Safe Catch 100% Mercury Tested Tuna

Amazing Purity – Purest Tuna of Any Brand

Safe Catch is the only brand in the world that tests every single fish for mercury with our breakthrough technology. 1 out of 4 smaller fish don’t pass our mercury test. That’s why no other brand can match our purity. Safe Catch Elite tuna is 8X lower in mercury than Albacore canned tuna (per FDA reported avg) and 25X Below the FDA Limit. It tests as pure as wild salmon and is the Official Tuna of the American Pregnancy Association. We test so kids, pregnant women and others can feel great eating tuna.

A Healthier and Better Tasting Tuna

Safe Catch makes its tuna differently than conventional tuna which precooks fish on racks (many Omega 3s drain away), machine packs, rehydrates with chemicals and fillers and cooks it again in the can. At Safe Catch, we hand-cut sushi grade solid tuna steaks and slow cook each one to perfection. All of the nutrients and flavor are sealed in for a fresh, clean taste. Safe Catch does not use any additives or fillers and is non GMO verified. Just 100% pure tuna.

Sustainably Wild Caught

We only source sustainably caught Pole and Line and FAD Free tuna in our partnership with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program.

Mission Driven

Our mission is to protect you and our oceans. We are in a fight against pollutants in our food and oceans and we believe the consumer is the answer. You vote every day with your wallet and your support of mission driven brands has a real impact. We are dedicated to sustainability and we work on and support initiatives to protect the purity of our oceans.

Safe Catch Products include:

  • Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna
  • Safe Catch Albacore Wild Tuna
  • Safe Catch Albacore Wild Tuna No Salt Added
  • Safe Catch Elite Food Service pouch
  • Safe Catch 3 oz pouch
  • Elite Wild Tuna – Chili Lime
  • Elite Wild Tuna – Citrus Pepper
  • Elite Wild Tuna – Tandoori
  • Elite Wild Tuna – Cajun
  • Elite Wild Tuna – Garlic Herb
  • Elite Wild Tuna – Habanero Mint

Safe Catch: Amazing Purity. Amazing Taste.

Safe Catch co-founders Bryan Boches and Sean Wittenberg

As childhood friends growing up next door to each other, we never thought we would be working together and fighting for purity in our seafood and oceans. It all began when Sean’s mom read an article about mercury variance in tuna and said, “Moms shouldn’t have to worry about giving tuna sandwiches to their kids. Sean, why don’t you solve this?”

After some research, we learned that two identical tuna, same species, size and school could vary in mercury levels by over 10 times. The only way to know the mercury level was to test every fish.

Existing technology cost $100 per mercury test which would make a can of tuna cost about 50 bucks. So, we formed a team of talented software and hardware engineers and invented a new technology to rapidly test every fish for purity.

We went to major seafood brands and offered to test for them but they all declined. One executive told us that consumers wouldn’t understand or care about better purity. So, we did what any entrepreneur with zero experience in food would do. We started a new brand of tuna and named it Safe Catch.

We knew how to identify amazing tuna but we didn’t how to make amazing tuna. We were surprised to learn that conventional tuna is precooked, rehydrated with fillers, machined processed and recooked and as result of so much processing it loses many vital Omega 3 oils, flavor and texture.

So, we searched for a better way to make and cook tuna. We found and adapted an old artisan method. At Safe Catch, we hand cut and hand pack each wild tuna steak into a BPA free lined can with no additives or fillers. Then, we slow cook it just once. It took us 75 different variations to get our formula perfect.

We’re so happy with the purity, quality, and taste. All of the vital Omega 3 oils and flavor are retained in Safe Catch tuna and there is no draining after opening. Open the can into a bowl, chop up the steak with a fork and let it reabsorb its natural oils. It’s moist and delicious pure wild tuna as nature intended.

We hope you love it!

– Sean & Bryan

Safe Catch Founders

888.568.4211 (toll-free)
85 Liberty Ship Way, Suite 203
Sausalito, CA 92929

How does Safe Catch Tuna have the lowest mercury limit of any tuna brand?

