Roli Roti: Butcher’s Bone Broth & Chicken

Roli Roti: Butcher’s Bone Broth & Chicken

Roli Roti Butcher’s Chicken and Beef Bone Broths are the leading fresh refrigerated bone broths on the market with also the cleanest labels. Made with just three ingredients of organic bones, organic carrots, and water, Butcher’s Bone Broth never adds any salt, preservatives, vinegar, or alliums–all you get is pure, delicious, gelatinous bone broth. After the bones are roasted to develop flavor, they are simmered in a proprietary tank for at least 24 hours. Simply heat and drink alone or use it as a premium cooking ingredient–with no added salt or flavorings, Butcher’s Bone Broth is a blank canvas for you to use in any dish in any way you’d like. Soups, sauces, marinades–there’s no end to the possibilities. With such a clean ingredient statement, Butcher’s Bone Broth is Paleo and Keto certified as well as low FODMAP.

Roli Roti Butcher’s Salt & Pepper and Chile Limon Chickens are also Keto and Paleo certified. A clean and delicious source of lean protein, Butcher’s Chicken is sous vide chicken breast meat that are cooked in its own juices and a custom blend of fragrant herbs and spices. By being cooked sous vide, Butcher’s Chicken is moist, tender, and succulent edge to edge–overcooked dry chicken breast is now a thing of the past. To enjoy Butcher’s Chicken, just open up the packaging and eat it alone or add it to a salad, soup, sandwich, pasta, and anything else that may need an extra hit of flavorful protein. Tender enough to shred by hand, Butcher’s Chicken is a perfect protein-packed addition to a daily diet or on-the-go meal supplement. 


Certified Products:

[toggles title=”Roli Roti Butcher’s Chicken Bone Broth”]Never frozen, always fresh Butcher’s Organic Chicken Broth is made simply to let the ingredients’ true flavors to shine through. Made from just organic bones, organic carrots, and filtered water, Butcher’s Organic Chicken Bone Broth is an easy-to-cook-with premium cooking ingredient and a nutritious standalone drink. Each bottle is slowly simmered for 24 hours to extract as much from the bones as possible, resulting in a broth that is packed with 21% daily value of protein per serving and a dense and “jello” like texture due to the high amounts of gelatin and collagen.[/toggles]

[toggles title=”Roli Roti Butcher’s Beef Bone Broth”]Butcher’s Organic Beef Broth is made simply to let the ingredients’ true flavors to shine through. Made from just organic bones, organic carrots, and filtered water, Butcher’s Organic Beef Bone Broth is an easy-to-cook-with premium cooking ingredient and a nutritious standalone drink. Each bottle is slowly simmered for 24 hours to extract as much from the bones as possible, resulting in a broth that is packed with 19% daily value of protein per serving and a dense and “jello” like texture due to the high amounts of gelatin and collagen.

Our Butcher’s Beef Bone Broth is made from an in-house formulation of different parts of the cow, giving it a deep beef flavor. Bones are locally sourced from Panorama Meats.[/toggles]

[toggles title=”Roli Roti Butcher’s Salt & Pepper Chicken”]Simplicity at its best! Roli Roti Butcher’s Chicken takes just three ingredients: air-chilled chicken breast meat, salt, and black pepper and cooks them all sous vide. The result is a super versatile succulent chicken breast meat that can be transformed to anyone’s liking by adding other herbs and aromatics and can be added to any dish as a finishing touch. High in protein, allergen-free, and ready to eat straight from its packaging,  Roli Roti Butcher’s Salt & Pepper Chicken is a great on the go meal supplement or snack.[/toggles]

[toggles title=”Roli Roti Butcher’s Chile Limon Chicken”]Roli Roti Butcher’s Chile Limon Chicken takes a custom blend of spices and herbs formulated by Bay Area institution, Oaktown Spice, to give this chicken a kick of spice and citrus. Sous vide to perfection in its own juices, the Chile Limon Chicken retains all of its nutrients as well as intensifies its flavor making it as easy as just opening the package and eating alone to adding the perfectly cooked chicken to a dish. No extra work is needed.[/toggles]


Thomas Odermatt, CEO and founder

Roli Roti Mission

To craft products that empower home cooks to eat more nutritious and more nutritious meals, without any extra time or effort.

Roli Roti has roots in the Bay Area dating back to 2002 when CEO and founder, Thomas Odermatt opened the Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie Food Truck—America’s first rotisserie food truck.

