the great light to come. Stories were being passed from all corners of the fitness world, from the free weights rack to the treadmills and rowing machines, from the yoga studio to the calisthenics bars. A story to keep the faith, a story of the stars foretelling the return of the coming golden age, where honour would be restored to the old Gods and balance regained. An age where one could consume a health beverage knowing soundly that it was completely organic and void of all evil GMOs and artificial poisons. An age where 100% of the formulation was disclosed on the label, and ingredients could be traced back to their origin & source.

The stars have aligned and the time nigh, the golden age has arrived.

Primal Alchemy’s WOKE AF INITIATIVE was created not to set us apart from the competition but to awaken the health industry and usher in a new era for human potential and performance. We are truely in this to help you on your path of becoming your ultimate higher self, and to show that you shouldn’t expect nothing less than the best when improving yourself. This refers to the means of our own products or by any other businesses & brands.

Below is a rundown of what we offer and believe should be a natural right when it comes to investing in your own health.

Full Label Disclosure

So here is the hard truth. You have been lied to by pretty much every health product you have ever bought. Many companies have exploited a loophole which allows them to hide their under-dosed formulas behind an extremely cheesy sounding proprietary blend, something around the lines of "Extreme Muscle Pump Ejaculation Power Formula 5000", sound familiar?

Now here's the deal, if a particular ingredient has had its effects validated in multiple peer-reviewed studies and is currently doing well on the market, then the trade price for companies to purchase this ingredient will be higher compared to lesser known ingredients. What a surprisingly high number of products on the market do is, include a small percentage of the effective dose of such ingredient and then hide the exact amount used behind their proprietary blend. This allows them to still make the claims associated with the specific ingredient while also maximizing profits.

Here's the good news, at Primal Alchemy we disclose our complete formula for every product we offer, so you can see the exact amount of each and every ingredient used. You deserve to know exactly what is entering your body, it's time for every other product on the market to also step up to the mark, or they will become obsolete.

Ingredient Traceability

Let us ask you a question. Do you think that the majority of the products on the market are formulated by the company who's name is on the label? Hate to break it to you but they are NOT. In reality, most supplement companies buy a pre-made formula from a manufacturer and then slap their label on it as if they had been through all the time, effort and applied the intricate attention to detail in order to formulate such a product.

The result of this, is that the manufacturer wants to maximize margins, so as you can imagine, the ingredients themselves are not going to be of premium quality. This tends to lead to poorly vetted sources used to supply the raw material ingredients. What this means to you is that the products you have been buying in the past will not have been tested for safety, will not use premium ingredients for optimal bioavailability and will 100% give you zero chance of tracing those ingredients back to their origins.

Here at Primal Alchemy, we work hand in hand with our manufacturer and our suppliers, creating a harmonic level of coherence that allows us to supply you with all the details regarding where each and every ingredient is sourced from, allowing you the deepest level of involvement in our products and business operations.

Live 3rd Party Verifications (Coming Soon)

The world of nutritional supplements is one built upon trust, trust in that the buyer aka you, blindly accepts that the product you have purchased is a 100% accurate representation of what's stated on the label. Most of the time this just isn't the case and the only way for this to be officially proven is for an unbiased third party to analyze the given product for its purity and potency. This is why we plan to supply you with live batch-to-batch lab reports on each of our products we create, showing the conclusive make up of each, from the exact individual ingredients used, to increasing the awareness of being able to spot potential hazards such as toxicity levels of unwanted contaminants. It is only through this process that you can rest assured in full confidence that we are supplying you with exactly what we say we are. This also gives us a method of quality checking our own products so that we know that they are being manufactured to our own incredibly high and strict standards, which we hope shines a light on our level of honesty and transparency we wish to gift you.


To change the world we must take an active role, that's why we have partnered with non profit organisations who's morals and visions align with that of our own £1 of every product purchased is split 50/50 and donated to our friends at Vitamin Angels and The Beckley Foundation.

Primal Alchemy is proud to join Vitamin Angels in their fight to end global malnutrition. Vitamin Angels is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation focused on bringing essential nutrition to mothers and their children at risk of malnutrition, through life saving vitamin supplementation support and nutritional aid, reducing preventable illness, blindness and death. With our donations we plan to reach 20,000 beneficiaries with the vitamins they need for an entire year.

