The Absolute Collagen 100% pure hydrolyzed bovine collagen powder

The Absolute Collagen

Collagen is vital to support optimum connective tissue, including skin texture and elasticity. It also helps with acne, eczema and other skin conditions, including skin repair!

The Absolute Collagen is only one ingredient, 100% hydrolyzed bovine collagen. There are no fillers, dairy, whey, soy or fish added. It is highly bioavailable, meaning it’s easily absorbed and used by the body. Each bag of The Absolute Collagen will provide 30 daily servings. 1 rounded tablespoon is the recommended serving. It dissolves in liquid and is completely tasteless and odorless.

About the Brand

Aliza and Shana are both Integrative Nutritionists certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As health coaches, they act as supportive mentors and wellness authorities who strive to help their clients feel their best through sustainable food and lifestyle changes.

For well over a decade they have been immersed in the health and wellness industry, primarily in the fitness end, as founders and owners of Pilates on the Beach as well as The Absolute Collagen. They set out with a mission in mind to make collagen a staple in every household, and their tasteless and odorless blend makes it that much more achievable. On top of this, their collagen is made with one ingredient only, 100% hydrolyzed bovine collagen making it pure, healthy, and shows a level of commitment to their customers.

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The Absolute Collagen Founders

Certified Products


What ingredient is used in The Absolute Collagen product?

It is made of 100% hydrolyzed bovine collagen. There are NO fillers, dairy, whey, soy or fish added.



What are the benefits of collagen?

Collagen provides a variety of benefits for the skin, teeth, hair, and nails. With The Absolute Collagen’s product, it’s purity makes it top notch.



What certifications does The Absolute Collagen have?

The Absolute Collagen has obtained a kosher, keto, and paleo certification.



How often should I eat collagen?

The Absolute Collagen brand recommends that you ingest collagen at least once a day for the best results.



Why does The Absolute Collagen use bovine collagen?

Research suggests the the most nutrient dense collagen originates from animals, which is why their product contains 100% hydrolyzed bovine collagen.



Brand Recipes

The Absolute Collagen blueberry smoothie


Tasteless and odorless, their collagen blends perfectly with smoothies.

The Absolute Collagen collagen sorbet


Cherry sorbet mixed with collagen, what could be better than that!

The Absolute Collagen nutella iced coffee


Creamy iced coffee with a boost of collagen to start the day. 

The Absolute Collagen nutella ice cream


Chocolately nutella ice cream mixed to perfection with collagen.