Answer: We are not aware of any other brand besides Safe Catch that screens each wild tuna to a mercury limit. Mercury levels between two individual tuna can vary widely even between two tuna of the same size, same school and from the same location. We’ve tested over 700,000 fish for mercury levels and tested wild tuna with mercury levels over 2 times higher than the FDA mercury limit of 1.0 parts per million (ppm). That’s why Safe Catch tests every single fish to strict mercury limits and Safe Catch is the only brand that tests every single fish for mercury.

How does Safe Catch Elite test as pure as wild salmon and meet Consumer Reports “Low Mercury” criteria set for sensitive populations such as pregnant women and children?

Answer: Due to the wide variance of mercury levels found in wild tuna, Safe Catch invented new technology and tests every single tuna to strict mercury limits. No other brand does. Every fish used in Safe Catch Elite tuna is tested to a mercury limit 10 TIMES stricter than the FDA limit. If the fish does not pass our strict limit, Safe Catch does not buy the fish. Safe Catch Elite tuna tests as pure as wild salmon based on the reported mercury levels reported in wild salmon by the Karimi database which is the largest peer reviewed database of mercury levels found in seafood. Safe Catch Elite tuna tests well below the limit and average mercury levels required to meet the “Low Mercury” criteria set by Consumer Reports for sensitive populations such as pregnant women and kids. Source: Consumer Reports: Mercury in Fish Recommendations Methodology. (Aug 2014)

Why don’t other brands test each tuna for its mercury level?

Answer: You would have to ask the other brands. We started as a technology company and invented proprietary testing technology to screen seafood for mercury. We offered to test and certify purity for other brands but every brand we approached declined. So, we used our technology to start our own brand and we call it Safe Catch. Safe Catch is the only brand that tests every single tuna to a strict mercury limit.

Why does Safe Catch tuna retain more Omega 3s than conventional twice cooked tuna?

Answer: Conventional twice cooked tuna is made by putting the fish in large pre-cookers on open racks, machine processing it, rehydrating the precooked tuna in the can and cooking it again. As a result, conventional tuna lose many vital Omega 3 oils as the fish precook on racks and the oils drain away. The machine processing also impairs natural flavor and texture. At Safe Catch we do it differently. We hand cut and hand pack solid wild tuna steaks to seal in all the natural oils and nutrients and slow cook each one just once for an amazing taste. Do not drain Safe Catch tuna. There are no additives and fillers. Empty it into a bowl, chop up the steak and mix it. The tuna will reabsorb its natural oils and juices for a moist and delicious taste. You can eat it right out of the can or use it in your favorite recipe.

Why do many experts recommend eating fish over taking Omega 3 supplements?

Answer: Tuna contains much more than just Omega 3s. Tuna has B vitamins, niacin, potassium, selenium, thiamin, and all nine essential amino acids. Now, as it relates to just Omega 3s, there seems to be a debate among the experts as to whether pills are effective. If you google “fish vs. Omega 3 pills” you’ll get both sides of the coin. We are not experts but we can say this, you’ll definitely get the benefits of seafood by eating seafood.

Why does Safe Catch Tuna say: Do Not Drain?

Answer: At Safe Catch we do not add oil, water, fillers, preservatives, or GMO-Soy broth to our tuna. When you open the tuna can or pouch you will find a solid tuna steak with naturally occurring fish oils and juices that are full of healthy Omega-3s. It tastes better and is better for you! Open the can or pouch of Safe Catch tuna and pour everything into a bowl. Break up the tuna with a fork, mix it up and let it reabsorb its natural oils. You can even break up the tuna in the pouch and eat it right out of the pouch. Safe Catch tuna is moist and flavorful, so it tastes great by itself or added to your favorite tuna recipe!

Is Safe Catch Tuna BPA Free?

Answer: Yes, Safe Catch tuna is free of BPA. We send out finished, packed products to accredited 3rd party labs to test for BPA and there is no detectable presence of BPA. The can lining is made out of a BPA-free material called organosol that ensures even coating of the liner.

Why does Safe Catch not pack its tuna in water or oil?

Answer: We don’t add water or oil. In fact, we don’t add any sort of filler to our tuna. We pack whole tuna steaks in each can or pouch by hand and add nothing except salt (where noted). We pack this way (fresh-pack) to retain all the naturally available nutrients and Omega 3 oils. Everything that comes in each can or pouch is great to eat.

