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SunOpta Inc. is a leading company specializing in the sourcing, processing, and production of organic, natural and non-GMO plant- and fruit-based food and beverage product

Their mission is to deliver organic, healthy, and sustainable food solutions that improve lives. As well as maintaining the purity of their products and be the market leader in organic integrity. Sunopta is setting out to be the leader in their fast-moving industry, with better execution than their competitors and to develop and retain great employees along the way since great companies are made of great people.

About the Brand

SunOpta has been a relentless innovator for 45 years, owning and managing over 50 businesses to enhance sustainability. Since 2000, they have been solely focused on the manufacture and sale of organic food, with a focus on plant-based food and beverage.

Founded as Stake Technology LTD, a company intent on capitalizing on proprietary steam explosion technology to convert biomass into feedstock by pulverizing trees to extract the cellulose thereby using trees to feed animals instead of “people food” like corn and soy. As they began to acquire more assets, their name changed in 2003 to SunOpta due to the company’s effort to Optimize what the Sun Grows.

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Certified Products


Where is SunOpta's headquarters located?

Their headquarters are located in Edina, Minnesota.

Who is SunOpta?

SunOpta works with several brands such as SOWA, Sunrich, Sunrise Growers, and Arbor.

Do they promote healthy eating?

Yes! SunOpta and their brands are all in favor of all natural ingredients set to promote our health.

Is SunOpta sustainable?

Yes, sustainability is central to how SunOpta operates. SunOpta is committed to continuously improving its social, environmental, and economic performance to positively impact employees, customers, investors, and environment.

Are their products non-GMO or organic?

Yes they do have products that are non-GMO and organic.

Brand Recipes

SunOpta smoothie Tray


Healthy and protein rich smoothies have never been easier.

Sunopta SOWN Organic Oat Creamer


Add an extra boost to your coffee in the morning with this oat creamer!

SunOpta Raspberry Smoothie


Make an easy fruit smoothie bowl with one of Sun Opta’s fruit blends.

SunOpta Smoothie


Make your own acai bowls with Sun Opta’s smoothie blends.