Shanti Bar: The Superfood Protein Bar

At Shanti Bar we are committed to providing the consumer with the very best quality products at the most affordable prices.

It’s really that simple and we realize that is our fundamental obligation.

Our line up of delicious bars offer 10g-17g of Plant Based, Super Performance Protein. DELICIOUS, Nutrient Dense, Performance Based, No Refined Sugars, No Preservatives. Simply Awesome.

Tested by Professional Athletes

Designed for Everyday Mortals

Handcrafted by Athletic Chefs

Shanti Bar Products include:

Salted Nutty Caramel

BOOST COCONUT is packed with nutrients, bursting with flavor and life-giving ingredients like coconut and maca. It has all that you need to give you the burst of energy and all the health benefits your body needs. This Superfood Protein Bar provides 10g of plant-based protein. Coconut is not only delicious and creamy, it is also known as a fat-burning agent. Think of coconut as your ally in energy. Delicious, nutritious and fat-burning.

Cranberry Crunch

Every delightful bite of our RECHARGE GOJI BAR is bursting with only organic, raw and nutrient-dense ingredients. This Superfood Protein Bar contains 10 grams of plant-based protein providing long-lasting energy and satisfaction. This soft but crunchy and delicious bar is loaded with amino acids, Vitamin C omegas, protein, and over 21 trace minerals. Protect and Pamper your body with RECHARGE GOJI.

Dark Chocolate Brownie

For all chocolate lovers out there, experience what real chocolate should taste like. LONGEVITY CACAO will keep you alert and energized while giving you optimum levels of satisfaction. We have combined the wonderful Cacao taste mixed in with the libido enhancing Maca and the hydration powers of Chia in one scrumptious Superfood Protein Bar with 10 grams of plant-based protein.

Crunchy Almond

POWERHOUSE SPIRULINA combines the wonderful detoxifying properties of Spirulina with the Omegas of Hemp and the Hydration of Chia. Every bit of the bar is bursting with the power of Raw, Paleo and real! One POWERHOUSE SPIRULINA packs in 80% of your daily recommended intake for Vitamin A. This green wonder Superfood Protein Bar provides the body with vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals making it a great option for a fast recovery with 10 grams of plant protein.

Chocolate Berries

POWER ACAI is like a decadent Açaí Bowl bursting with berries and super foods. Packed with antioxidants, nutrients and fatty acids to keep your hair and skin healthy and hydrated from the inside out.

This powerful ingredient list showcases an abundance of super foods that are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Biotin. POWER ACAI takes this Brazilian super fruit to another level of awesomeness.

Our Story

When it comes to fitness and conditioning, we don’t mess around. Our shared passion for working out was the catalyst that brought us together at our local Miami gym a few years back.

It was our shared desire to elevate our performance levels and realize our true strength through plant based protein and nutrient dense food, that made us instantly aware that there were NO health bars on the market that delivered the performance ingredients our bodies deserved and required.  So we made one!

What gave us the confidence to believe we could make the best performance health bars ever, the simple fact that we both happened to be kick ass chefs.  That’s what!  Our goal was to make super healthy taste super delicious. We think we nailed it.   All our bars are raw, soft and chewy with an exciting crunch. Our line-up offers super performance, 10g-17g of plant based protein and nutrient density.   We are certified everything GOOD under the sun.   We dare you to find, pound for pound, a better health bar on planet earth.


SHANTI Bar is handcrafted in sunny Miami, Florida by Organically Raw, LLC.

Telephone: 786.708.0991

Boost Coconut - Shanti Bar - Certified Paleo, PaleoVegan - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Organic Almonds, Organic Dates, Organic Protein Blend (Organic Pumpkin Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein), Organic Coconut Syrup, Organic Unsweetened Coconut, Organic Maca, Celtic Sea Salt, Organic Rosemary Extract.
Longevity Cacao - Shanti Bar - Certified Paleo, PaleoVegan - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Organic Almonds, Organic Cashews, Organic Dates, Organic Protein Blend (Organic Pumpkin Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein), Organic Coconut Syrup, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Cacao Liquor, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Maca, Celtic Sea Salt.
Power Açaí - Shanti Bar - Certified Paleo, PaleoVegan - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Dates, Organic Protein Blend (Organic Pumpkin Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein(, Organic Almonds, Organic Cashews, Organic Cranberries (Apple Juice Infused), Organic Cacao Liquor, Organic Coconut Syrup, Organic Freeze-Dried Acai, Organic Freeze-Dried Blueberries, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Spirulina, Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries, Celtic Sea Salt, Organic Rosemary Extract.
Recharge Gogi - Shanti Bar - Certified Paleo, PaleoVegan - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Figs, Organic Cranberries (Apple Juice Infused), Organic Coconut Syrup, Organic Protein Blend (Organic Pumpkin Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein), Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Goji Berries, Organic Freeze-Dried Raspberries, Celtic Sea Salt.
Powerhouse Spirulina - Shanti Bar - Certified Paleo, PaleoVegan - Paleo FoundationIngredients: Organic Almonds, Organic Dates, Organic Protein Blend (Organic Pumpkin Protein, Organic Sunflower Protein), Organic Coconut Syrup, Organic Spirulina, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Hemp Seeds, Celtic Sea Salt.

