Snowflakes Candy: Sugar-free Candy Mints

Snowflakes Candy is a family-owned and operated business. Our candy mints are hand-crafted in Northern California using only USA birchwood xylitol and the finest flavoring. That’s it, only two ingredients! Snowflakes are truly candy at its simplest.

This refined approach to food and candy has clearly been lost over the years and our job is to bring it back to basics. That’s why you won’t find any preservatives, fillers, coloring, or GMO’s in our Snowflakes. We don’t need that stuff to make great candy. We also don’t use any dairy, wheat, soy, corn, or gluten. And instead of using sugar to feed your sweet tooth, we use all-natural xylitol.

Stumbling across xylitol was by pure accident, but after realizing the overwhelming health benefits, we knew we couldn’t keep this sweet secret to ourselves. And so, Snowflakes Candy Mints were born. Not out of necessity, but the genuine desire to share a piece of nature’s little-known sweetness.

Snowflakes Candy Products include:

Snowflakes Peppermint

A classic for generations, peppermint will leave you refreshed & rejuvenated.

Snowflakes Lemon

Enjoy the luscious taste of pure lemon that won’t pucker your mouth.

Snowflakes Spearmint

Treat yourself to the spectacular mouth chilling and breath freshening of real spearmint.

Snowflakes Menthol Eucalyptus

The soothing and cooling effect of menthol and eucalyptus combine to help alleviate congestion.

Snowflakes Black Cherry

Enjoy the bold and bittersweet flavor of ripe black cherries.

Snowflakes Sour Lemon

Enjoy the luscious taste of pure lemon with enough sour to satisfy!

Snowflakes Sour Black Cherry

Enjoy the bold and bittersweet flavor of ripe black cherries with a hint of subtle sour.

Snowflakes Wintergreen

Stimulate your taste buds with the wonderful cooling effect of true wintergreen oil.

As more consumers demand transparency in their food and shift toward healthier options, new brands and products have stepped up to the challenge and delivered.  Snowflakes Candy is no different.

Realizing health conscious confections were virtually non existence, Snowflakes has helped filled the void with a unique sugar-free candy made with only two ingredients, all-natural birch xylitol (zì-li-tòl) and natural flavors. 

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in various vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, plums, raspberries, and mushrooms as well as corn husk and birch bark.  It’s equal in sweetness to sugar but contains 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates.

This groundbreaking candy is made possible with Snowflakes’ proprietary manufacturing process which allows them to naturally harden the xylitol without using additional ingredients, which is key to Snowflakes’ mission of remaining a minimal ingredient product.  But Snowflakes’ conception and uniqueness were purely unintentional.

“I noticed new companies and healthy products showing up on every store shelf except in the candy aisle,” says Kenney Joyal, owner of Snowflakes. “But at that point I didn’t know anything about candy, other than I like to eat it!”

So with no background in the food business or CPG, Joyal began to experiment in his home kitchen with natural sugar substitutes and sustainable ingredients.  A few weeks later, Snowflakes was born.

They began in 2014 with five original flavors to test the market and get consumer feedback.  After a few recipe adjustments, Joyal cold-called his first distributor and they bought all his inventory.  “It was at that exact moment I knew we were onto something,” remembers Joyal.  Snowflakes then expanded to 10 flavors in 2015 and just recently introduced a line of Snowflakes Sours.   

With only two ingredients, Snowflakes claims to be the purest and healthiest sugar-free candy on the market today.  They’re gluten-free, fat-free, nonGMO, vegan, and contain no soy, dairy, corn, preservatives, hardeners, fillers, or artificial colors.  Snowflakes are also diabetic-friendly and the natural birch xylitol offers a myriad of oral and health benefits, including relieving dry mouth and preventing cavity causing bacteria from sticking to your teeth.

When eating Snowflakes, the xylitol creates an endothermic reaction, meaning it literally absorbs the heat in your mouth, leaving you with a cool and refreshed feeling.  Snowflakes also stimulate your saliva glands and makes your mouth water.  Coupling these two sensations in one piece of candy creates an indescribable effect most have never experienced.