Why is Safe Catch Elite Tuna less expensive?

Answer: We want everyone to be able to eat our purest wild tuna. Business people or ‘Sharks’ have told us to price Safe Catch Elite higher than our Albacore or other brands. We want everyone to be able to enjoy it. Give it a try. You’ll love it.

How much mercury is safe?

Answer: This question is impacted by many factors (age, weight, pregnancy) unique to you so we encourage you to talk to your trusted health professional. Mercury is naturally occurring in the water and soil. Trace amounts occur naturally in all types of seafood and many other foods. The human body naturally processes mercury over time. The key is not to get exposed to high levels of mercury causing the body to accumulate mercury faster than the body can process it. Due to increasing man made pollution, mercury levels can vary widely even between individual fish of the same species, size and location. There are still plenty of really pure tuna in the sea. But, the only way to know the mercury level of a single fish is to test it. That’s why we invented technology to test every single tuna to strict mercury limits and Safe Catch is the only brand that does. We launched Safe Catch tuna because we want pregnant women, kids, athletes and everyone to feel great eating tuna.

Are your products certified Kosher?

Answer: All of our products are manufactured under the supervision of the Orthodox Union. They are certified Kosher by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America. You will find the OU symbol on all of our product labels.

What is the shelf-life of your products?

Answer: Our cans have a 3 year best by date from the date the tuna is packed, which is usually 2-3 months before they are sold at retail. The best by date is printed on each can. Our pouches have a 2 year best by date from the date the tuna is packed. The pouches also have the best buy date printed on the back of the pouch.

Where can I purchase Safe Catch Tuna?

Answer: Right here at! Simply click the ‘Buy’ tab and select the products and quantities that you want to add to your shopping cart, then check out. Free ground shipping! To find a physical store near you, use the Store Finder by clicking the ‘Find a Store’ tab and enter your postal zip code to see stores near you that carry Safe Catch. If we are not in your favorite store, let us know which store so we can call them for you.

What is your return policy?

Answer: We at Safe Catch are passionate about providing our discerning customers with the purest and most delicious seafood products on the planet. In the unlikely event that your order does not arrive in satisfactory condition, please contact us immediately to make us aware of the problem. Please save all product and packing material so that a damage assessment can be made by the carrier and a proper adjustment or refund issued. If you are not satisfied with the quality of any product, we will make the necessary adjustments to ensure your total satisfaction. Understandably however, we cannot guarantee that all the food products we offer will agree with your palate’s taste. Our concern for quality, value and exceptional service has always been, and always will be our first priority. If at any time you have problems with an order, simply contact Customer Service at 1-888-568-4211 or Our hours are (Pacific Standard Time): Weekdays 9am to 5pm.

Trouble with ordering online?

Answer: “I can’t get the product to add to my cart?” Make sure you have selected a quantity (6 pack, 12 pack, or 24 pack) in the drop down box to the right of ‘Quantity’ on the product ordering page. Other issues? Please contact us at 888.568.4211 (toll free) or email and we will do our best to help you right away.

How does your monthly subscription program work?

Answer: We offer a monthly subscription service that automatically renews once a month and ships your order to your door. You can save up to 25% off your monthly order by using our subscription program. (We do however require a three-month minimum subscription commitment).

Does Safe Catch test for radiation?

Answer: We do test for radiation. We do not test every fish but we send in samples of finished product to accredited 3rd party labels to test for the radiation. Our most recent analysis was conducted on October 24, 2016. We will continue to have 3rd party, accredited labs run radiation tests on our finished product. Our Elite wild tuna and our Albacore products were tested for the presence of harmful radionuclides that include Cesium-134, Cesium-137, and Iodine–131, which are considered to be the radionuclides of greatest concern to the food supply following a nuclear power plant accident. Radiation is measured in becquerels (Bq), the standard unit of measurement as designated by the International System of Units. There was NO detectable presence of ANY of the aforementioned radionuclides found in our Elite wild tuna or our Albacore products down to a detection level of 0.5 Bq/Kg. In addition to our testing, we have conducted a lot of research about cesium and the potential impact of radiation exposure from the Fukushima disaster in wild seafood. The locations and fish types that we are sourcing have not shown any health problems with cesium. We’ve reviewed the data from the FDA which conducted 1,345 screens on products coming from Japan, specifically in regards to Fukushima. 225 of those tests were on seafood products. We’ve also reviewed hundreds of independent tuna tests. These tests show that radiation levels in tuna that we are sourcing are hundreds of times below the FDA level for concern. Additional sources:

What do you mean when you say “proprietary technology”?