As a third-generation butcher who was raised in his family’s award-winning butcher shop in Switzerland, Thomas started slinging rotisserie chickens, drippings-laden potatoes and brussels sprouts, and porchetta at the many farmer’s markets in the Bay. Growing from a single truck to a fleet of six and establishing an ever-loyal fanbase, Thomas wanted to nourish people in a different way. He opened his own USDA facility in Oakland and created the Roli Roti Butcher’s line of retail products, using his expertise in craft butchery to create our Bone Broth and Chicken products—with other products coming soon.

Roli Roti Butcher’s products can now be seen in nearly 4000 retail locations and growing.


Butchers Bone Broth Beef - Roli Roti - Certified Paleo, Keto Certified - Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logocertified paleo logo
Filtered Water, Organic Beef Bones, and Organic Carrots.
Butchers Bone Broth Chicken - Roli Roti - Certified Paleo, Keto Certified - Paleo Foundation paleo foundation keto certified logocertified paleo logo
Filtered Water, Organic Chicken Bones, and Organic Carrots
paleo foundation keto certified logocertified paleo logo
Ingredients: Chicken, Salt, & Black Pepper
paleo foundation keto certified logocertified paleo logo
Ingredients: Chicken, Salt, Spices (Pul Biber Turkish Chile, Coriander, Sea Salt, Lime Juice Powder, and Smoked Spanish Paprika)

Get in touch with us!

Phone: 510-780-0300


Where do you ship?

Answer: As of January 2019, we now ship nationwide to the continental US! Orders placed after 2pm PST on Thursdays that ship outside of California will ship the Monday after. Orders in California typically arrive the next business day after orders are placed and all others will typically arrive after two business days. Please be sure to refrigerate your broth as soon as you receive it!

What are the ingredients in Butcher's Bone Broth?

Answer: There are just three ingredients in Butcher's Bone Broth (with the exception of our Butchers Vegetable Broth): organic bones, organic carrots, and filtered water. It's that simple! That also means our broth is Whole30, Keto, and Paleo friendly!

Does your equipment come in contact with any other allergens?

Answer: Nope! All of the proprietary equipment we use to make our broth only touches the ingredients that make our broth, so there is no cross-contamination with allergens like soy, eggs, etc.

Where do you source your bones from?

Answer: Our poultry bones are sourced from Mary's Organic and our beef bones come from Panorama.

Can your broth be frozen?

Answer: While we don't recommend freezing our broth so that you can retain the nutritional and textural integrity of the broth, we totally understand that sometimes you need to! If unopened, your broth can be kept in the freezer for up to a year. When ready to consume, we recommend letting the broth thaw slowly in the fridge. You may notice that when bought fresh from the store, our broth is really gelatinous thanks to drawing all of the collagen and gelatin from the bones; you will likely find that after freezing and defrosting the broth for consumption that the broth won't gel like it did before. This is normal, and a big reason why we don't recommend freezing if you don't have to.

Do I need to dilute your broth?

Answer: Not at all! You simply need to pour the broth out of the bottle (it will be nice and jello-y and jiggly straight from the bottle) into a heat safe container and heat it up. We recommend heating in sauce pan or pot over the stove until liquid.

How do I consume/use Butcher's Bone Broth?

Answer: Butcher's Bone Broth has no added salt or flavorings because we want you to be able to use our broth as you see fit! Use it as a premium cooking ingredient and add salt and aromatics to your taste (recipes coming soon!) or simply drink it alone.

What are the benefits of bone broth?

Answer: Bone Broth is packed with protein, amino acids, collagen, and gelatin. All of these nutritional powerhouses assist in muscle maintenance, bone health, rejuvenation of skin and hair, and improving digestive health. At less than 50 calories per serving, it's also a great way to get all of these great health benefits with low calories.

And what makes Butcher's Bone Broth different than other broths?

Answer: Butcher's Bone Broth is the only fresh organic bone broth on the market. By using only three ingredients in our broth, you can expect simple and pure bone broth. We refuse to ever freeze our broth to ensure the nutritional integrity of the broth stays intact and we also refuse to go through the processing required to be a shelf stable product. A good bone broth should not pour straight out of the bottle; rather it should have a jello-y consistency--a sign that all of the goodness has been drawn from the bones. By using our proprietary kettles, and simmering bones for up to 48 hours, we can make sure that every bottle is filled with only the good stuff.

Who is behind Butcher's?

Answer: Butcher's was created by the same man behind the popular Bay Area gourmet rotisserie food truck, Roli Roti. Thomas Odermatt is a third generation butcher from Switzerland, who founded Roli Roti in 2002. In 2015, Thomas launched the appropriately named Butcher's line of retail products under the Roli Roti name. Just like his food trucks, Thomas brings his expertise of butchery to the Butcher line of products.

For all wholesale information:

Thomas Odermatt,, 510-780-0300

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