When I hear the phrase ‘superfood,’ I immediately conjure up an image of an ancient, Herculean god of cooking, slowly stirring a forgotten recipe not meant for mortals in a truck-sized cauldron.  Turns out, superfoods aren’t just for the mythological, they are excellent for mere mortals as well.  While any Asgardian can boast of their superhuman power, Lauren Feingold and Ashanty Williams created the Shanti Bar for us mortals, a high protein, raw superfood snack that gives you power to rival that of any Norse deity.

I appreciate you coming down from Mt. Olympus to deliver the wisdom of the ancients.  Tell us a little about yourselves and how you met.  Where did you first get the idea to create Shanti bars?

Lol we feel fortunate to have rediscovered Superfoods and the raw power they bestow. It was only natural of us take on the challenge and share these great ingredients with the masses by delivering them in a functional food bar.

Ashanty and I met at a small community gym in Miami back in 2012 and quickly became friends. We used to spin and box together.  At the time, Ashanty had been working as the front desk manager and started doing more outdoor cycling.  Being part of the gym scene for years, it was clear there was a void of healthy, natural options that delivered function and convenience. Ashanty needed something she could rely on for her 40+ mile rides.  Ashanty could not find 1 option, as all were loaded with unnecessary ingredients and poor taste.

Ashanty was going to culinary school at the time and figured she had the skills to make something herself.  After reading and learning about Superfoods, Ashanty decided to make her own RAW bars packed with a variety of Superfoods.  This was back in 2012 when Chia was not all over the scene and Coconut was probably the only Superfood people reallly knew about but not for its amazing properties.

So soon enough Ashanty had 3 of her RAW Superfood SHANTI BARs created and ready to be tested by the members and trainers of the gym.  I was one of those first guinea pigs.

Given that I am also a Chef, Ashanty felt it was important that I try her bars to give her my chef palate critique.

After a strenuous boxing class, Ashanty gave me her bars for *free and I left with a bag of what was soon to become one of my favorite paleo snacks ever.

Immediately after trying the first bar I knew these were different, unique, and powerful.  I had never felt so good after eating a food bar.  I had also never enjoyed something so much that wasn’t made by me!

I was not the only one who immediately became hooked to these SHANTI BARs.

Quickly after that first trial, Ashanty and I sat down and decided to turn her homemade product into a business.  Our shared passion, ambition, and culinary talent has driven us to see the endeavor through and share these delicious RAW Superfood SHANTI BARs with the world.  We knew so many people could benefit from incorporating these bars into their daily regimen and it is our goal to make that happen.

Did the Paleo community find you, or did you find them?  Talk to us about your experiences in the Paleo community.

I guess you’d say we found the Paleo community or that we found each other.  SHANTI BARs are inherently paleo, raw, vegan, gluten free. So as the Paleo community started to grow, we started learning more about what Paleo meant and quickly realized how much we instinctively believed in Paleo and adapted it into our lifestyle.

By 2013 we were getting in CrossFit and learning even more about Paleo.  Eating clean and from the earth is what SHANTI BAR is about. The more we learned about Paleo the more we realized how much we were Paleo and how it is a great solution to live a healthy lifestyle. SHANTI BARs fit perfectly into the Paleo lifestyle, especially for those that are active.

Certified Paleo was the first certification we submitted to.  It was very important to us to have the Paleo certification as it signifies how clean and raw our product is.

What we love about the Paleo community is the passion everyone shares for eating better and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Tell us about your Shanti bars.  What kinds of wizardry allows such a thing to exist on this plane?  Where did you start getting your ingredients?  Was it difficult to locate everything you needed?  Any hurdles to overcome?

I like to call Ashanty the Queen of RAW as she knows how to marry raw ingredients very well to get a deliciously balanced product. I serve as a means for brainstorming, research, and the closure (tweak the last of the recipe to achieve perfection). Our methodology may be weird, but has proven successful.

Being Chefs, looking for ingredients and reputable purveyors was not much of a challenge.  We always focused on getting as close to the source as possible, always and only organic, and required samples prior to purchase.  We firmly believe the product will only be as good as the ingredients we use.  So we use the best.

