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Stino Carrettiera Gourmet Pasta Sauce

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All of our sauces are homemade in small batches and there is no substitute for the quality and consistency we strive for in each batch.

Very few ingredients go into the recipe of our sauces because we have always believed that the true taste of the tomato should take the stage. What sets Stino’s apart from other jarred sauces is the lightness and freshness that can be tasted in every jar. We use the highest quality tomatoes found on the market and source local ingredients to ensure freshness and superior flavor.

About the Brand

Searching for delicious, nutritious and homemade pasta sauce? Look no further than Stino Foods! We are a small, family owned and operated company that is still growing each and every day with a strong emphasis on delivering the highest quality products to our consumers.

We began as a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991 with the mission of bringing the authentic taste of Southern Italy to Northeast Ohio. Owner and Chef Agostino Iacullo, with the tireless help of his wife, Jill, and son, Christian, have been able to deliver this promise to locals for 27 years. This family owned business was built on hard work and dedication to not only the community but also the best tasting gourmet pasta sauce. What emerged from the restaurant was a brand-new venture that set out to bring our beloved sauces and frozen entrees to the retail

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Stino Owners

Certified Products


Can I purchase Stino products online?

Yes! A big part of our store and our success is our online store. Click here to order now.

Am I able to buy Stino products in stores?

Yes. We offer our sauces in multiple stores across the country. Find the closest store to you now.

What certifications do you have?

We recognize the importance of having official certifications for our customers to have the wide variety of products they deserve. This being said, our Arrabbiata, Carrettiera, and Filetto di Pomodoro sauces are certified paleo by The Paleo Foundation.

Are your sauces made with all natural ingredients?

Yes. We don’t want to use preservatives in our sauces as it would degrade the quality. We offer only the freshest ingredients in all of our products, but especially in our sauces.

How can I contact you?

At Stino Foods, not only do we offer the best gourmet pasta sauces but we also offer exceptional customer service. This being said, you can contact us at or submit a form here.