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At Vixen Kitchen, we strive to only use the most premium ingredients in our gelato. We never skimp on anything and we think that shows when you eat Vixen Kitchen. The love for our planet and our bodies is what keeps us using 100% organic ingredients that are fair trade whenever available. While others may try and emulate the flavor, none of them come close!

Organic raw cashews are the base for all of our premium vegan gelatos. As well as being amazingly creamy, cashews are full of magnesium, copper and oleic acid; the same heart healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil and avocados.

All of our products are sweetened with 100% Organic maple syrup which is an excellent source of manganese and a good source of zinc. For more info click here!

Organic vanilla bean and organic vanilla extract contain small amounts of B-complex vitamins, such as niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin and B-6. They also also contain small traces of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and zinc. We proudly use Singing Dog Vanilla brand exclusively in our gelato. In addition to being organic, the vanilla beans and extracts we use are fair trade plus. Read all about the program here.

Organic raw cacao is filled with magnesium, and other essential minerals including calcium, sulfur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, and manganese. There are polyphenols called flavonoids in our cacao, with antioxidant properties in. It also has vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 and E. Just like raw cashews, cacao is chock full of essential heart-healthy fat: oleic acid. Additionally, there is a great deal of protein and fiber in the organic raw cacao we use in our premium vegan gelato. To learn more about how cacao can benefit YOU, click here!

The celtic sea salt we use is harvested from the Atlantic seawater off the coast of Brittany, France. Some of the 84 live minerals and trace elements found in Celtic sea salt are iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc. Click here to see harvesting process, its mesmerizing.

Blue Lotus Chai is our supplier for the amazing “Chai & I” flavor. We use their organic, non-GMO verified rooibos chai, naturally decaffeinated and full of good antioxidants – to learn more about the benefits of this amazing bush click here.

We are passionate about the coffee we use in both our Mocha Madness & Coffee Cream Dream. In both we use a Peruvian Fair Trade Organic coffee that is roasted right here in Humboldt County.

We have switched to completely organic ingredients. We are striving to get a USDA organic seal on our product and we will continue to give you, our customer only the best!

Vixen Kitchen Products include:

Naked Vanilla, Naked Chocolate, Coffee Cream Dream, Midnight Mint, Chai & I, Pumpkin Pie


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Welcome to Vixen Kitchen!

Introducing … Northern California’s locally made, paleo vegan gelato. Created out of the amazing combination of organic raw cashews and organic maple syrup. It has been called, “The best gelato, vegan or otherwise, ever created.” Try it for a delicious, nutritious, dessert that you can eat every day and feel great about. I do.

From my family to yours, Sundara

Mom and Principal Vixen



Changing the World—One Scoop at a Time.

Vixen Kitchen Paleo Vegan Gelato is a labor of love inspired by my two girls Gigi and Lola. Like most kids, they love sweets. The problem came when I went to read the labels of some of their favorite treats. They were filled with junk created in a chemistry lab instead of a kitchen. So I created this gourmet vegan gelato that I’m confident will satisfy their cravings and my high standards-It’s both delicious and nutritious. It can be enjoyed daily without guilt and its 100% organic! The best part is it’s filled with simple wholesome ingredients even a six-year-old can pronounce. I have created a dessert that tastes amazing, but has the nutritional profile of a super food-densely loaded with minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. Try it for yourself and be amazed! To find out more about featuring Vixen Kitchen in your store or restaurant please contact us at

Thanks for stopping by our website & by the way – you look awesome today!

Is Vixen Kitchen certified organic?

Answer: Yes, we are certified organic through CCOF.

Is your gelato certified vegan?

Answer: Yes! Being certified vegan means we don’t use any dairy, eggs, or honey-and we never will!

Is VK vegan and lactose free?

Answer: Yes, we are completely dairy-free and proud. Organic raw cashews are the base for our creamy delicious addictive treat.

Is Vixen Kitchen gluten free?

Answer: Yes, VK prides itself on being 100% gluten free.

So how much of this pint is nuts anyways?

Answer: There is over a cup of organic raw cashews in every pint of our premium vegan gelato.

Why does VK cost a little more?

Answer: We use only the finest organic raw cashews and pure organic maple syrup in all of our products. There are no refined sugars, fillers, or emulsifiers in anything we create. We are constantly striving to do everything to keep costs down and bring the best possible product to your hands.

Why vegan?

Answer: Studies have shown over and over again that a plant based diet has many positive effects on the body and mind. Enjoy this dessert and your inner and outer self will thank you!

Do you have a nut-free option?

Answer: Yes, Mango Sunrise Sorbet is comprised only of organic mangos, organic orange juice, and organic maple syrup!

Where can I buy this amazing product?

Answer: We are sold in nearly all Northern California Whole Foods stores as well as many independent grocers. The Vixen Kitchen crew loves to get out and sell direct to the public too. We often can be found at festivals as well as various farmers markets. An online shop is also in the works, so you’ll be able to order Vixen Kitchen wherever you are.

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Established in 2010, The Paleo Foundation was first organized for the purpose of helping Paleo Diet Adherents easily identify products that met the basic tenets of the diet.  Since then, thousands of products have been certified through the Certified Paleo, Paleo Approved, Paleo Vegan, and Paleo Friendly Certification Programs.


100% of  Paleo Foundation revenue is generated through Paleo Certifications. We do not accept donations, corporate sponsorships, or financially benefit from the sales of any paleo certified products, product giveaways, or partnerships with industry contacts or retailers for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of an impartial certification standard. 

How we determine Paleo Certification Standards:

The Paleo Foundation develops Certification Standards from a mixture of input from various experts in the Paleo Movement, community input, and from logically and critically assessing arguments for the inclusion or exclusion of specific foods. After all, the Paleo Diet is a theoretical template, and therefore logic must be taken into account when making determinations for an entire community. 

Paleo Approved, Certified Paleo, Paleo Friendly, and PaleoVegan Certification Programs:

Each Paleo Certification Program has a different set of standards. For the absolute strictest standards, Paleo Approved certifies farms, ranches, and single-ingredient products. Certified Paleo, the most popular of the Paleo Certification programs certifies products that contain Paleo Diet ingredients, but have some 21st century processing methods allowing for shelf stability. The Paleo Friendly Program allows for products that are generally regarded as gray-area products such as kombucha, dark chocolate, and even grass-fed dairy.