Sparta Nutrition: Ketogenic Weight Loss Series

Sparta Nutrition was founded with one simple goal in mind: real products and real results. At Sparta, we don’t believe in selling you on flashy taglines, models and athletes that don’t even use the products they advertise, or products with sizable margins. At Sparta Nutrition, we believe in producing the absolute best products –– backed by science, driven by research, and sustained through results. It’s time to seize your glory. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Sparta is to redefine the norm and in doing so, present a unique dynamic that this industry has never seen: efficaciously dosed products that help you achieve your goals –– from fat loss to muscle building and everything in between. We strive to give our customers the absolute best products, tools, and customer service so that you can go above and beyond in your fitness & lifestyle goals.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is simple, we know that you have hundreds of choices in your supplemental and dietary needs, but we are going to take the time on informing and educating you on all your choices so you can make the most apt choice of what you’re putting in your body. Our expert customer service representatives are on standby, waiting to help you get one step closer to achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals! 

Sparta Nutrition Products include:

Keto Shred

Exogenous Ketones + MCT Oil Powder and thermogenic ingredients to maximize fat loss.

While there are many exogenous ketone supplements on the market today, none of them combine exogenous ketones and other ingredients to truly take advantage of this metabolic adaptation where fat is the main energy source. A dietary supplement that could jumpstart ketosis, and then increase the rate at which fat is oxidized would be the perfect 1-2 punch for weight loss.

Enter: Keto Shred.

Keto Shred is the premier powdered exogenous ketone weight loss supplement on the market today.  Designed to be the ultimate ketone based thermogenic fat loss product, Keto Shred expedites your body’s switch to ketosis, and then accelerates the rate at which you burn those ketones for rapid fat loss. As we know from above, once ketones are being burned for energy purposes, the body will continue to “fuel itself” by liberating even more fatty acids.

Since Keto Shred utilizes BHB Salts and MCT Oil powder to put the body into nutritional ketosis, ketones, and fatty acids, are the primary fuel source

→ MCT Oil Powder allows for immediate energy, so you don’t need to sacrifice your exercise or athletic performance at the cost of a calorie restricted diet.

→ InnoSlim®’s ability to activate AMPk further optimizes the state at which the body needs to be in for ketosis. It also improves muscle glycogen synthesis, which allows muscle cells to hold whatever glucose is left: not fat cells.

→ Sensoril® Ashwagandha puts the body in a prime hormonal state for accelerated fat loss, especially around the midsection, by normalizing cortisol levels. It also reduces anxiety and helps reduce stress-related eating.

→ Grains of Paradise improves the rate at which calories (energy) are burned, which allows for a greater fat loss effect.

Exogenous ketone supplements can be expensive, so make sure you’re getting the highest quality possible. Void of carbohydrates, sugars, GMO’s, or Palm Oil, Keto Shred is a high-quality ketogenic friendly fat burner to help support weight loss and overall health. Perfect for those on the ketogenic diet or looking to get started on their new ketosis journey, Keto Shred was thoroughly researched to undeniably accelerate the rate you lose body fat by using ketones and body fat as fuel. 

Keto Pre Extreme

 A high-octane pre-workout for energy and muscle pumps with BHB Salts

Keto Pre Extreme is the ultimate ketogenic diet friendly pre-workout. Using sound science and strategic synergy, this pre-workout supplement will drive your results and expedite your training goals. With a unique ability to enhance fat loss via nutritional ketosis, boost nitric oxide production for intense muscle pumps, and provides long-lasting energy and focus, Keto Pre Extreme is the premier pre-workout choice.

Keto Pre Extreme works by supplying your body with 6 grams of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Salts – the ketosis signaling molecule that tells your body to use ketones as a fuel source over glucose. Once ketones have been utilized, the next best source of ketones the body has is fatty acids. This makes Keto Pre Extreme a unique pre-workout: Not only can it aid in overall performance to make your workouts better, but, it can also help increase fat burning. Some of the key ingredients included in Keto Pre Extreme are:

  • 3g of L-Citrulline for Nitric Oxide production
  • 600mg of Alpha-GPC 50% for enhanced focus
  • 200mg of Caffeine and 50mg of TeaCrine for increased energy levels
  • 6g of goBHB Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts
  • 100mg of Spectra ORAC Blend for Antioxidant action and improved recovery

Pre-workouts need three qualities to help you dominate your sessions with intense vigor.

