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Sola brings tasty, low-carb and keto-friendly recipes and products to the foodie community.

Sola is focused on keto-friendly, low carb, and low-glycemic recipes and products — With a new concept in mind. From whole wheat hot dog buns to house-made granola, they’re dedicated to making healthy food tasty again. Their mission is to change the way we look at everyday foods and reinvent a balanced diet all while including creamy ice cream, decadent French toast, savory sandwiches and more. Why sacrifice taste for health? You won’t have to with The Sola Company.

About the Brand

Chef Ryan Turner (pictured) and Dr. Ed Bosarge founded the new, innovative, health conscious company, Sola, in 2012 with the goal of keeping healthy foods tasting good. Dr. Ed Bosarge was inspired after the start of his own personal health journey and wanted to bring his personal chef, Ryan, into his new idea.

With Ryan as an expert in low-carb diets and Dr. Ed Bosarge as a top regenerative medical researcher, the two embarked on a journey to create a healthy sugar replacement that truly makes a difference. With 75% less calories and 0 grams net carbs, all ingredients used to craft their innovative sweetener can be found naturally. They’ve stayed true to their mission of bringing a blend of ingredients together that does not sacrifice taste for a healthy diet.

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Sola Co-Founder

Certified Products


Why doesn’t bread have an expiration date for online orders?

Expiration dates are not stamped on SOLA bread sold through e-commerce channels because factors vary by shipping region including time in transit, warehouse climate, delivery partner refrigeration capabilities, destination climate, and in all honesty: the time between the consumer doorstep and freezer.
Our rule of thumb is two weeks in regular temperatures, and highly suggest to freeze as soon as received.

How do I store the bread?

SOLA bread is made fresh every week. We highly recommend freezing after receiving and taking out as needed. Our bread frozen has a shelf life of 6 months.

Will Sola products kick me out of ketosis?

Nope! When consumed in appropriate portion sizes, our tasty products should not take you out of ketosis. Most of our products are compatible with a balanced keto meal plan, however, we all have different chemistry. Simply try one serving of the Sola product of your choice and see how your body responds. We would like to hear from you and your findings!

What makes Sola® products low carb?

Our Sola blend is composed of naturally occurring sweeteners such as erythritol, allulose, monk fruit and stevia leaf. Using this unique combination of low glycemic sweeteners, we have developed a variety of delicious chef-crafted food without all the carbohydrates.

What is Allulose?

Allulose is a simple sugar that can be found in certain fruits including jackfruit, figs, and raisins, and is naturally present in small quantities in a variety of sweet foods like caramel sauce, maple syrup, and brown sugar. It’s absorbed by the body but not metabolized so it is nearly calorie-free. The FDA’s new rules for labeling means excluding it from the total and added sugars but including it for total calories and on the ingredient statement. This means subtracting it from total carbs to calculate net carbs. While we’re not allowed to change the way the fact panel reads, we will always tell you how much allulose we use when calculating our net carb counts for transparency.

What Sola products are gluten-free?

Many of our products are gluten-free, such as our granola, sweetener, and nut bars.

Brand Recipes

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich Sola


Low-carb crunchy, juicy chicken sandwich.

Keto Friendly Pancakes Sola


A simple yet healthy take on traditional fluffy pancakes.

Sola Jalapeno Popper Sandwiches


Spicy jalapenos filled with cream cheese layered in gooey cheese.

Artichoke Dip and Low Carb Rolls Sola


Creamy spinach artichoke dip paired with Sola’s low-carb rolls!

Bang Bang Shrimp Sandwiches Sola


Grilled shrimp coated in a spicy cream sauce.

Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars Sola


Tart raspberries in the perfect mix of cream cheese.