Unity Vibration: Kombucha Beer

Kombucha is a sweet and tart fermented drink that usually is naturally carbonated. It is made from a Kombucha culture (Symbiotic Colony Of friendly Bacteria and Yeast or S.C.O.B.Y.), water, sugar and tea, originating from China and Russia – people have been drinking it for thousands of years!

Kombucha contains anti-oxidants, viable probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, life energy & more. People who drink Kombucha regularly say it helps them to balance their metabolism, aid in digestion, raise energy levels, boost their immune system, and detoxify & alkalinize their body.

Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer is a wonderful evolution of traditional Kombucha, a marriage of 30-day brewed Kombucha, organic dried hops and either organic raw ginger root, organic fresh raspberries, organic peaches, or three types of hops, juniper and grapefruit rind. Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer are all aged and open-air-fermented in oak barrels and then bottle conditioned. The combination creates exquisite flavors that have depth and complexity as well as healthy nutrients.

Like our organic Kombucha, the beer is raw, made with organic ingredients, gluten-free, Paleo, Vegan, and bottle conditioned and lends itself to healthy and beneficial bacteria. Unity Vibration was the first to release an all-kombucha based Kombucha Beer nationally.

We know that we put healthy things into our kombucha such as: reverse-osmosis filtered water, organic fair trade evaporated cane juice and black tea, and fresh organic fruit juices!

Our products are about spreading love, health and possibility into people’s lives and the world. They are about unity and community. About being social, connected with another or others. They are about creativity and making something great out of the combination of two or more different things. We view each and every bottle we produce as a healthy and beneficial work of art created for the community in a large bottle size (750 ml) and now a single serving (12oz).

Unity Vibration Kombucha Beer Products include:

Triple Goddess Kombucha Beer, Unity Vibration Kombucha tea


The Unity Vibration Mission

Rahel and Tarek Kanaan of Unity VibrationOur Mission is to produce the best artisan Kombucha Tea and Kombucha Beer products on the market made with the healthiest ingredients possible. It is our intention to: spread love, health, possibility, joy and bliss into our community and the world, to inspire others to spread their own unique gifts and creativity into their communities and beyond, and to help local farms and causes in the community and the world.

“They met in 2006, it was love at first sight. She had a Kombucha mushroom in her kitchen to boot! He had experience in the past brewing wine and beer out of wild edibles. A perfect match for future Kombuchateers. Their combination made sublime Kombucha and supreme flavors!

After drinking too much of the best-selling brand at health food stores, they started experimenting and brewing on their own in 2007. Their friends and family loved it and requested it at gatherings and holidays. This demand resulted in a regular brewing schedule. They experimented with formula and flavors; it became a sort of delicious obsession. With creativity, faith and inspiration, they took a leap to create unique and amazingly delicious Kombucha Beers that are gluten-free, vegan, organic, bottle conditioned and raw. These beers have been lovingly fermented similar to a Lambic in oak-barrels with hops and whole fruits.

They still make their products by hand, in small batches, with love and care.
Someday, in the not too distant future, they will be living on their own family farm, growing some of what they add to their flavored Kombucha themselves. They plan to get help from chickens, goats, and their four children.”

Connect with Unity Vibration Kombucha

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