→ Energy

→ Endurance boost

→ Focus

→ Nitric oxide enhancements

Keto Pre Extreme hammers home all three of these characteristics. With proper dosages of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate salts, caffeine and TeaCrine, your energy levels will increase and prime you to get ready for maximum workout effectiveness. Increasing Nitric Oxide production with L-Citrulline & Spectra ORAC Blend will enhance muscular blood flow for utmost endurance. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, when converted to ketones, can also increase your endurance. Lastly, boosting acetylcholine levels with Alpha-GPC and a synergistic dose of L-Theanine will produce a cognitive focus that allows you feel every muscle fiber in body being utilized. 

Keto Coffee

 Our take on Ketogenic coffee creamer: MCT Oil Powder with delicious flavoring, and absolutely no added sugar or dairy.

Keto Coffee by Sparta Nutrition is the go-to low-carb and sugar-free coffee creamer for those looking to improve their overall health, lose body fat, or, are practicing the Atkins, Paleo or Ketogenic Diet. Keto Coffee contains 7g of premium grade Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s). Rather than being stored as fat, MCT’s provide a quick boost in energy and have become a staple for carbohydrate restricted dieters for their energy providing effects.

MCT’s help increase the rate of weight loss through numerous different mechanisms. First, MCT’s have been shown to reduce appetite. In one study, consumption of MCT’s alongside a control meal amongst two groups reduces calorie intake for the next meal by 40-165 calories. Another study, compared a meal with no fat and a meal with MCT’s added. The group who had MCT’s with their meal saw a reduced energy intake (calories consumed) by 40-64%

MCT’s have a plethora of weight loss and fat burning benefits, but, for some, lower-quality sources can cause upset stomachs. By specifically standardizing our MCT Oil Powder to contain 4 grams of Caprylic acid (C8), 2 grams of Capric acid (C10), and 1g of Lauric acid (C12), our MCT source in Keto Coffee is of the highest-quality and will mitigate any potential gastrointestinal distress. In fact, Caprylic acid and Lauric acid have been shown to help support gut health by repairing the gut, reducing inflammation, and also providing fuel for the healthy bacteria in our small intestines.

And did we mention the taste? When added to your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or beverage, Keto Coffee creates a smooth creamy consistency that users rave about. Turn your normal black coffee into a deliciously sweetened cup of high-octane fat burning fuel with a single scoop.

Available in French Vanilla currently, and soon-to-be Caramel Macchiato and Hazelnut, kick that old trick of coconut oil and butter in your coffee to the curb. Get yourself some Keto Coffee, and enjoy less calories and better taste with low-carb friendly ketogenic coffee creamer! 


Exogenous Ketone Salts mixed with BCAA’s and PeakO2 for intra or post-workout recovery.

Ketogenic amino acid supplements are few and far between currently, but the “premier” choices on the market are either underdosed or just don’t get the job done in terms of muscle recovery. Sparta Nutrition carefully crafted Keto BCAA to be the leading choice when it comes to intra or post-workout nutrition for those looking to utilize fat as their primary fuel source.

Keto BCAA starts off by supplying your body with 6 grams of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Salts – the ketosis signaling molecule that tells your body to use ketones as a fuel source over glucose. Once ketones have been utilized, the next best source of ketones the body has is fatty acids. This makes Keto BCAA a uniquely formulated intra-workout supplement: Not only can it aid in overall performance to make your workouts better, recover faster, but, it can also help increase fat burning. Sparta Nutrition also included the novel mushroom blend of PeakO2™:

PeakO2™ is a combination of six different mushrooms that are powerful adaptogens , which allow athletes to “adapt” to and overcome physical and mental stress. Controlling both physical and mental stress will give you the extra edge you  want to take your training to the next level.

PeakO2™ has numerous benefits to aid athletes:

  • Increased workout duration & time to exhaustion
  • Maximum power output
  • Improved Peak strength
  • Enhanced Anaerobic peak power 

A cognitive enhancing focus drink that is also aimed to help improve brain health.

2:00 PM slow-down?

Trouble focusing at work?

Brain fog?

All of the above plague’s us day-in, and day-out. You reach for more coffee, just to further create yourself a bigger hole with an eventual crash. What you really need is a supplement that provides smoother energy and a long-lasting focus driven neural experience you won’t forget.