“It’s fun to see people’s reaction when they open a tin and try Snowflakes for the first time. Like real snowflakes, no two pieces are ever the same size or shape.  So you can pick out a small piece, big piece, thick, thin, whatever you want at that exact moment,” says Joyal.

Snowflakes are available in traditional flavors like peppermint, cinnamon, and lemon, and fun flavors like blue raspberry, sour black cherry, and tropical mix.

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Snowflakes Candy is only made with two ingredients: birchwood xylitol and natural flavor (for the sour flavors the ingredients are birchwood xylitol, citric acid, natural flavor).

Xylitol is a 100% naturally occurring sweetener, not an artificial chemical like Splenda, Equal or Sweet‘N Low. Xylitol is a sugar substitute found in various vegetables and fruits such as yellow plums, strawberries and raspberries as well as corn husks, birch, oats, and mushrooms. Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar without the harmful side affects.

The average American consumes as much as 150 to 180 pounds of sugar a year! Excess sugar consumption can deteriorate the body and cause weight gain, hyperglycemia and lead to obesity and diabetes. It increases bad cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure which can increase the risk of heart disease. But xylitol repairs, heals, protects against chronic disease, and builds immunity.

Xylitol is as sweet as sugar with 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates. Absorbed by the body slower than sugar, it has a fresh and cooling affect with no aftertaste.

Consuming sugar allows bacteria on the teeth to multiply and create acids that attack the enamel which leads to the formation of cavities and tooth decay. This acid-producing bacteria in the mouth is unable to digest xylitol, therefor slowing its growth and decreasing the amount of plaque and decay.

Our body naturally produces up to 15 grams of xylitol per day. However, supplemental xylitol has proven to be uniquely beneficial. It will hinder the growth of harmful bacteria in the body, strengthen teeth, stimulate saliva flow, reduce respiratory infection, prevent ear infections and reduce intraocular pressure- a condition that can develop into glaucoma. Xylitol will NOT impact insulin levels, making it an excellent alternative to sugar for those on a diabetic diet.

Xylitol is recommended worldwide by medical and health professionals and organizations. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations all agree xylitol is a safe and natural sweetener for you and your family.

Black Cherry - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation 
Sour Black Cherry - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation
Lemon - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation 
Sour Lemon - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation
Spearmint - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation 
Menthol Eucalyptus - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation 
Peppermint - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation 
Wintergreen - Snowflakes Candy - Paleo Friendly - Paleo Foundation 

What are Snowflakes?

Answer: Snowflakes are flavored xylitol chips. Our xylitol is made from birch bark here in the USA.

What is the cooling sensation I experience what I eat Snowflakes?

Answer: Xylitol creates what is called an endothermic reaction, meaning every little piece of Snowflakes is literally absorbing the heat in your mouth, leaving you with that cool and refreshed feeling.

Is Xylitol safe for children?

Answer: Xylitol is completely safe for children of any age but Snowflakes can be a choking hazard. For that reason, we don’t recommend them for children under the age of 5.

Are Snowflakes safe in case if you’re pregnant or nursing?

Answer: Absolutely. The American Pregnancy Association lists xylitol as a sweetener considered safe for consumption during pregnancy. In fact, xylitol is not only safe for pregnant and nursing women, but studies show that regular use significantly reduces the transmission of Streptococcus mutans (responsible for tooth decay) from mother to child during the first two years of life by as much as 80%.

Where is it made?

Answer: Snowflakes are made in the USA.

Are Snowflakes safe for diabetics?

Answer: Yes. Our candy will NOT impact insulin levels, making it an excellent choice for those on a diabetic diet. Glycemic index- 7

Are Snowflakes gluten free?

Answer: Yes!

Do Snowflakes contain any common food allergens such as wheat, nut, dairy, egg, etc.?

Answer: No, our candy contains absolutely no common allergens. Snowflakes are made in a peanut-free facility and are regularly tested for any form of cross-contamination.

What is the shelf life?

Answer: Snowflakes are better if enjoyed within two years.

Do Snowflakes contain any bioengineered or genetically modified ingredients?

Answer: Absolutely not, Snowflakes is comprised of only two ingredients, xylitol and the flavor oil.

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