Answer: Safe Catch developed a breakthrough technology capable of accurately and precisely testing each fish for its mercury concentration.

What do you do with the fish that don’t make the grade?

Answer: We only buy fish that pass our purity, quality, and sustainability standards. If they don’t make the grade, we don’t buy them. They are still good fish, they’re just not Safe Catch fish.

What is the Safe Catch published mercury limit?

Answer: Our Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is tested to a mercury limit of 0.100 ppm, which is 10X stricter than the FDA action limit. Our Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna is tested to a mercury limit of 0.300 ppm, which is 3 1/3X stricter than the FDA action limit.

What is Safe Catch Elite Tuna?

Answer: Safe Catch Elite Tuna is wild tuna that meets our highest purity standard. We test each and every single fish to a mercury concentration limit of 0.1 parts per million which is 10 times stricter than the FDA action limit. We use wild skipjack tuna in Elite because it is one of the most plentiful stocks of tuna and tastes amazing.

Are your tuna wild or farm raised?

Answer: Safe Catch tuna is exclusively wild caught from managed tuna stock.

Does any of your tuna come from ships that use forced labor?

Answer: We never purchase tuna caught from any unregulated fishing boats. Every single lot of tuna we purchase comes with a Fisheries Certificate of Origin, which is heavily regulated by the US Dept of Commerce, and a Captain’s Statement that is signed by the captain of the boat that caught it. Some of those vessels are actually US vessels, but they only represent some of the many countries that do abide by the U.S. Department of Commerce Fisheries Certificate of Origin laws. We never purchase tuna from boats that are unregulated or from countries that don’t abide by the U.S. Department of Commerce Fisheries Certificate of Origin program. Every lot of tuna we purchase is first inspected for the appropriate Fisheries and Sustainability documentation, inspected for quality, then tested by our own employees before we decide to purchase it. Our canning facility is world class, and undergoes almost daily social and sanitary audits by its customers and very respected global agencies such as British Retail Consortium (BRC), Safe Quality Food (SQF), and the SGS Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Are Safe Catch fish sustainably caught? Is Safe Catch partners with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program?

Answer: Our albacore tuna are caught individually using the pole and troll method. Our Elite tuna are school caught, a process also known as FAD-Free (fish aggregating device free) purse seine. Safe Catch is proud partners with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program. Sustainable fishing is very important to us.

Where are your fish caught?

Answer: The majority of our albacore is caught in the Northern Pacific Ocean with a limited amount of albacore from the Southern Pacific Ocean. The majority of our skipjack is caught in the Western Pacific Ocean with a limited amount of skipjack being caught in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. We constantly investigate and monitor catch locations so that we can continue to sustainably provide the purest tuna available.

Is Safe Catch Tuna dolphin safe?

Answer: Yes! We are approved by the Earth Island International Monitoring Program as a Dolphin-Safe Distributor. We also make every effort on our own to ensure that all of our tuna is truly dolphin safe. Our Albacore tuna is Pole and Line caught, which means that each individual fish is caught with one pole and one hook. This method makes it virtually impossible for a dolphin to be hurt. Our Elite wild tuna, which is our purest tuna, is FAD Free, school caught, using purse seine nets. Every single lot of tuna that we catch comes with a signed statement from the captain that states that “no dolphins were killed or seriously injured in the sets in which the tuna were caught.” Each and every lot of tuna we purchase is first inspected for the appropriate Fisheries, Dolphin-safe, and Sustainability documentation, inspected for quality, then tested by our own employees before we decide to purchase it. This ensures that you are getting the purest tuna of any brand.

What is traceability and why is it important?

Answer: Traceability is simply knowing where every fish comes from and also knowing where every fish we pack ends up. Traceability is important to ensure safety and purity in our food.

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