The Honest Bison: 100% Grass Fed Bison Meat

The Honest Bison story is simple.  The American Bison is much more than just a part of the history of our nation. It is healthy, sustainable, and a uniquely American animal.   Consuming bison can improve your health through the unique properties of its meat. The Honest Bison provides healthy, grass-fed bison that is raised honorably and sustainably in Cadott, Wisconsin.   The Honest Bison stands for exactly what their name suggests: bison that’s 100% honest-to-goodness naturally grass-fed and humanely raised. No grains. No hormones. No feedlots. No matter what.

The Honest Bison Ranch

The Honest Bison ranch is located in Cadott, Wisconsin and is comprised of pastures for grazing and has an adjacent processing and packaging facility.  The Honest Bison keeps tracks of animals throughout the entire process so that they may ensure both meat quality and integrity of their standards.

The Honest bison practices a Holistic Management method that promotes ecorestoration and a variety of North American grasses that feed the animals and foster biodiversity and soil health. This method of raising the bison not only benefits the quality and the flavor of the meat, it also eliminates any use for interventions such as pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

The Honest Bison ranch bison are completely free to roam in their pastures and receive no grains, fillers, or hormones. They only receive a highly nutritious, completely natural diet that results in lean healthy meat that is protein rich and good for the planet.

Humanely Handled

While it’s not something most like to dwell on, The bison are killed by a method known as a field kill.  In other words, this means that The Honest Bison animals are harvested in the pasture, and not taken elsewhere.  They experience far less anxiety, which creates not only a more peaceful experience for the Paleo Approved bison but also greater quality meat.  Here’s to our sustainable health.

Paleo Approved & KETO Certified:


Much like bison in the wild, our animals are free to roam in open pastures, happily grazing on native grasses all day long. They are 100% grassfed from start to finish.

100% Grassfed Bison Bone Broth

Made from 100% grassfed bison bones and all-natural ingredients, our hand-crafted broth is packed with both nutrients and flavor. Heat it up and sip as is or use it as a tasty base for your own creations. Either way, your body will reap the benefits of this nourishing powerhouse.

Sean Lenihan, Founder

The Honest Bison’s story is simple and our gratitude for you taking the time to listen is sincere. The American Bison, as it turns out, is much more than just a part of our nations history. It is amazingly healthy, sustainable, and uniquely American animal. A bison can improve your health through the unique properties of its meat. A Bison’s hair, spun into wool is warmer than sheep’s wool. The leather is significantly more durable than its very distant relative the cow. A herd of Bison managed properly on North American lands can actually restore the Eco systems through their feeding and roaming across the land. It’s truly amazing how all of these wonderful blessings come form just one animal.

The Honest Bison provides healthy grassfed bison that is honorably and sustainably raised and efficiently brought to market.

Our goal is to bring these gifts of the American Bison into our communities for all of us to share in and benefit from. Starting with 100% Grassfed Bison Meat and eventually Bison made apparel, The Honest Bison is working to make a difference everyday by celebrating and sharing the gifts of the American Bison. 

The Honest Bison started as one family’s quest to eat healthier and get fit. When it turned out that sourcing authentic, unprocessed food was harder to do than it sounds, the family decided to do what they could to change that.

We promise that The Honest Bison will always provide meat that is of the highest quality—100% grassfed and humanely and sustainably raised. If we wouldn’t feed it to our family and friends, we wouldn’t feed it to you either.

Looking for more information about The Honest Bison or need help placing an order? Feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Phone: 310-447-5527

What does your bison eat?

Answer: Our bison are 100% grassfed, which means they are fed only grass from the time they are born until the time they are harvested. We never feed them grains or soy and don’t give them any growth hormones. They may occasionally ingest a bug or two while they’re grazing but hey, a little extra protein never hurt anyone.

Is your bison meat certified organic?

Answer: Yes our meat is organic. However, USDA Organic certification is fairly expensive and does not add to the value of our meat (it would raise the retail price significantly). Our products and processes have been certified with the following organizations: Animal Welfare Approved (for slaughter operation), Paleo Approved and Whole30.

Where are your bison raised?

Answer: Our bison are currently all raised on a family run ranch in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Can I eat your bison meat if I am following a Paleo, Primal or Whole30 plan?

Answer: Yes! Grassfed bison is an amazing source of lean protein and is perfect for any Paleo, Primal or Whole30 plan. In fact, bison were actually around during the Paleolithic era making them authentically paleo—not to mention delicious. *Please note, our bison jerky and bratwurst are not Paleo or Whole30 approved because of a few additional ingredients.

Will eating your bison make my Fran time faster?

Answer: Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that eating our bison will make you faster or stronger. However, it is a good source of lean protein and protein helps build muscles.

I’m hungry! How can I order some of your bison meat?

Answer: Great! Neither you or your stomach will regret this tasty decision.

I’m not sure which cut to buy. What’s good?

Answer: All the cuts are delicious but what to buy really depends on what you want to make.

How do I cook bison anyway?

Answer: Cooking bison is very similar to cooking beef however because it has less fat, it should be cooked at a lower heat and for less time than beef.

Can I buy other parts of the animal like the bones or hide?

Answer: We have an amazing combo pack of bones that are delicious and amazing for making nourishing bone broths. In the future we hope to be able to make the whole animal available. Please contact us directly if you have specific needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

Where can I sample your meat?

Answer: Our meat is currently available for purchase on our website and through Amazon Fresh and Out of the Box Collective in Southern California. If you are a restaurant owner or chef that would like to carry our bison meat, please contact us for a private tasting.

Does the meat come fresh or frozen?

Answer: Our meat is always shipped frozen in dry ice. We can provide fresh upon request, however the overnight shipping fees apply. Please contact us directly if you wish to purchase fresh meat.

What is the cost of shipping?

Answer: Shipping is complicated when you’re dealing with frozen meat. We’ve explored various methods and partners in order to find the most cost-effective reliable process. Standard Shipping: Standard shipping to the 48 continental states is $16.95 regardless of how much meat you order. All orders are delivered on the THURSDAY following the date your order was placed. This means you should expect your order to arrive within 2-8 days depending on when you ordered. Expedited Shipping: If you are starving or planning an event and would like your order to arrive sooner, we have several expedited shipping options: FAST: $26.99 (Generally arrives in 2 days unless it’s over a weekend) FASTER: $31.95 (Generally arrives the next day depending on what time/day you order.) SATURDAY $49.95

Why is there a $150 minimum order?

Answer: Because our bison must be packed in dry ice and shipped in temperature-controlled vehicles, shipping can get pricey. In order to make it more affordable, we require a $150 minimum order. (There’s no maximum though so the more you buy, the cheaper shipping gets!)

What is your return/refund policy?

Answer: If you are not happy with your order within 3 days of receiving it please contact us and we will make it right.

We currently have a wholesale program set up but we are always interested in serving our meat at local restaurants. If you are a restaurant owner or chef that would like to carry our bison meat, please contact us directly.

You can also always place a bulk order. We sell 1/8, ¼, ½ and full animals. Split a bulk order with your friends, family or neighbors.

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