“Take a Bite” Bars


Bite Bar is a 100% raw nut and fruit bar from Russia made by BioFoodLab company.  All the ingredients can be read, understood, and pronounced by everyone.  Bite bar is made from 100% natural ingredients. No use of chemical additives. Careful processing of ingredients maintains vitamin and nutrient level.  Each Bite has its own functionality: Bite Sport, Bite Balance, Bite Immunity, Bite Intellect, Bite Tonus and others.  Some Bite Bar flavors contain superfoods: chia and flax seeds.

Bite Bar is made for people who don’t want to compromise between healthy and delicious, convenient and beneficial, economically impactful, and socially responsible. Bite Bar does not contain any chemical additives, colorings, flavorings or sugar. We spent a lot of effort to create the product which meets our requirements. And now we can say with confidence that Bite gives you all the benefits from its ingredients as if they were not processed. We also ensure that our manufacturing process is civilized and ethical, and we take full responsibility for the influence it exerts on the environment.

Simple. Natural. Delicious. Take a Bite.
From Russia with love.
Your Bite team


BioFoodLab Certified Paleo Products include:

Apricot-Almond, Cranberry-Pumpkin Seed, Kumquat-Lemon, Almond-Apple-Cinnamon, Mint, Chocolate, Carrot-Cashew, Cherry-Almond, Coconut-Brazil Nut



Elena Shifrina, CEO of BioFoodLab




Elena Shifrina is the CEO of BioFoodLab and the creator of the "Take a Bite" brand.

Elena graduated from Regents Business School in London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, and Skolkovo Management School in Moscow.  She worked in the department of sales and logistics at TNK-BP.  In February 2012, she founded BioFoodLab.

Since then, Elena has received numerous awards including the 2013 Forbes "Startup of the Year," the 2014 "Entrepreneur of the Year" award in the Food Project category from E & Y, and the "Made in Moscow" award for the best project in the field of retail from Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.






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What is so unique about Bite?

Answer: Bite is delicious blend of dried fruits, berries, nuts and spices. Our product comes in 7 tastes and each one of them consists of not more then 7 ingredients. Ingredients that we use are very simple and 100% natural. We found out that when you use what the nature gives us wisely, you do not need to add any chemical staff to make the product better. We believe that we make a good example.

What is the expiration date of Bite?

Answer: The expiration date of Bite is 6 months. We have developed unique technology that allows us to use only natural staff and still have long shelf life. Also, we use three-layer packaging with metallic coating.

Why do not you use sugar? Is it dangerous?

Answer: It's quite usual that bars use sugar, because it's just a standard way. We do not want to be like others. Being aware that sugar acts like propellant, which comes to blood so fast and provides energy boost so quick that leads to high level of insulin realize. Such jumps lead to lethargy and further increase appetite. So we know that and want our customers to know that so they can live long happy lives.

Do you care about ecology?

Answer: Yes, of course. It's very important for us to know that negative impact is minimizing. We do not practice intensive heating because of this and use only natural ingredients. Also, we try to use only recycled paper. We do all what we can to save ecology and support the environment.

Are the ingredients from Bite treated?

Answer: For us it is important that all Bite ingredients retain their useful properties. This means that they do not contain anything processed and baked. Remember, our parents always wanted us to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables because they contain all the vitamins and elements that nature laid. We spent a lot of effort to find a technology that would allow us to preserve all the useful properties of Bite, and still get a safe product. It is fairly simple, but still, it requires a lot of attention during the production process.

Do you use any artificial additives or minerals in Bite production?

Answer: Do you use any artificial additives or minerals in Bite production? No, we do not. Our product is already rich in vitamins and nutritious elements from fruits, berries, nuts and spices.

Is Bite suitable for diabetics?

Answer: Yes, Bite does not contain refined sugar or syrup and it has a high enough level of protein and fiber. However, like any other diabetic product, Bite should be used in moderation, taking into account the influence of other foods eaten and the current level of sugar in the blood.

How much fruit does every Bite include?

Answer: Daily recommended value - 5 portions. And with every Bite you get one portion of 5! We made 7 tastes with different kinds of fruits, berries and nuts. Choose for yourself!


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