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Swapples® are waffles made with whole fruits, veggies and spices. No seriously. That’s it!

We reinvented waffles by ‘swapping’ out processed sugars, thickeners and refined flours for 6 real-food ingredients or less (hence, ‘Swapples’ – clever, right?!) Whether you’ve gotta dress them up for the perfect Instagram shot or swear by the ‘wrap-it-in-a-paper-towel-and-go’ philosophy, Swapples are the waffles you can eat any time of day. Because you always deserve more fruits and veggies.

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About the Brand

On a cool September day in 2015, our founder, Rebecca Peress, just really, really, wanted some bread. But in light of several autoimmune disorders, she was unable to eat grains. She yearned for something to smash some avocado on, spread some coconut oil on, dip in soups… but there was nothing on the market to satisfy her desire for the crispy-soft texture of a piece of toast or a fresh roll. Sure, there were a bunch of recipes on the blogosphere for almond-based this and egg-based that, but with several allergies, she couldn’t enjoy them. And she was annoyed.

Committed to eating 8-10 servings of veggies a day, Rebecca was determined to create a bread-like product out of vegetables, that was also flavorful and allergen-free. And while messing around in her kitchen with yuca root and her waffle iron – what we know today as Swapples, were born! Co-workers, family, and friends quickly became customers, and were amazed at how great they felt after eating them. Her own father lost 60 lbs in 10 months after ‘swapping’ all of his grain-based products for them! Happy to see the ones she loved feeling the same benefits of a real food diet as she did, Rebecca quit her desk job, dubbed the waffles ‘Swapples®’ and set out to share them with as many people as possible. Today, she continues to pursue her mission of people with an easier way to eat more food, and less junk, and to think creatively about eating more fruits and vegetables.


What are Swapples made of?
  • Swapples® are made from yuca root, a nutrient-dense root vegetable that grows in tropical climates. You can read more about it here. This root vegetable is prized for being a naturally-binding starch, which is what holds Swapples together and gives them their signature crispy-soft texture. No flours, no thickeners, no gums. Just food!
Why are they called Swapples?
  • Swapples stands for "swap" + "waffles". This is the idea that we are 'swapping' conventional waffle ingredients, such as refined flours and sugars, for more nutritious ingredients like whole fruits and vegetables.
What are the nutrition facts of Swapples?
  • Nutrition facts for all of our products can be found on each flavor's individual page.
Where are Swapples sold?
  • Swapples® are sold in the Mid-Atlantic, and parts of the Northeast and Midwest. We are in the process of growing!
Are Swapples Paleo?
  • Yes! Swapples® are certified Paleo by the Paleo Foundation.
Are Swapples vegan?
  • Yes! All Swapples® flavors are certified vegan by the Vegan Action/Awareness Foundation.

Brand Recipes

Herbs and coconut sugar transform juicy summer peaches into a powerhouse of flavor.
A paleo & vegan spin on the latest fluffy coffee trend, sweetened with coconut sugar.
This fun, kid-friendly dessert is the real-food treat you’ve been looking for.
Naturally sweetened and made entirely from REAL food ingredients.
This grilled cheese will take you right back to childhood, without the grains.
This salad features a paleo, gluten-free version of a savory breakfast favorite.