The Beckely Foundation is a UK based non-profit research and educational organisation that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. Their goal is to scientifically investigate the effects of psychoactive substances on the brain and consciousness in order to harness their potential benefits and minimise their potential harms; learn more consciousness and brain function; and to discover and explore new avenues for the treatment of illnesses.

Golden Guarantee

Our guarantee and return policy is in place to take complete risk away from you and place it on our shoulders, we do this to show the amount of trust and belief we have in our products and services we offer you. The guarantee consists of two options, which we believe shows you our truest intention when it comes to how we view you as a customer and a fellow human being. If unhappy with your purchase, below are the two refund options available to you. (providing initial refund criteria is met and in compliance with our complete return policy).

Option 1: Full monetary return*

Option 2: We will buy you the market alternative of our product**

We would love to hear from you concerning any regards, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries.

If messaging with any query regarding products and services, beforehand please refer to our FAQ linked at the bottom of the page, where we have listed the answers to the most common questions received.

For general enquiries please use the contact box here or email us at

For live chat options please use the messenger tool embedded at the bottom right of our contact page and we will respond to you within 1-2 hours.

If you are retro and would prefer to contact us through our postal address then please send any inquiry to the address below:

Primal Alchemy

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Vitruvian Protein - Primal Alchemy - KETO Certified, Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation

How should I take Primal Alchemy products?

Answer: We have supplied a pretty thorough directions of use section on the back label of each product and also on the specific product you have purchased, profile page. As the name implies, food supplements should be used to SUPPLEMENT your regular diet and will never top and better a well thought out and individualised nutrient dense diet. Primal Alchemy products can fit into any diet you are currently following being both Paleo Friendly and Keto certified. Primal Alchemy products can be used first thing in the morning or before bed (not advised if practicing intermittent fasting), or as a pre, intra, post workout beverage.

Why is Organic important?

Answer: In todays modern world, we are bombarded with toxins and pollutants from nearly ever corner of life, that have a severe effect on our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Some of these are out of our control but there also some that are completely in our control, one of the most important of which is food that is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilisers, artificial additives and preservatives. By consuming organic food you are not only guaranteeing the exclusion of such contaminants in your food resulting in a far superior energy source entering your body , but you are also directly contributing to be cleaner healthier world, through supporting better agricultural farming practices and improving animal welfare. Its a continuous feedback loop, the more you invest in yourself the better the world becomes for yourself and everyone in it. It is because of this that organic standards are a foundation stone in our product formulas.

Where do you ship to?

Answer: We ship worldwide. Please be advised that the free post and package policy is only applicable to UK Mainland customers.

For Wholesale info, please contact

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About Us : 

Established in 2010, The Paleo Foundation was first organized for the purpose of improving the tolerability of the paleo diet, and to help adherents easily identify products that met its basic tenets.  Since then, thousands of products have been certified through the Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, and lab -tested Grain-Free Gluten-Free certification programs.



100% of  Paleo Foundation revenue is generated through certifications.  We do not accept donations, corporate sponsorships, or financially benefit from the sales of any certified products, product giveaways, or partnerships with industry contacts or retailers for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of an impartial certification standard. 

Certified Paleo logo Certified Paleo:

Each certification program has a different set of standards.  Certified Paleo is the Paleo Foundation’s first, most popular, and highest level of certification for Paleo-compliant products.  Certified Paleo Products are products that contain Paleo ingredients, but may have some 21st-century processing or packaging methods allowing for shelf stability.


Grain Free Gluten Free Certified LogoGrain-Free Gluten-Free: 

Grain Free Gluten Free Certified products are gluten-free and do not contain any grains of gliadin competitive residues.  All Grain-Free Gluten-Free products have undergone two rounds of audits, including lab tests, and a final review to become approved for the Grain-free Gluten-free Certified Program. 



Keto Certified LogoKeto Certified: 

The ketogenic diet is a restrictive, demanding diet that can be difficult to maintain, and tolerability of the ketogenic diet is the single most important factor limiting individual acceptance for initiation.  Therefore, improving the tolerability of the ketogenic diet is crucial to preventing diet discontinuation, warranting further investigation into methods for improving palatability, improving the availability and convenience of foods that are compliant with the ketogenic diet, as well as addressing cultural and social acceptance.

The Keto Diet product market may be in a unique position to improve tolerability, especially in social and cultural environments that typically feature carbohydrate-rich “special occasion” types of foods. In 2016, the Paleo Foundation launched the world's first Keto Certified program for products with standards that were developed for adherence to a classical ketogenic diet.