Hurdles; growing our demand to help with purchasing power.  At many times we owned more raw almonds and superfoods then dollars.

All joking aside, you actually have an Olympian that religiously eats your bars.  Tell us a story about how you enchanted Ms. Solo, or was it the reverse?

True that! We have always been huge fans of Hope.  We had an opportunity to introduce her to the product and our company (100% women owned and operated).  Hope immediately loved all things about SHANTI BARs. Hope knows how to fuel her body and eats super clean.  As we all know Hope Solo is Raw and Real. So Hope had to like the product in order stand behind the SHANTI brand.  It has been an honor fueling the best goalie to ever play the game.

How do I get this ultimate power?  Is it available in stores or by mail only?  Any plans to roll out new flavors to help battle the gods?

We are now in Whole Foods Market FL and working on expanding into the other regions.  You can purchase on Amazon,  And announcing very soon, SHANTI BARs will be in a major retailer nationwide.  It is our goal to make SHANTI BARs accessible to all and we will not stop until we achieve this.

We are always developing new flavors and staying on-top of the Superfood game.  We are determined to be the leader in high performance, high protein, RAW delicious Superfoods.


Answer: Yes and yes! Shanti Energy bars are 100% gluten free and Vegan, made in our very own facility dedicated to bring you only the best, most nutrient-dense ingredients


Answer: Gluten is a protein that is found in grains such as barley, oats and wheat. They are known to cause inflammation especially for people diagnosed with celiac disease. Gluten may also cause additional digestion problems for a number of people as well.


Answer: Raw simply means none of the ingredients are cooked or heated in any way. Heating food causes it to lose nutritional value. Following a raw diet allows for fast absorption of all nutrients and enzymes.


Answer: Officially there is no legal definition, but the term superfood refers to a food low in calories and high in nutrients. For that reason, most superfoods come from plant-based sources. They are extremely beneficial to one’s health, providing many essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. If that’s not a reason to eat them, then what is?


Answer: Our Goldenberry and Goji bars are nut-free and delicious, however are processed in a facility that does process tree nuts. Almonds and other tree nuts are loaded with plant protein and healthy fats that go into a balance healthy lifestyle. It's why they're an ingredient we put in our bars.


Answer: We are a peanut-free kitchen but SHANTI bars contain fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices. Since all our bars are paleo, none contain legumes, like peanuts or peanut butter. While our facility is 100% peanut-free, we do source our nuts and seeds from plants that may not be peanut-free.


Answer: Yup, we love supporting a paleo diet because it has you eating non-processed, real organic food. Enjoy!


Answer: We detest GMO! We also detest refined sugars, additives, and preservatives. We believe that none of those things belong in your body, so none of things are in our bars.


Answer: Well not technically a question, our bars are very tasty. We promise good health is delicious. We use only the best ingredients to deliver a very satisfying product.


Answer: With the beauty of diligent research and culinary talent we have achieved a 1-year shelf life! Even better, we have successfully achieved this stable shelf life without the use of any preservatives. A reminder this was done in the past before the infiltration of nasty preservatives just takes a bit more time and effort. But what’s a little extra time when the benefits of our bars will only prolong your life.


Answer: It’s an enzymatically alive product! It’s a sustainable ingredient that comes directly from the sap of a coconut tree. It’s very low on the glycemic index (35 GI) and contains 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and neutral PH. It’s better than any other sweetening source. It also is vastly superior to other alternatives like agave nectar/syrup. Bonus, coconut nectar doesn’t taste or flavor recipes like coconut, since it’s from the tree and not the fruit. So if you’re not fan of coconut you can still enjoy coconut nectar!


Answer: The glycemic index (GI) is the ranking of a food’s immediate effect on blood sugar levels and the amount of glucose released by a particular food over a 2-3 hour period. The higher a food raises blood sugar, the higher its glycemic index. That is why having a low glycemic index is good.


Answer: We are a proud small team. Our raw paleo facility is our own eco-friendly organic facility in Miami, Florida. It is completely gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. We choose to use only organic ingredients that are loaded with nutrients used to build muscles and keep energy levels high. We do not make any other companies’ products. Our small batch bars are handcrafted in our own facility. That way our customer can completely trust our product and enjoy the safety and freshness of our bars.


Answer: We have and we will. Please contact us so we can find the best shipping price available for you.

For Wholesale accounts, please email us at

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The Keto Diet product market may be in a unique position to improve tolerability, especially in social and cultural environments that typically feature carbohydrate-rich “special occasion” types of foods. In 2016, the Paleo Foundation launched the world's first Keto Certified program for products with standards that were developed for adherence to a classical ketogenic diet.