This is exactly why CogniKeto was created: Long-lasting mental energy and focus delivered in a convenient, ready-to-mix powder. CogniKeto was crafted using only scientifically validated nootropic ingredients. With premium dosages of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Salts, MCT Oil Powder, Lion’s Mane Powder and Alpha-GPC, CogniKeto will provide unmatched focus and increases to your attention span.

It’s this ketone enhancing synergy that makes Medium Chain Triglycerides a very important combination with Beta-Hydroxybutyrate salts. They enhance one another’s effects on the brain, thus making an incredibly synergistic “base” for CogniKeto for the other ingredients to aid in enhancing focus, memory recall, and productivity.

Alpha GPC is a cholinergic ingredient designed to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain. An increase in Acetylcholine has been shown to significantly improve memory recall and cognitive focus. The increase in cognitive focus from Alpha GPC is perfect for those who need to dial-in and accomplish a specific task.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom, also known as Yamabushitake or Hericium erinaceus, is becoming an incredibly popular mushroom due to evidence showing its ability to increase Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and being a promising nootropic compound. When you increase NGF, you increase the rate at which the brains recycles old, damaged neurons and creates new neurons.

Looking to get more out of your day? Look no further than CogniKeto. This neurosensory enhancing supplement will have you mentally alert, energized, and focused to accomplish whatever stands in your path. Not only will you perform better and be more productive, but CogniKeto features clinically researched ingredients that help improve brain health, making this a true long-term investment for your overall health. 

Sparta Nutrition is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition and dietary supplement companies in the industry today. Starting up in just January of 2017, Sparta Nutrition has enjoyed rapid growth and rave reviews across a myriad of their sports nutrition products. Their flagship product, the pre-workout powder Kraken, has been lauded by dozens of review sites for being one of the best high-energy pre-workout supplements on the market.

Now in over 30 different countries, the brand has taken its growth to new heights and decided to launch a Ketogenic Diet focused supplement series to cater carbohydrate restricted dieters. Remaining true to the form and the company’s vision to provide the highest quality formulas, the Keto Series offered by Sparta Nutrition features scientifically validated ingredient and high-quality dosages to bring the consumer one thing only: Results. Void of fake promises or shady advertising, the Keto Series by Sparta Nutrition offers a wide range of Ketogenic Friendly supplements that the Ketogenic Community can rely behind for their innovation and efficacy.

Keto Shred - Sparta Nutrition - Paleo Friendly, PaleoVegan, KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation
Keto Pre Extreme - Sparta Nutrition - Paleo Friendly, PaleoVegan, KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation
Keto Coffee - Sparta Nutrition - Paleo Friendly, PaleoVegan, KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation
Keto BCAA - Sparta Nutrition - Paleo Friendly, PaleoVegan, KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation
CogniKeto - Sparta Nutrition - Paleo Friendly, PaleoVegan, KETO Certified - Paleo Foundation

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Quality & Margins We aren’t going to lie: our products aren’t the cheapest. Our products simply are not the cheapest, but they are the best. If you stand behind us, you will make an excellent margin, but more importantly you will be confident At Sparta Nutrition, we NEVER sacrifice quality. In fact, we strive to put out the absolute best of the best in terms of ingredients (patented or trademarked ingredients with research behind them), efficacious dosing to ensure results driven from clinical data, and quality in terms of using an industry leading cGMP and FDA registered facility. At the end of the day, can you name any industry where the cheapest product is the best? I couldn’t either. Stand behind quality, support innovation, and succeed with ample 40-60% margins across the line.

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Established in 2010, The Paleo Foundation was first organized for the purpose of improving the tolerability of the paleo diet, and to help adherents easily identify products that met its basic tenets.  Since then, thousands of products have been certified through the Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, and lab -tested Grain-Free Gluten-Free certification programs.



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The ketogenic diet is a restrictive, demanding diet that can be difficult to maintain, and tolerability of the ketogenic diet is the single most important factor limiting individual acceptance for initiation.  Therefore, improving the tolerability of the ketogenic diet is crucial to preventing diet discontinuation, warranting further investigation into methods for improving palatability, improving the availability and convenience of foods that are compliant with the ketogenic diet, as well as addressing cultural and social acceptance.

The Keto Diet product market may be in a unique position to improve tolerability, especially in social and cultural environments that typically feature carbohydrate-rich “special occasion” types of foods. In 2016, the Paleo Foundation launched the world's first Keto Certified program for products with standards that were developed for adherence to a classical ketogenic diet.